rFactor 2 and Simucube 2



Great job @Mika, I’m so happy now. From now on we will have a lot of fun with the SC2. It’s fantastic. Actually better than SC1 Thanks !!!


those who have previously driven rF2 with small mige and now have simucube 2 pro or ultimate, how would you describe the difference?

Thanks in advance,


I previously had MiGe 20Nm with Biss-C and did not think there was a big boost. But the SC2 is just better, the reaction even faster and the FFB a dream. I’m in love with SC2 Pro


WOW @mika that is awesome I have never felt feedback like that in RF2 and I have a few thousand laps on it the SC1 was good but there is no comparison


Thanks guys!

Enlarging the development team has obvious benefits, but also teething issues that might result these types of issues on the last days before/after product release. We will find ways to improve the process!

It all comes down to what type of profiles baseline to report to rFactor2 developers. The automatic steering lock will be included but there will be a patch to the game to get there. Any other changes? Offroad multiplier too high still?


yes I’ve changed it to 0.1 for my pro


Other changes I’ve made to Mika’s json are:
Steering torque capability: 25
Steering torque zero-speed mult: 0.1 (to avoid oscillations)

A special thank for the new filter “Static Force Reduction”, it is very useful, some cars like the BTCCs are now drivable as they should. I have set the slider to 30% for these cars


Can anyone who has had success with the SC2 Pro please upload their JSON file and TD settings for me to try out, please.

I’m having some issues when clicking on the Dropbox link @Mika provided and just get the raw text instead of a file to download.

Excuse my noob question but JSON files etc are all quite new to me and I’m not really sure what I should be doing to get this all working :blush:


Can you share your controler.json too ? Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Am I correct in thinking that a custom rF2 preset is something that does not exist yet, so there isn’t a file I can just drop into a folder and adjust settings from there?


when you go here https://www.dropbox.com/s/nnbgeykjxqaufc3/Simucube2_rfactor2_json_files_rev2.zip?dl=0 , don’t press on the pro. Navigate to the right hand corner and press download and then direct download. It will download a zip file with all 3 files for all the servos. Take the one that you want and put it inside the rf2 folder that has all the controller files (you will find there profiles for t500 , fanatec , g27 etc). After you do that launch the game , go to settings and load that profile.


That’s great, Loukas.

Thank you very much for explaining that to a dumb old guy who isn’t too great with computers!


Thank me after you load the profile haha :smiley: . Also i think with that profile you have to set your simucube software at 1440 degrees of rotation. I have also proposed some changes but have not been tested by anyone yet. One of these changes can be altered ingame and is that you set steering torque filter lower or even zero if you use recon filter 5 let’s say or higher.


I have done some editing for auto wheel rotation by following the instructions in the rF2 roadmap from a while ago and I do remember setting the rotation there to 1440. I will do the same in my TD profile.

I also saw your suggestions earlier in the thread and will give those adjustments a try out.


Auto rotation could require an update from rFactor 2 side. I’m trying to verify this with rf2 developers, and they know the issue and the new SImucube 2 hardware product ID’s already.


Ok, Mika. I will keep that in mind.

Thanks for the information.


Just gave @Mika settings a try (with the help of @Loukas_Bourdas) and came away very impressed with the ffb in this game.

Thank you both for the help.

That was the best ffb I have ever experienced so my hat goes off to the GD team for creating such a great motor.

I’ve still got a huge smile on my face after that :grinning:

A question for the experts…

In game, I noticed that in the per car settings, ffb smoothing was set to 4.
I didn’t quite like the feeling if I lowered it so kept it at 4.

Should I lower it to zero and then try to find a way to get the smoothness back via the TD settings (using higher reconstruction values for example)?

Do you think that’s a more optimal way to go about things?


there is no right or wrong. I keep smoothing at 0 but if you prefer 4 then 4 it is :wink: You could run some tests with higher recon and no smoothing and vice versa to see what feels better for you.


Yes, looks quite ok. But no reason to turn the directinput effects to other than their defaults.


maybe you could put the basic settings SC1 and SC2 for each game on the Wiki? So we could give the Wiki page to anyone looking for a basic setting.