rFactor 2 and SimuCUBE



Rfactor 2 :smiley: DX11 Ferrari 643 @ Barcelona :smiley:
i use rcon1 for rfactor2 and ffb smoothing 0 car specific ffb 1.0
and i change the strength in simucube app

another tip for rf2
u know where to find you controller.json
Steam\steamapps\common\rFactor 2\UserData\player

change this to true

“Use thread”:true,

so it uses a separate cpu core for ffb / physics! it will feel a lot better.
let me know what it does for you

( its a know errror )

-Some force feedback drivers cannot handle rFactor2’s high-fidelity update rate and in fact make the simulation fall out-of-realtime (you’ll notice if things get jerky and slow and the purple bar on the CPU Time graph goes to 100%). There are two possible fixes: 1) get updated drivers from your hardware manufacturer (recommended), or 2) open up controller.ini and set “Use thread” to true.

Personally i don’t know if its the driver or the games problem but it does improve the ffb a lot!
if it was the drivers problem it would end improve the FFB when u run it on a separate core would be my logic…

just wanted to mention this because almost noone knows about this.


Thank you very much sKeijmel, you always teach something new and useful, tonight I will try it without a doubt.:wink:


Hello sKeijmel, I have a small problem, the marches are changed alone, it happens to me in ams and rf2, I have not tried in other simulators, but in these simulators they are changed automatically, has it ever happened to you?


Hi could you copy the whole json file? So you start all with the same settings. Thank you


Here it is, it has some more small tweaks try it out https://www.dropbox.com/s/ykq5cdxybzg49vs/Controller.JSON?dl=0


after some more extensive testing i would recommend rcon 3 for rfactor 2 and ingame ff smoothing 0
rcon 0 is far too low imho but i used it to get a basline feel for the game. i recently bought their gt3 car pack and i start to like them! the drive pretty good


Maybe a stupid question:
Where Can I find Rcon input ?


SimuCUBE Reconstruction Filter is available on the profiles tab in the SimuCUBE Configuration Tool.


What other SimuCUBE settings are you running in your rF2 Profile please.


35% ffb strength in simucube
ingame 1.0 strength.
TBW 680hz
Rcon filter 3 to 5
and no damper or any other filters


Many thanks. Will give these a try.


When you set higher frequency then 680 and your motor does not give you more noise ( sand grinding ) is that not the better option? Because I see mostly 680 hz in the forum.
I have just installed the Beta software for the first time.


i use 680hz why would you want more noise?


I ment, If you had no more noise is it not better to chose the higher frequency?


yes if they fix the noise in the coming ioni firmware that might be an option.


I tried all the settungs and all I’m getting is crazy feeling when wheel centered, always fighting me one direction or the other.
Completely undriveable.

Copied Keijmel json and using his Simucube settings, still the same.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong?


Set forces to a negative setting in rFactor2.


THanks Mika. Forgot about the -10000 thing.
A lot of people were saying that rFactor was really stepping their game up, it’s definitely better but unless I’m missing FFB settings its no iRacing. It’s missing refinement in their FFB, but it’s a drastic improvement from the last time I played.
But it should make iRacing sit up and take notice!


there are quite a few settings to make rf2 feel correct in terms of ffb soon i will make a video on how to setup rF2 properly in a video. since its a pain and u need to do stuff in ini’s i really hope their new ui will be better since you can’t even reverse the ffb effect ingame.


Great idea and something that is much needed for SimuCube and DD-users in general. :yum: