rFactor 2 and SimuCUBE



All they are going to do is auto set up steering angles? What about the 100 other things wrong with it, like users having to have to edit Json files etc


Once we agree on the must-do things, we can request them to add a ready preset that includes the json settings. I am not yet convinced that the universally correct things can be locked. We must also always remember that rFactor with Realfeel Plugin, which essentially is what rFactor2 seems to be using in the FFB side, is more than 10 years old at this point, so they must have some will to improve things too.


It’s worth noting that “Speed-Sensitive Steering” may be enabled automatically for some users in rF2. I’ve had it happen with new profiles / controllers.


Perhaps you should post screen shots of your in game configs (per car setting as well), simucube settings, and your json file?


just tied all your files and settings feels allot better i had no spring, damping input effects set in mine. But the damping and friction in q filters
thanks nice to try totally different setups :slight_smile:
going to gave a good test on it now then will most likely race with it today
Callaway GT3 feels allot better with quick test on Istanbul tightened up the feel for me :slight_smile:


Im glad to hear that!

good luck with the race.



Having to edit the json is purely rfactors 2 own fault. The game controls and user interface is really pooorly made


Yep allot better than my settings corner weighting feel on slow turns.
Feels better and feel on fast long multi apex corners nice natural weight feeling to the wheel now
Will keep it tried few setups on Callaway i had all felt great .96 multi ish
Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi I was trying out SKeijmel settings and when I look at SimuCUBE screen I only see Damping as active not Spring. Have I possible got a setting turned off? I used the controller.json and SimuCUBE.json proivided.

Any one have any idea’s?


SKeijmel’s .json file doesnt use spring effect when the car is stoped.

“Steering spring coefficient”:0,
“Steering spring coefficient#”:“Static spring effect rate (-1.0 to 1.0)”,

my pics and simucube settings are not for his files.


I have a simracingcoach Augury Simucube Large Mige with the new sincos encoder. It works fine with iracing. I can see it in DIview. Rfactor 2, however, will not recognize any inputs by the wheel. Anyone have any clue how to fix this?


stupid question: Have you start the game for the second time? because when Forcefeedback stopped in Rfactor you must in most cases compleet restart, even " reset FFB button " sometime doesn’t work.
al other controls pedals and buttons works wel when the steering is not detected


Set both rfactor.exe and launch rfactor.exe to start in administrator mode…then set steer left /right in controls when you have the sim restarted. Also make sure steam is not already started when you start rfactor again


Just registered here as I got my Small Mige OSW up and running last week. Incredibly happy to hear that they will hopefully be implementing auto steering rotation into rF2! I usually race with VR but I’ve had to go back to a single monitor with rF2 because of the frequent alt+tab I have to do when switching between cars.


Hello “racers” !!

i own a 30nm OSW By AUGURY since November last year and i´ve tried RF2 yesterday for the first time .I had few hours testing the OSW on AC .

My setting are below

In game FFB is set on 60%

For testing i will use the GT3 from RF2 (Bentley etc…) on Sebring
Any suggestion are welcome.

I´ve start following, with the video post by Sim Racing SKeijmel

Thank you.


Is your video .json settings current for small Mige?


doesn’t matter which motor you have it will work the same, but i have a small mige.


I guess my main question was whether these settings were still current since RF2 has had quite a few updates since December



maybe a stupid question but what´s difference between this file : controller.ini located here
xx:\Steam\steamapps\common\rFactor 2\UserData\player

And the one located here:
xxxx:\Steam\steamapps\common\rFactor 2\UserData\Controller


The one inside player folder is loaded when you launch rF2, is used and edited on the fly and is saved each time you close rF2.

The ones inside controller folder are presets,that can be loaded and saved ingame.

If you are going to use a .json file from another guy or downloaded from somewhere is better to delete the json file inside player folder, then select the json file from ingame menu, close rF2 and start again.