rFactor 2 and SimuCUBE



Simucube in action on just released laser scanned Sebring.

I am really happy to see iracing finally gets some competition on their laser scanned tracks.
feels much like iracings sebring which is great :slight_smile: its a big step up for rf2. also graphically the tracks looks a step up from the stuff that came before. their plan is to release more premium laser scanned tracks.


Yes, Sebring in rF2 is great but, the bumps are pretty intense so some fine-tuning may be needed in FFB and other cues (Tactile / Motion). It does make for some high-intensity racing though, and add the night and / or rain factors and the intensity rises even more. The track is an excellent addition to rF2 and worth the cost for those that like rF2 already. I purchased without hesitation because I knew the track would be challenging and know that the title has that certain “connected to the car” feeling that I find difficult to overlook.


Have the done anything to that abysmal user interface?
Last time I tried RF2 it was literally a joke trying to get a race with my friend.
They need to fix the basics before adding content. If you can’t get the basics to work what good is content?

But yes, it does look like an improvement from previous tracks.


The interface and user experience is still pure horror.
And also the steering wheels degs need to be manually changed per car in your simucube config tool.
still there are no real servers you can join and drive some practice session together with a few people. most servers are passworded and full of crappy mods.


The wheel rotation is known. For online let’s wait for srs to work again.


The new UI should be coming along pretty soon but, I’m sure there is a lot to sort out being it is closely tied to the new multiplayer system and has to work reliably in VR too. Once that arrives, it should improve player access and hopefully, provide a better overall multiplayer experience.

Until then, the rF2 offline racing experience is really good imo but, I also think it has some of the best AI available. Night-races in VR on Sebring have been amazing despite less than stellar and smooth VR performance. I haven’t attempted racing on Sebring in the rain yet but, I imagine that will fair worse. Still, I love the track and it’s certainly one of the most challenging ones I’ve driven in some time.


I’am from the Netherlands and we have a big simrace community named
http://www.srvn.nl don’t you have something like that?
They provide the downloadable content tracks and cars races for members
( Only not the payed DLC )
I hear often complains about content and servers but rFactor has so much of it.
You just must find the way, Thanks SRVN I have that otherwise I had the same problem
and I was not there on the rFactor platform

Maybe thats indeed the biggest problem for rFactor



Is it so difficult for rFactor creator and simcube to join and make simcube steering degrees
adjust trough the game?


the problem is nothing to do with simucube the problem is with all the wheels.
rFactor just needs to get their stuff together so you calibrate you wheel to 900 deg, and than make the steering ratio 1:1 in every car by the sim itself to what it should be.

iracing does this. no messing just correct steering ratios in all the cars. rf2 has been a mess for ages. imagine beeing new and coming to rf2 its not user friendly at all. the whole ui and hud is just a mess imho.

its nice there are community’s buts its crazy you need to join one just to have some proper driving or even just some online practice with some other people. And they still mostly drive crappy mods on passworded servers. its very rare that you can drive official “high quality content” online when you want. another problem is that the rf2 users mostly cry’s when they need to pay for a high quality official car that costs 4.99 or a track that costs 8.99. Most serious simracers that are willing to pay for quality tracks and cars already moved to iRacing.

They really should start running their own servers with their own official content so you can at least drive it together with some random people. and maybe add a rating system while at it.

I like the way they are going now with more official high quality content and lasers canned tracks. but their ui and hud and online environment still need a lot of work. but i doubt they can keep running this show much longer with their userbase thats used to ripping cars and tracks from other games. and no will to pay for quality Premium content

Update: i talked with the devs and they now might make it so that the game takes care of the steering ratio and degs while you just set the wheel to 900/1080 degs and calibrate it.


It should be cheaper tbh haha


Hello Guys,
i miss the centerspring effect in FFB, what you get, when you incrase the caster of a car in the CT3-pack. The endurance are much better.
And i have got with the GT3-pack a big power los of FFB, when the car understeer.
Can i adjust that effects in the FFB-files or something else?
Hope you can help me.

Best wishes from Germany, Manuel Staedel


Change the “Steering torque capability”:2.5 to 20 for small Mige or 30 for large Mige motor.
The 2.5Nm that you have is from Logitech wheel you might had in the past.
I hope this will solve your problem.

Change the “Use thread”:false to true so another cpu core handles the FFB.

GT3 DLC cars don’t have caster settings, you mean camber?
Endurance DLC FFB is better than GT3, I like Radical and Mclaren has great FFB from GT3 pack.


Thank you!
No no, i just mean caster. If i can, i want incrase it for 3° or more.
I can’t be changed. Thats my problem.



If the feeling is still not best for you after the precise change that Bozak told you , you could try loading the accuforce profile


Yeah I’m still anxiously awaiting some kind of auto steering rotation with rF2 and Simucube. It’s nearly impossible to use VR and also have to alt+tab out every time I want to switch cars.


I’ve heard the Content Manager DOR solution is working well with the SimuCube for AC.


Working almost perfectly…wonder why it’s been such an elusive fix?
Great news though. Just set 1180 in both AC CM and SimuCUBE and that’s all you have to do.


I’ll try it. Hope that the interface and steering wheel rotation issues will be adressed soon, indeed don’t understand prioritization of the development. Issuing a great track but basics are not there.


From their perspective i gueas they need content to sell. Can’t achive any goals if you don’t make money. And although wheel rotation match takes a bit of time, but it is not a deal breaker. But online content is. I guess they should focus on that.


It may be worth mentioning as a reminder; content creators and programmers do different work and in most cases, programmers are overwhelmed when the developers are making changes to the game structure and bringing new features. It’s only natural that some aspects of development will progress more quickly than others and as Loukas points out, small studios need to generate income too. The deeper the simulation, the more challenging it is to finance development, unless it’s done like iRacing, with paid content and subscription fees. Even then, changes can be slow to develop.