rFactor 2 and SimuCUBE



Thank you for the support


could anybody who is generally happy with his rf2 and direct drive setup do me the favour and try the formula renault 3.5 2014 and tell me how that feels.

i want to go back to a league that drives this but its simply not enjoyable to drive. there is no weight in slow corners an every curb or going off track rips your arms out.

without a doubt the worst forcefeedback i have tried with a direct drive wheel so far.


Yes the FFB is bloody atrocious for the F3.5. S397 are apparently working on the OSW FFB but when that’ll appear is anyone’s guess.

Personally I’m sticking with AMS for now until the rF2 cars are brought up to some sort of consistent FFB standard. Sorely miss it though as it was my go-to sim of choice until getting the OSW.

When rF2 is good it’s truly outstanding. When it’s bad…it’s almost unplayable IMO. And I’ve tried more settings than I care think about.


ok. thank you.

i will wait then. i just cant enjoy the car at all. it really is the worst feeling i ever had in terms of ffb with the osw.
its actually a lot worse then a lot of other cars with my old thrustmaster tx.

its sooo light in slow corners and the moment you touch a curb or go slightly wide on corner exit it goes wild. so annoying.

also some curbs produce a rattling that is out of this world, i am pretty sure my neighbours hear it even though i have really sturdy 80/20 rig with a matte under it. the whole room is shaking even though the corner before there is basicaly no feeling in the wheel at all. aaah its driving me mad, i want to enjoy it.

well, it is like it is. just not a car you can really drive with osw at the moment then.


Did you try to adjust effects power? It sounds like whatever is used for curbs is too much and spring effect is too low. Either in game or in Simucube settings it should be doable.


Both rF2 and AMS benefit from reduced curb, jolt and off-track effects. Unfortunately, I don’t have a good reference handy but, further up this thread should be some useful tips for a decent starting point.


try with this .json file and this settings.

the .json file

and please use this settings on your simucube.


after loading the .json file you will have to remap your controls again.

is for default steering lock setup, remember if you change sttering lock setup ingame , put same degrees value on simucube configuration tool

done and tested on ISI Portugal GP.



hey man. thx a lot for your help.
i just gave it a try.

got to be completely honest though. doesnt feel a single bit better. the fact that you turn down the ffb in the simucube to 6.00A doesnt really help. while it helps a little bit with the rumble from curbs and off track it makes the wheel even lighter in corners.

i mean this way i could almost drive it without ffb at all thats how light it is in slow corners. i also think your ffb settings tone down the highspeed corners way to much which were at least somewhat staisfying before.

i just think i am done with rf2 for now. i will revisit in another 1 or 2 years when they figured it out.

i bought it almost 4 years ago shortly before receiving the dk2, then they never offered vr support so i didnt play it. then last year when they offered vr support i wanted to dive in again but the performance wasnt there. so i waited, with the newest version the performance is there but the ffb is worse then in any other sim i have tried to date.

such a shame really. bittersweet because i would love to join my old league. thats how it is for now. maybe they will make it work at some point, who knows. although with the pace rf2 has shown to develop i would count on it. (although things changed with the studio 397 takeover)

(i cant get my head around how any developer could have driven that car and said “yep thats good force feedback”)



Did you use the ffb .json file too or just the simucube settings.

In my wheel is really stiff at the center and not at all light on low ir high speed corners.

Even more i think the ffb on the formula 3.5 is terrific,


yes. of course i did. i specifically loaded it first and then had to rebind all my buttons and axes. thats how i knew it loaded the file properly.

i really have no idea how you achieve that.

could you maybe also give me your normal controller.json?

for me everything is so light. i am really puzzled by this.


Maybe is just a question of taste , i just can compare It with the automobilista formulas or the AC tatuus and is quite close in feeling, and apart of that i dont feel the formula 3.5 much better of worse than the rest of RF2 content, i mean i dont feel that the ffb is broken or whatever in that car.

My “main” json file is like that one, but with ffb multiplier at 1.0 and smoothing 1.

I dont know what is happening , ¿do you have a Big or small mige, lenze?

One day i was almost decided to uninstall rF2 and start over due to very weird ffb till i realize that i had driving help on…:grin:

Im sorry i can not help you more.



i´ve run RF2 since few weeks now and i try some different WHEEL SETTING .I was asking myself ,opening the CONTROLLER.INI wich impact as to modify those values (in yellow on the screens)


RF2 and AMS claim they don’t use fake curbs anymore and they’re therefore all physically modelled into the track rather than “make this part of track activate the curb FFB effect,” therefore how can reducing the curb FFB change anything if it’s physically modelled into the track and therefore no different than any other part of the suspension / steering rack physics?

I’m not doubting you, I’m just questioning…


I don’t have a technical answer for you but, I have tried reducing some of the FFB effects and it did work however, it seems that game updates tend to reset the effects and it has to be altered again so I just stopped doing it and put up with them as is. Once AMS is 100% complete, I’ll implement those changes again and hopefully rF2 gets a DD-specific profile before too long.


AMS and rF2 dont use fake road bumps on .gdb files as in rF1, but you can edit effects (rumble strip) for the curbs on the .json file.
Those are on by default and quite high for an OSW
You can also add more canned Directinput effects like engine or brake vibration if you want, if you do It (i think you should not) you have to adjust the gain for the selected Direct input effect on simucube configuración tool,. (0=Sine, 1=Square, 2=Triangle, 3=Sawtooth up, 4=Sawtooth down.”)

Is not easy at first look, Studio 397 should give to their customers a preset for OSW, and fix the autorotation degrees config as soon as posible.


Hi guys. Do you have good settings for the latest rF2 build with the original GT3 content?

I have the small MiGe with sincos and Tool 0.9.7.

I changed in rF2:

steering to -10000
torque to 20
Use thread to true

Maybe you can give me some good Configuration Tool settings, the wheel feels a bit light in easy corners with Rec Filter 4 and TBW 1000 or unlimited.

Can i set the standart multiplier to 0.6 instead of 1 for all cars and not always for the car i use?

Thank you very much.


I use 50 % in simcube and 66% FFB in game and Rec 3 filter and bandwidthnunlimited and all sliders 0% (damping,Friction ect) for the GT3
I never understand why people want to drive @ high levels it only slows you down.
I use a Formula 1 steer, maybe with a round steer you can set the forces litle bit higher.
And am I the only persons who like the brute curbs in rFactor?


Yes but if the curbs are just any other part of the track and use regular track surface physics like any other part like ISI/AMS claim then how is it we can turn down JUST the curb effects? That would be like having a FFB adjustment that only reduces FFB for turn 5 or the left side of the tarmac at turn 8…The game must be somehow distinguishing the curbs from the rest of the track surface if we’re able to change the FFB just for curbs.


Is because what ISI claim is not totally true, as they did not get rid of old tecnology.

At least not 100%, they let modders decide somehow.


Page 16.


And yes, when you make a track, you have to say to the sim, “this is a curb” , “this is grass” “this is a movable object”.

So the game will make the sim sound like a curb when you drive over them, or like grass.

the movable objects will have different weight, inertia…

And there is rumble for the curbs, you can add that “fake” physics for them or just let the sim use the 3d mesh for physics.

Thats what i think ISI claim.