SC2 Pro and WRC Generations won't detect

Also we expect to have better-tuned firmware out next week. There is also a safety glitch that will get fixed.

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To be honest, I wouldn’t invest too much time into the development of the actual code, if you have to write a new one anyway.
Direct input filters aren’t used this much: AC: 1, RF2: 1 or 2, WRC 9 and 10: 2…
We didn’t really used them, till you started the reanimation. Good intentions, but difficult to get them right, at least it looks like that.
I understand that they might are part of the new project, and that you can learn about them now will make the upcoming job easier.
It’s only worth it when the value generated is higher than the input needed. Hope, this is the case :four_leaf_clover:

New update about the game and the SC2 pro :

If I use frame generation I can have 120fps constant without half performance, but the issue, there is massive input lag.

Why do I have half performance with a sc2 pro without frame generation but with only DLSS ?
And high performance with gamepad or with framegeneration ?
Why is it good about the driver with frame generation ?