rFactor 2 and SimuCUBE



Here are my RF2 settings i have filter at 3 in game with .30 ish multi on GT3 Callaway no noise feels great :slight_smile:


I have installed the latest fw got an very strange (bad) behavior with my wheel on an specific track, I have tested same car on other tracks and other cars on this track and it seems related to the track.

Normally I have 100% in the drive, and around 50% in the car

When going slow in pit or slowly going over curbs or just nudge it, I get an instant peak or hold of full torque (would guess 25Nm) Even if I select 10% in car I get these instant peaks, using 10% at the controller and 100% in-game I feel the peaks very clear but then the overall ffb is very low.

Using 100% in-game and 50% at the controller do it a little bit better, but still very high instant torque.

This is as many, an mod track, but strange is that I get full torque even with in-game 10%. Unfortunately I did not test this track before the new fw. Track (imola) https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnKVrRJNf1IfhpJnhzNfnjboXgW7tA

If anyone have this track it would be valuable to know if it is my installation only.

SimuCUBE Firmware v0.9.x bug reports

Started playing RF2 using my OSW and the FFB is rubbish!

Firstly yes I have done that -10000 step and the other changes in Json File.

But still have issues:

1: I can barely feel the road when I am driving down straights, feels smooth and dead…
2: If I go off the track or touch a curb the FFB is so strong it snaps the bones in my wrists
3: If I drive over a rumble strip I get no FFB affects
4: Sometimes in corners I get major deadzones
5: Although the FFB settings is not that high I get terrible clipping in tight handed corners
6: The weight of the car in corners is either - really heavy, or zero ffb.

I am running OSW 30NM with SimuCube software, any helpers?


Which version of the SimuCUBE firmware are you running?


Also when you started rF2 first only use vanilla content and set up the ffb to your liking before using mods (tracks and cars)


i use these settings in .json below
then 55% in SimuCube 100% felt to high for me and .55 multi ish try .45 with 30nm midge first
make sure wheel is set right too mine is 450deg in SimuCube and in game and in the cars setup setup all set to 450 deg
"Jolt magnitude":-2,
“Jolt magnitude#”:“How strong jolts from other cars (or walls) are. Suggested Range: -2.0 to 2.0.”,
“Off-road multiplier”:0.3,
“Off-road multiplier#”:“Temporary test variable to reduce force feedback strength off-road (0.0 = zero FFB, 1.0 = full FFB)”,
“Other spring coefficient”:0,
“Other spring coefficient#”:“Static spring effect rate (-1.0 to 1.0) for any other FFB-capable controllers”,
“Other spring saturation”:0,
“Other spring saturation#”:“Static spring effect peak force (0.0 to 1.0) for any other FFB-capable controllers”,
“Rumble strip magnitude”:0,
“Rumble strip magnitude#”:“How strong the canned rumble strip rumble is. Range 0.0 to 1.0, 0.0 disables effect.”,
“Rumble strip pull factor”:-1,
“Rumble strip pull factor#”:“How strongly wheel pulls right/left when running over a rumble strip. Suggested range: -1.5 to 1.5.”,
“Rumble strip update thresh”:0,
“Rumble strip update thresh#”:“Amount of change required to update rumble strip effect (0.0 - 1.0)”,
“Rumble strip wave type”:3,
“Rumble strip wave type#”:“Type of wave to use for vibe: 0=Sine, 1=Square, 2=Triangle, 3=Sawtooth up, 4=Sawtooth down.”,


Hi thanks for the reply. I am using configuration tool version 0.9.5


Okay thank you I will try this out in the evening and then get back to you :slight_smile:


Hi thanks for the reply, yea I started off just like you recommended


If you are running the per-car FFB level at 1, you may be experiencing significant clipping, hence the choppy feeling FFB during hard cornering and lack of detail. I reduce the per-car FFB by 50%, maybe even more - if you are running with higher amperage in SimuCube.


hello guys.

i will try to help too, this is how i do it.

first of all please try my .json files edited for 30 Nm.

  • go to your rFactor2 folder, then userdata/controller and erase all .json files (make a backup first!)

  • put SimuCUBE_paletas.json there

  • go to userdata/player and put Controller.json there (overwriting your one, please make a backup too!)

  • once you have both files installed , start rFactor 2 go to controls and select “SimuCUBE_paletas” , edit your controls using my file as a template. save it , name it as you like.

  • lets start editing rF2 profile in Simucube config tool

this is for my 20Nm wheel, you have to decrease overall strength from 45% to 30% more or less-

as you see rF2 uses damper and spring Directinput effects edit them to 30% like your overall stregth.

-start rF2 and choose your control profile ingame

  • is VERY IMPORTANT to match the rotation degrees of the car and the simucube config tool.

  • pick a car , go to track and comeback to box. inside the controls screen you will see the real steering ratio of the car.

as example the Mclaren 650s by Studio 397 uses 538 degrees, you have to edit your simucube profile accoording to that.

Studio 397 cars need more or less 1.00-1.10 of FFB multiplier , some mods need more

raise it until you feel that you have soft clipping (software clipping).

edit smoothing according to your own taste 0-3 is ok, i use to put it on “1”

check that all driving helps are off , (important steering help)

sometimes i press F1 by mistake when pressing escape and that put steering help on and you will feel crazy FFB.

i hope this helps!!



this might help


Hi thanks for the help, but what about simu settings for 30nm wheels?


Did what you said and it feels aweful, no weight to the car, no weight to the steering. Feels like I am playing with a £50 wheel

EDIT: I even put overall strength to 100 and its still garbage weak


if your settings are 1:1 to that video and what the other people say, there must be something else wrong or not set correctly.


Again…steering help on?

My json file is for 30nm.

My settings are in use by at least 4 people with small and Big mige and they feel everything the car is doing.

I also tried SKeijmel settings and they are different…but very good too.

Are you using oficial content?

Try the Megane or the Corvette GT2.

Oficial tracks?

Other simulator works fine?

Is quite strange


Yes EVERYTHING was followed correctly…but it is not working at all. My old TM wheel feels better than this. It is so annoying all I seem to be doing ever since I brought this damn thing is trying to get it to work It set to 100% for christ sake and all I feel is the curbs and when I go on the grass. When on track its all deadzones and weak FFB.


and other games work correctly? delete the config files and try again. no problems with rf2 here


Been trying again and again and again all day mate with no success, tried whole day yesterday also that is why I may seem a little annoyed. Assetto corsa works amazingly well, feels like I can feel every little detail. PC2 feels a little tame but still have not fine tuned it. Yet to test other sims but rfactor2 is dissapoiting me which is really annoying because it is my main sim, I love it very much. Might just quit everything and join iRacing


Just to reassure you and all others:

We plan to individually test and agree upon a set of settings that should used for rFactor 2 and other games that require special customization to work well. Also, we plan to have links in the User Guide to the relevant pinned threads that are going to be started by me, and always have up-to-date information at the first post. We will do everything we possibly can do to make the experience better.

Also, rFactor 2 devs seem to be friendly, and auto-setup of steering angles to SimuCUBE is on their list of things to do. I’ve already supplied them with demo app. If that works at the end, then other things can also be considered. Stay tuned! :stuck_out_tongue: