rFactor 2 and SimuCUBE



Its exactly the opposite, if it uses signal scaling. If, however, it uses Directinput DeviceGain command, then it should not really matter which is used.


Direct input device gain is what i mean with linear. Thanks for your clarification Mika

But to all try what you like the most imho there is no right or wrong and the firmware we have got here is flexible and adjustable enough to get what you like. Only takes a bit of back and fourth to figure out what is best setting for you


Hi all.

I will try again today, thank you very much for your answers.

Yesterday i deleted my json file and startet againg rFactor 2. Then i went to controller settings and didn’t save my inputs as a file like SimuCube.json. I went out off the game and startet again, all inputs and settings where in the normal json file.

Is there any diference if i save my inputs in a SimuCube.json or if i don’t save my inputs and settings in a personal json file?

Also i found out that some people uses steering resistance type friction, what is the difference and can you recommend this?

“Steering resistance type”:1,
“Steering resistance type#”:“0=use damping, 1=use friction

I will start eerything againg today, it was not so easy to set up Richard Burns Rally and it seems it’s the same with rFactor 2, so i will need to invest more time for it.

Thank you for your help guys, hopefully i’l find a solution today.


Hi guys, ok, i think i found out one of my main problems.

Attached you can see my ingame settings. My fault was that i used 100% steering.

I found out when i loaded T500 and AccuForce profile that it was set on 20% and not on 100%.

The only difference between T500 and AccuForce is that with AccuForce the Reduction is set to 90% standart.

So i created a new profile SimuCube and for now i use 20% steering. Maybe some of you guys can take a look in my settings and tell me if this is fine now, the feeling was much better.

In the SimuCube.json i set from 10000 to -10000 and from 2.5 to 20, all other settings are untouched.

Maybe someone can tell the difference between the setting damping and friction in the .json file.

After work i will try with different SimuCube Firmware Settings, but for now i can say it’s a good start in the correct direction.

One last thing: It’s a very big difference on gras and curbs if ffb smoothing is on 0 or is on 4. With 4 it’s so much smoother over the curbs.


Mine is at smoothing lev 4 at moment on the URD mod i set caster from 6.4 ish to 7.0 ish too makes ffb feel better tightens it up :slight_smile:


The Porsche GT3 does not have a option for caster.

Do you guys use Direct Inputt Friction or damping too?

At the moment the wheel feels to light in the middle position for me.


I don’t think rFactor uses those effects, so those slider don’t have any effect in rFactor 2. But I might be wrong.

You can see what effects are in use by looking at the advanced -tab on the Configuration Tool.


Thank you. “PeriodicSineOffset Damping” i can see at advanced.

The Feeling and resistance in the center is so low, that’s my main problem.



It will compress the signal a bit but, you can try adding some minimum force in rF2 to increase feel around center.


Thank you for this post.

I have tried again different settings and with minimum force 2% it feels much more alive and is much more driveable now. Thank you.

I’m wondering that i need 3% damping, 2% friction and 1% inertia with Recon 4 and 1000hz or 1500hz.

With 0,5% damping/friction the wheel is much to light around center and overall.

All the different settings in the .json file does not change that much, i tried really alot different things.

Maybe with different cars we need so much different settings, only tried the Flat 6 porsche for now.

Hopefully in the near future Mika will take a closer look into rF2 that the FFB will get again better then for now.



Yeah, I can see the Flat6 needing some tweaks for sure; especially when the front bounces but, some of that may be addressed with suspension setup. Still, it’s a mod car so it may not be at the same level as the official content. None of the cars in the Enduracers mod really feel very good in steering response IMO but, maybe I’ve missed some tips for getting most out of those.


Yes i’ll try different cars in the future too, but i’m happy for the moment that the flat 6 works now in a good way. There are not too much possibilities to change things in the setup sadly.

Thank you very much for your help. :slight_smile:


Try adding few click to fast slow rebound and few more to fast slow bumps reduce neg cambers and ad few clicks to front spring rate.


after a lot of new tests i deletet the Flat 6 series. Today i tried the original GT3 pack and the difference is massive.

I can drive with the SimuCube Firmware Settings from Simno, Damping and Friction about 0,5%, Reco 4 and TBW 1000hz. It’s a very very good FFB with original Content, the problem definitly is immense with the Flat 6 series. Sadly i really would love to drive the Porsche but after a really good feeling with the original content the Flat 6 makes no more fun with it’s steering.

Thank you all for your help, rF2 is great to drive with good content cars.


The URD Porsche is fun not the easiest to drive but drives nice done few league seasons in it :slight_smile:
I am in URD C7r now that’s allot of fun too shortly to be Callaway from GT3 pack or 650s not decided yet for next season :slight_smile:


I have the URD mod but, I wonder if my version is up to date. Do you have a version number you can share for rF2? Is it DX11 compatible?


Sorry not at my rig atm so haven’t got a version number at hand. But the mod hasn’t been updated anymore since june 2016. Shaders aren’t dx11 ready but mod works okay but if you get a lot of bloom in dx11 then best you can do is turn post processing (pp) off.


Okay, that’s what I suspected - thanks for the info. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi ver 2.0 is last one no DX11 yet but easy to fix blown out whites on skin in Photoshop for anyone to do :slight_smile:
Good example of how good the skins can look is here, done by forum member and very talented one at that Ruda.
He has done them for a few of our guys now and does it Professionally as a job. :slight_smile:
Will be updated as soon as rF2 comes out of beta with rF2 changing allot there waiting till new the shaders and DX11 stuff finished :slight_smile:
Been a fun mod to race was in the Porsche for 3 seasons :slight_smile: the C7r is similar to GT3 pack Callaway GT3 one is easier to dive and feels better.
Think more will be added to S397 GT3 pack in time too so may get a Porsche in series :slight_smile:

Been playing allot on P Cars 2 in between rF2 league races, no plans swapping League to it yet but may do Saturday or Friday races once the patch drops v soon.
Has allot of cars and is allot of fun properly setup dedi servers are very smooth too
Feels very good ffb wise too quite a few of our forum members have it now and like it.


Thanks Simon, good info to share. I like the GT3 pack overall but, it’s been a while since I used the URD cars.

Some PC2 content can be fun but, the handling still seems a bit vague at times. Some of the weather variability does make for interesting racing scenarios and the overall experience in VR is quite entertaining.