rFactor 2 and SimuCUBE



I will try that now the profile is the Simucube2Ultimate


@Mika its the same as before I have tried my profile and yours they are the same what did you change in the profile to try to fix the issue?


There was just immediate improvement when I took the settings from the rFactor2 supplied Simucube 1 json file. I did not change anything else.


Ok are there any other options you could look at


Not at the moment as I don’t have Simucube 2 at home yet. It will be on Monday or Tuesday next time I’m at the office…


I can’t remember what the FFB smoothing / filter setting was set at in rFactor 2 user interface, though. It might have an effect as well.


We all need a rest @Mika :slight_smile:

The in game smoothing goes upto 32 it does flatten the effect slightly but it also kills the detail


It might have been at 5 or something like that.


This is from one of the RF2 update release notes @Mika

Added a Controller.JSON value “Steering Torque Capability” in order to specify the strength of strong FFB wheels (like direct drive). If this is set properly, and it exceeds the NominalMaxSteeringTorque for a given vehicle, it allows a 1:1 correlation between the calculated torque and the actual FFB torque. (However, note that we still don’t model power steering, so the calculated torque is stronger than it should be for some vehicles.)


the default of the simucube profile is 4

You have on all simucube2 profiles , the same “Steering torque capability”:18,

When you are back at office check also the profiles for dd1 and dd2 made by rfactor2 team. They have the max that the servos can give.


I have tried the Mika’s profile for the pro and the grainy feeling is slightly decreased, now the attenuation ffb filter inside RF2 can be set to 4 to obtain a quite good result.
One thing for sure: the new motor with RF2 produces more noise than my previous BIg Mige BIss C and it is similar to my old Small MIge with default encoder.
This is something to investigate.
FFB feeling is very good, with more precision an strength, I use no damping, no inertia, 100 gain and high torque enabled reconstruction filter 1 and torque unlimited


Why don’t you try with “Steering torque capability”:25 . I think it will further reduce some noise.


Sure Loukas the noise probably will decresae, but the feeling? I wish (pretend) best performances I did not buy a Csw…


the feeling as far as i know will be better. If you simucube2 pro with 25nm and you use 18nm in json that isn’t right. My opinion and if you check the profiles for dd1 and dd2 you will see that they use the max the servo gives.


sorry Loukas i have misunderstood, I thought you were referring to the % of strength. I already use 25nm in the json file


ok , i thought you were using Mika’s profile.


yes but i changed the nm option…


The line “Steering torque capability” seem to be working as the slider in iRacing.
If I put it at 40Nm, I get half the torque on a Small Mige.

Not sure if it’s a better solution than running 0.5 in-game.


hello, I have the pro too. For me it also makes noise on RF2. Pcars2 is perfect!


Just an idea. It would be very cool and useful to public screenshots/profile files from the devs for every popular title on the market. Of course nobody should use that profile becouse everyone of us have different taste when ffb comes in mind. Speaking for my self personally I would like to see how my osw perform as intended by developers :slight_smile: