rFactor 2 and SimuCUBE



And you must stay away from curbs but sometimes you use the curb as benefit in your exit of your corner
Thus brutal curbs are fine ( like turn 2-3 ) on Zandvoort but turn 1 and turn 3-4 on Sephring you use the curb and dont want overreacting curbs
Thats the main fault in rFactor
When you adjust the config file al curbs reacts on that and then I find the curbs to soft.
So rFactor had work to do!
People with a T300,T500,TX, g27-29 have no problems with this because their forces are to low to notice it


In the JSON file, line 514:
“Steering resistance type”:0,
_ “Steering resistance type#”:“0=use damping, 1=use friction”,

What should we use ? Damping or Friction?

And is it good to put:
-Gear box effects
-Brakes effects
-Clutch effects

On the AXIS or on the STEERING AXIS ?


Thanks, I understand now. So when the track is created, you still have to say “this is a curb” regardless if it uses real 3d mesh physics or fake.

Do you know if the curb FFB adjustment in the controller file affects only “fake” curb FFB or does it also affect the real 3d mesh curb FFB?


I just want to add my 2 cents. I originally bought the RF2 after seeing the demo and specially the detailed FFB I got with F3.5 and other cars. After purchase they had updated the game to DX11 and it was never the same again. I have to agree the RF2 went from being the best sim to totally unplayable using pretty much any car in the fresh install lineup which I just did. I’m in IT and more then capable of playing around with all the settings involved. I’ve contacted support many times and all I got was that it works and that nobody else has been complaining about the problems I am having. What a LIE specially after I forwarded the thread on their own forum talking about this. I’m glad that I found this thread where people are experiencing exactly the same problems I am and I hope we’ll be able to get a fix if enough of us complain (over and over and over and over again…).

I feel cheated as this is not the game I demoed and purchased.

I have a small mige with updated SinCos and latest ver. of simucube.



Could you elaborate on this? What is the problem exactly? Can you upload your json file ?


.json file

Problem exactly is that there is no meaningful FFB driving the car. For example going through a high speed corner the FFB just goes limp and there is no resistance at all where as the resistance should be getting stronger. There are effect FFB that are normal, like hitting curbs or walls or other things. Just driving FFB is simply not there or not natural to what the car should be like. It almost feels like its reversed as when we had to change the 10000 to -10000 in the torque settings.

I do have some mods from ASRFormula that I use and they are all great and work perfectly, so it’s obviously not the game itself but, rather some car settings that were updated. The same problems exists with IndyCar 14, DW12 and some others. They all worked perfectly at first.

By the way, .json file I have so many copies as I have changed pretty much every single setting in hopes that something would help but, it didn’t. It’s also seems that there is no FFB standards with cars and mod. So you have to spend time adjusting variables and settings for every car you want to use, specially if they are made by different people or organizations.

I really hope I will again get to experience the FFB I originally had with some of these cars.

I thank you kindly, and appreciate anybody helping in the community to make our hobby what it is.



could you also post a screenshot of your settings ?


I’m sorry about the delayed reply. Just had back surgery yesterday. I’m assuming you’re asking for the simucube setting?

Here is the screenshot although, I have also tried turning everything off and using different levels and combinations and nothing would correct the problem. rF2 has an option to either use the Friction or Dampening as the DirectInput effect as well as SInewave, Sawtooth…for curbs. I’ve tried all those options as well just so you’re aware.



You might try loading the Simxperince AccuForce preset in rF2; then assign your controls and save it. It may or may not solve your issue but, I think the effect levels are more normalized than going with a generic wheel preset.

If that doesn’t help, you might clean up your player files and start fresh; new player profile / new controller profile / etc. Just be aware that some defaults will be enabled and some of those will definitely affect the steering behavior and FFB so you’ll need to go through those carefully.


Yes, that’s the first thing I did when I completely installed everything from scratch including removing any subscription I had. After trying the accuforce preset I also tried few of the uploaded examples from the thread here but, overall, it’s all about the settings of that .json file.

Again, I have to say that FFB is great using another 3rd party mod like the ASR Formula. So it’s car specific and not game wide. Problems started after the updates to the cars so that they would work with the DX11 version. Before that the cars and FFB was just fine. So I can’t imagine having different .json files for different cars as well as different settings (other than steering range). It should all be based on the same settings.

Thank you though!


I have to agree, it is only some cars though, most have awesome FFB. Reason why I have no idea. It is definitely with the f3.5 and dallara but not the f2012 which is great. I don’t believe it has anything to do with the simucube or OSW or even anything in the json files. Appears to be simply mod dependent. As I don’t drive either of the affected cars it doesn’t bother me, there are some awesome equivalents eg the fsr mod for open wheelers or the gp3.


Yes, I share that same point of view and I’m glad that I’m not alone on this. You’re right about about the F2012, It does work fine for me too! By the way, does anybody know of any other mods, paid or free that have the newer F1 cars. I have not found anything that could come close to detail felt with F3.5.


Try this one


Isn’t it better to get the mods through workshop? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1365069981


Just tried rF2 with my OSW for the first time yesterday using SKeijmel’s settings and overall it felt pretty good. I’d like a bit more feeling around the center of wheel, and less extreme curb force, but for now, it’s a good start. I was considering giving Gonzas’ settings a try as well, but I’m hesitant because for most other sims I’ve found that I don’t like the feel when using higher than “1” for the filter setting.

@Mika Is there any update on recommended settings for rF2, or on your collaboration with the developers?

Have to say it was a blast driving a sim with proper wet weather support. I really feel like rF2 has a lot of potential right now and wonder if it could become more popular in the future as a place for mods and other general purpose simulator stuff, now that Kunos is focused on ACC which is GT cars only for the time being.


nothing special has happened with regards to rf2 stuff - the developers don’t seem to have implemented the automatic steering angle API either.


I made my OSW / rF2 controller profile by loading the AccuForce preset in rF2 and then editing as needed for my setup. That should give much calmer curb behavior.


Using the Skeijmel settings on the Small mige. The absence of the steering angle api on sims that use the rfactor engine (rfactor 2 and AMS) makes for the use of different Simucube profiles. So before you start these games you have to decide which type of cars you want to drive. Not very convenient. Apart from this I get a weird oscillation when spinning and going off road. @ Mika: hope this can be tuned somehow. Other problem that I have with the rfactor engine is the inability to catch slides which I can in AC. This may be due to fact that AC has factory setups, which in essence is much more realistic than by default choosing a certain level of i.e. traction control. The FFB of AC, although not on the level of AMS is good.


Increase ioni damper 1% or 2% or 3% and test when your oscillations stop


So before you start these games you have to decide which type of cars you want to drive. Not very convenient. Apart from this I get a weird oscillation when spinning and going off road.

If you run rF2 in Windowed Mode, you should be able to pause and alt+tab out to change SimuCube profiles as needed. I have settled on a general rotation setting of 600 degrees and that works pretty well for me with most cars.

If you have oscillations, try adding a small amount of friction to calm it.