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new in this forum…
I read all the posts about the subject buy didn’t find the answer to my question.
I’m a proud owner of a brand new SC 2 Pro and I’d like to know if It could be that some of the filters/setting in the True Drive SW do the same work as irffb does with SoP.
I read in irffb GitHub that the Seat of Pants filter Is intended to “correct” the wrong physic in iRacing causing lack of FFB when the car (all types of car) is going to oversteer, thus causing snap oversteer and the impossibility for the driver to recover.

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IRFFB reads the iracing telemetry values (car slip angles and such) and generates the seat-of-pants effects based on that. Currently Simucube does not have this functionality on its own, but we are working on it :wink:

Note, that IRFFB very easily installs a third-party software called HidGuardian which blocks all games and also True Drive from accessing/connecting to the wheel.


Hi Mika,
thank you! You’re giving me (and many other, I suppose) very good news! :smiley:
And yes, I also read about HidGuardian and I’m we’ll aware that it’s not a good idea to install it :wink:

Thanks again and cheers!

Hey Mika - should we interpret this that you do not recommend using IRFFB if we own a SC product?

I own a SC2 Pro and will start using iRacing for the first time this weekend and I saw Dan Suzuki uses SC2 Pro and says IRFFB is “great.”

It is great if you are not sensitive to lag that the 360Hz telemetry based FFB causes. You will get better result if you use the original FFB + Simucube reconstruction filter. However if you want those telemetry based effects, then it is a solution.

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I have a NLRv3 seat mover with a seat-mounted buttkicker. Wondering if I need to even waste my time with this.

Curious to know approx when you plan on releasing a SOP and/or understeer effects in True Drive. Was this planned for the upcoming Paddock update or in a later build? Apologies if too early to ask.

no ETA on any of it. It is just a project plan right now. Needs firmware implementation, likely to be implemented after we remove the classic profiles and migrate fully to the new profile system.

Hello, I use a Simucube 2 Sport, and in cars like the Mazda MX-5 or the Cadillac CTS-V that have more than 900 degrees and less than 1080, when using irFFB, and having the steering wheel set and I play at 1080, these cars that I name, it turns the wheel to 1080 and does not limit to what it should.
If I don’t use irFFB if it works fine, I don’t know if the problem is from irFFB or the Simucube driver, but so far I have not found a solution.
I know people set iRacing to 900 degrees, but it is not correct, there are many cars that rotate more than 900 degrees, in this case the Mazda MX-5 and the Cadillac CTS-V. If you set the steering wheel at 900 degrees, these cars have a much more reactive steering, because their real limit is greater than 900, close to 1010 degrees.
Is there a solution to the crazy twist at 1080 degrees?

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This is not true if you use iRacing’s own calibration, where you have to tell iRacing what your actual steering angle is when it asks you to turn 90 degrees to the left after assigning steering wheel controls.

Seriously, iRacing will be set up. If you in the Simucube software, you have 1080 degrees configured, when configuring the iRacing calibrator and turning the ring 90 degrees to the left as indicated, it recognizes 1080 degrees. In the event that you in the Simucube software have set 900 degrees, when you go to the iRacing calibrator and turn the steering wheel 90 degrees to the left, it recognizes 900 degrees.
What I indicate in my problem with irFFB, is that with the Simucube software and iRacing at 1080 degrees, in the cars that I indicate the steering wheel does not limit the degrees of the car, but it turns crazy at 1080 degrees. This for example does not happen to me in other cars, as with the radical that I have run these weeks a few races, it limits correctly without turning crazy at 1080 degrees.
What I think happens is that irFFB may be optimized at 900 degrees, and that is why it does not configure well if you exceed those degrees. But it could be Simucube’s problem, since in Thrustmaster steering wheels this has not happened to me.

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It is unlikely that this is a Simucube issue. Much more likely that it is a weird interaction of iRacing and IrFFB. We do not recommend having any third party software installed…

You could try with lowering bumpstop Range on TrueDrive, like 1000°, and drive.

About iRacing recomended 900°, im with you on that, Cars like MX5 Cadillac (Ruf too IIRC) uses more than 900⁰

But the limitation of the steering angle caused by being limited to e.g. 900 degrees on those cars should not really have any ill effects on driving. Maybe some very rare extreme slides?

Wheel at 900º in cars with 1080º: Ingame steering wheel (steering rack, tires…) turns more than physical wheel past 90º degrees of any side, because needs to catch up the wider angle

Man, I tried that Irffb and the Hid Guardian crap rooted my windows install, I’ll never waste my time with that interfering rubbish ever again. I gave myself a stern talking to for ever drifting from the manufacturers software, if anyone is going to know the software it’s the gurus who built the hardware, glad it was only a wasted day and not damage to my Simucube 2


Hi Mika,
id like to ask about the sop effect, since time went by.
Did the development make good progress?
Of course you may not be able to call out a specific date but…
how about … 70% done or smth like that? ^^

I really love to see this implemented, since the iRffb/vjoiy corner is such a painful setup. (if it even works)
But IF anybody drove with SoP once, its clear what iRacing ffb is missing to date.
I already bought a simucube, but given you get SoP proper integrated,… the best possible ffb is quite a selling point.

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There has been some work done, but I can’t comment more about it.

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irffb integration in the upcoming release confirmed? :rofl:

no, not at all confirmed. Firmware is not ready for integrating telemetry based FFB yet.

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