SC2 Pro and WRC Generations won't detect

Anyone having any luck here? It worked for a minute, then I went in to bind my controls and had an issue. Reset the bindings and now the game is not detecting any inputs to bind.

Restarted both, PC, etc, did all the normal stuff. Game sees that a wheel is connected because if I turn it off it tells me the wheel was disconnected.

Just won’t bind to the turn axis.


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Try this. Delete whatever profile you have created. Create a new one but make sure you click on simucube 2 then create the profile.

This game has issues detecting multiple controllers though so it can get pretty annoying. It detects my button box as an Xbox controller for some reason. 9 and 10 had the same issues.

This game is no different to the two before it. I returned it

It’s a shame we don’t have a true rally sim with all the features we want and need like triple screen support.

There should be some sort of law that you can’t release a racing game/sim without triple screen support :joy:


Thanks for saving the trouble. :+1:


I could not map VRS pedals, normally bullshit game, waiting for Biskupice on RBR it will be added this week and we will be able to drive time trials, georgous looking stage!

So there aint anything that works for this game?

It works it’s just finicky. Bugs from the games before remain so that is also pretty annoying

Is it worth playing? I actually look forward to it. But I just can’t get any good ffb with the game.

I use mostly the WRC 10 settings, and it’s the same feeling.
But not half performance, so it’s fixed (for info, at 120fps, with WRC 8-9-10, the performance are half cut with Simucube 2 and not gamepad).
I can play with simucube 2 pro, HE sequential, Hanbrake, HE pedals…
The main issue on the game is the framerate and performance…I can’t play at 60fps, and to keep 120fps constant, there are not many choices to not have ugly graphics.

9 worked quite good for some time. Then, I don’t know why, it was a total mess, mostly with addressing shifters.
10 hads worse graphic, FFB and sound. It also has strange gear ratios. And aswell the problems with shifters.
That the latest release is not better is no surprise. Kylotonn has its own game engine. All WRC titles are made with this. Why should the latest release be better then? And WRC goes to Codemasters. For me it was clear from the beginning that they try to make some cash without investing at all.
I was able to use the Simucube, shifter and handbrake plus pedals for quite some time. Now, it’s almost impossible to do this. Forget about it. Isn’t it a shame that there is no rally title with good FFB, stages Aso. Dirt 2.0 is maybe good with a Logitech wheel, like the G29. But with a Simucube it is total bullshit

Summarizing it last peace of their shit thrown to auditory, trust me, play and do not look further! 1-3 years of development for good rally game, maybe will someone make it, but not with this kids generation, they are so stupid, that i’m crying, preorders for shit, preorders for what? That you could install any shait game 1 hour earlier than your friend, you know what i kean…:wink:

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For me I can’t play with my SQ Shifter Porsche Carman like every season with this game, I play with Push Pull Ascher or shifter on the wheel, the game see my SQ Shifter like a pad, so I disconnect the shifter … otherwise I can’t navigate in the menus with the mouse+keyboard, it moves by itself LOL

It is the same with my SGR pro shifter, but if i disconnect shifter another problem it does not see VRS pedals :slight_smile: so this wrc is really final joke off developers :slight_smile:

i wish i came here before i took a gamble on the game, my gosh what a terrible infuriating experience, one minute it detects, the next it does not, one minute you can map buttons the next you cant, one minute it see’s the wheel rotation, most of the time it does not.

who is to blame for this crap, its honestly unacceptable, shouldn’t GD be striving to make their product compatible, what do we have… a handful of racing games release every few years and half of them have terrible support. i honestly just feel like going back to a piece of crap fanatec sometimes i genuinely do.

no doubt the blame is on those lazy ass game developers who simply cant be bothered but they need to have contact made, tell me its been made.

It’s been made and we have supplied devices for development.

It’s clearly not GD’s fault, blame developer’s that reuse assets including the bugs that come with it.

These games are just console ports hence why we have none of the features we require on PC

If you really want to play this game it might be easier to just use vjoy as you can setup all your devices in a way that windows will detect it as one device

They are really doing (it seems) a minimal effort to get even multiple game controllers working. Its been a few years and they really haven’t improved that. However, as we know, Fanatec has their own API that can help with interfacing with their devices so thats why those work.

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ok then thats all we can ask from you. thanks.

even without having an SC2, I have known the WRC license since the beginning on console then PC (logitech, Fanatec and DD) and I have always had problems with steering wheels and USB peripherals, every year when these WRC games come out we have the same debates and problems ! I am happy that CODEMASTERS is taking over the license I have been waiting for this for 5 years!!! the developers of the WRC license never learn the lessons of previous years, they don’t even know what a USB shifter or handbrake is on a USB PC…
I know Youtubers who have the WRC game for free every year, they have problems even with a DD1 Fanatec, yet partner of this game !!!, when they explain to the developers that you just have to add a file in the game for the coding several devices or so a file for telemetry they don’t know what it is or so answer the question with something else, the developers of this game are not simracing professionals, they just make a game for them consoles and play with a playstation controller… they are not interested in doing more!!! Glad they lost the license!!! they are beginners that’s all … what’s a shame is that with all these problems it spoils the gaming experience, which is a real shame because once well adjusted the gameplay is really good with an SC2 Pro…

I had a time when it was working in both, 9+10. Out of the blue it became a total mess, and addressing shifters, handbrake Aso became a lottery.
But blaming Granite is total unfair and inappropriate. All WRC titles are made for controllers and sitting on a couch.

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just an update guys, i left a rather scathing review on steam about my issues and the developers messaged me sending me to a known issues thread and solutions to which it was suggested i go to steam, click on properties for the game and then click controllers and disable steam input.

doing this i was able to get the steering to map correctly and FFB is working as it should, what i then lost was my shifters, so after ripping my hair about about that for half an hour i discovered the way to get my shifters back was to not map them under the ‘‘simucube’’ output but to change it to ‘‘keyboard’’ and now i have my shifters and my steering all working and i hope it stays that way and i dont have to mess with this games input menu ever again.

but there was my solution and now it works, hope that helps somebody else.