rFactor 2 and SimuCUBE



That’s a terrific idea! Please do this, it would be very helpful to many people!

Quite amusing that RFactor2 devs haven’t thought of doing this given that it’s a pretty big headache to do most everything!??!
Took a friend and myself a few hours to even get a multiplayer session working with not having this package or that car etc. And he’s using Thrustmaster TX! I had more issues with the OSW. There’s still something not right about the FFB. Too much chatter around center and the center spring effect is over the top. Would love to feel better feedback.

The UI is horribly unfriendly and they should be focusing on making the basics work before selling car packs that most won’t be able to use because they will just give up trying to get the damn thing to work!


Something’s not right if you are experiencing a strong center-spring feeling in rF2. I recommend lowering the per-car FFB (FFB Multiplier) to something around 0.5 and then adjust the SimuCube output to preference.

It’s common when using mainstream wheels to use 100% game-FFB output but, it often results in soft-clipping and that will always transfer to the wheel - no matter how dynamic or powerful.

It’s actually pretty easy to recognize when it happens once you become familiar with how it feels. A very strong center-spring or self-aligning-torque feeling may be normal with extremely high-torque settings but, it shouldn’t feel that way at moderate settings. Also, there will be a lack of detail during hard cornering events; the feedback will feel quite numb or dull compared to normal.

It’s an important sense to develop as different cars in one title can have very different clipping-points unless they are heavily normalized; if that is the case, we aren’t going to get a good representation of how the RL counterparts feel.


Here is a quick and simple video with some must have rf2 settings which should provide a good baseline FFB setting for you, i hope you enjoy it


thx mate , really appreciate that :slight_smile:


I don’t own the DLC content but some of the official content (Radical, USF2000, 370Z) has quite jittery force feedback. I use maximum FFB smoothing (32) for those and keep the filter low in the SimuCUBE application (recon 1). For cheap wheels like a G25 or maybe even the more expensive belt driven wheels you probably have issues feeling subtle differences with so much smoothing but in my experience a direct drive system has no issues with that.

Also noticed with the new IONI firmware 10630 you can still get audible squeeks from the motor when driving over curbs, I reduced this by using 1000 Hz TBW instead of Unlimited in the SimuCUBE application.


Hi i get a knock single type noise when i wiggle wheel left to right when stationary and when changing direction from left to right and right to left on track. feels like loose track rod end on real car. is a single knock noise as u change direction
is there setting to tune this out ? is no limited to RF2 so it is not setting in the ffb config
tried most setting in simucube wondered if there are any in granity that may get rid of it ?


Loose motor coupler.


thanks for quick reply my wheel is bolted tight to servo or is motor coupler something else ?


Its the adapter you bolt the wheel to.


Im sure it is tight I will check i don’t get the noise if i wiggle wheel out of game but does feel like that :slight_smile:
i could feel the knock if i put my hand on motor while moving wheel left to right making me think it was coming from motor


Try to wiggle against the bumbstops?


Will try when home later mount is quick release type with woodruf key fitted to motor shaft i do have a clamp type non QR one i could try
To test it i move wheel about 45 deg each way from central position


Trust me, I debugged similar issue with the bumbstop effect in July or August for around two hours, and then realized that the coupling to the motor shaft was loose.


Thanks Mika I will try that it really does feel exactly like that :slight_smile:


indeed it might not seem to be lose, but i had it once too. use some locktite blue to lock the bolt and tighten it well :slight_smile:


It is clam type quick release https://www.simracingcoach.com/en/contenido/quick-release-src-aluminium-black/

Will try the one i got with servo kit from Jed which is metal 4 bolt type allot stronger :slight_smile: like this

Thanks for reply :slight_smile:


From what I know, the SimracingCoach SRC clamp is a new product. If it turns out to be the case that it is loose and cannot be adjusted tight again, then I would advice you to contact them for possible replacement and failure analysis.


it is 3D printed with metal clamp the clamp is not that tight i will adjust it first and try it. but looks very solid.
I have the other all metal clamp and different quick release which i can use so not an issue to change it :slight_smile:
Will let you know how it goes later
Thanks for the Advise :slight_smile:


Simon, that’s definitely what Mika says. I had a QR Simracingcoach myself and I had that noise problem. I solved it by tightening it with the allen key too much… the fast closing not towards the necessary force.


You were right I thought it was tight enough Just turned collar latch screw round 3 times locked off and gone :slight_smile:
Been bugging me for quite a while now just thought it was rf2 till i felt it in P Cars 2 last night .
I do love an easy fix thanks guys happy bunny again.
and new firmware thanks Mika :slight_smile:
I have a very nice metal clamp type one with separate QR Boss Jed supplied with servo kit will swap to that but at moment it is solid as again prob worked bit loose bedding in over last 6 months :slight_smile: