rFactor 2 and SimuCUBE



I would like to feel ABS / brake with GT3/GTE.

I have the same settings like GlobeSpy with steering resistance saturation 0.5.

I’ve “Brake-effect” to 1 = enabled and I have strength is set to 10000 but I dont see difference like 00010.
Do you have idea ?



Did the trick for me. More weight to the wheel indeed, was too light. However still struggling with some mods like the Miata to get a decent feeling, but stock content feels great.


Looks like I’m haring EMI issues with my OSW right now. The strange thing is that when i’m (trail) braking or having oversteer in right corners, buttons get pressed on my steering wheel. It does NOT happen when I’m on the straight or just fast corners. It seems like its happening when I lift the throttle, getting back on the trotthle or just hard braking and steering at the same time? When I press the emergency button and then drive Some laps, I don’t have any problems.

I have a Fanatec conversion kit on my OSW. I havent had any issues before. It had just started out of nowhere since two weeks. All my wall sockets are grounded. I tried changing power sockets already, but nothing helps…


Maybe a ground connection inside the SRM kit has become loose? I’ve heard it happen, but we don’t have any first-hand experience with that kit.


Check your USB cable at the plug and wheel, sounds like cable issues to me…


It could be your USB cable. They may look totally fine but, wires can break inside without any signs on the outside.

I buy good quality USB cables and coil them myself while allowing them plenty of room to roam. It’s the areas where the repetitive and most concentrated bending or strain occurs where they tend to break.