Sc2 not connecting to wheel after firmware

Hello Mika, rolling back to 2021.11 and the associated firmware has resolved the issue, thankyou.

We may have found a cause for the non-working behavior. Fix will be out as soon as we can.


+1 I have the same issue. My whole “Simucube Wireless Wheels” tab seems unresponsive. All the buttons are grayed out.

Downgrading to 2021.11 did not fix the issue. The menu is still entirely grayed out for me.

Try 2021.9, it should have the least problems.

Thanks! Downgrading to 2021.9 resolved the issue. I don’t think this is a timing issue like the devs seem to think in Simucube wiereless wheel receiver not detected.

I’ve been thinking about possible causes / differentiating options and haven’t come up with any cause for it that would not be fixed in the beta release on the forum.

I will have access to the code tomorrow and perhaps there is something that comes up then.

I have a SRB BB Ultra and I have connection problems as well. When trying to downgrade True Drive I fail to open it since it says firmware version of my SC 2 Pro is to new. What can I do?

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I had the same issue where my Ascher B16L-SC didn’t connect to the SC2.

I’ve been running 2021.11 Hotfix since late November.
During december I’ve had a rare problem with the wheel not shifting when I click the shifters. It seems random, and I couldn’t find any pattern for it.
On December 31st I updated to 2021.12 and the wheel connected as usual. I used it on december 31st for a few races. I had LOTS of issues with the wheel not shifting when clicking the shifters, to the point where it almost happened every lap.
Then on the 1st of Jan, the Ascher wheel wouldn’t connect at all. I thought it was the battery, but then I came across this thread. Downgrading to 2021.9 fixed it, it can now find the wheel again. I updated to 2021.11 Hotfix and wheel is still found.

I’m hoping that 2021.11 will stay stable, although if the misshifting continues I might downgrade to 2021.9 again to see if that helps. I’m not even sure if the misshifting has to do with the TD version or not - but since it got very bad on 2021.12 I assume so, for now.

Hope you can find the issue with wheel not connecting in 2021.12. Let me know if you need any more help with logs (if that exist) etc. :slight_smile:

It would have been nice to see if there was any signal quality difference between the versions. There shouldn’t be, the code that reads the wireless modules is exactly the same.

Sounds like a typical battery empty symptom.

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@Nrde Maybe, will get a new one anyway. But TD reads 3.6v, sometimes 3.59V, so should be fine.

I didn’t monitor signal quality too much, but everytime I checked it was at 100%, in both versions.

Might be some other problem then, hope it’s fixed with a new battery though.

I have the same problem, but I can’t fix it. Tried to change the battery. Tried earlier version of true drive 2021.11 + hotfix and 2021.12 (2021.9 I couldn’t use because it said my current firmware was to new).

My ascher wheel does not show up at all in true drive (it blinks when I turn it on and also when I hold the shifter paddles in for 1 second) and I’ve followed the steps described here, but no success. As 2021.9 is not usable I don’t really know where to start troubleshooting.

Just follow the instruction and you’ll be good for 2021.9

Thanks alot Andrew! I got the firmware downgraded and my ascher wheel is back!

Happy, happy, joy joy!


Same issue with 2021.12 and 2021.11.
A downgrading to the 2021.9 resolved the problem.

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@Mika Hi there everyone, I’m almost losing my mind… Have the same problem here related to the issue of my wireless wheel (F28-SC from Ascher Racing), not conneting anymore since I did the update from 2021.9 to 2022.2. Already repeated the previously step everybody did that returned to the normal function but I personally could not get it to work. I already did manage to get the downgrade to the previousl working version 2021.9, and the grayied Wireless Receiver came back to search condition. But I continue to put the wheel in pairing/communicating stage but no where to be found no more. Did bought another battery for the wheel, opened to see if is there any damage to the antenna in the wheel but it is perfect fitted and no damage. Can any please give me some light? Can’t race for 10 days now and counting. Thanks in advance for any help…