rFactor 2 and Simucube 2



Yeah, I’m not an expert in any rFactor 2 stuff, I must admit that. My interest here is to fix the grainyness issue, and I suspect the erroneous small nonzero minimum force value caused it. And it is default for any undetected controllers - I got it when game decided that I have Heusinkveld pedals as #1 controller -> no Simucube json file settings were used.


Noone is an expert , just trying to help , since i think that if granite makes these profiles for most of the games it could be an added value for your product.

In any case even if you don’t test everything , my first recomendation as oliver posted before me , with your settings i think that the steering wheel will not have the correct dor.

maybe windows has a list for this hardware as to what is first , second etc that you can rearrange in order to feed the simucube2 as first device for rf2 ?


Windows does have this kind of list and preference order, but as far as I know, there are no tools to rearrange it.


The issue has not been solved at all, same grainy feeling with your settings on as well.
Sorry for this but I wonder how a company can sell a complete steering wheel system without test it on the main simulators. With simucube 1 the issues could come from the Mige motors (I have never had an issue) but now the entire system come from the same company


We have indeed tested before, but using a low torque motor. As the FFB interface to PC and to sims is exactly the same, it is very surprising that there would be any issue. Did you double check that the configuration didn’t get overwritten by the default one from the simulator?


Something worth clarifying for rFactor2 is:

Controller presets and custom controller-profiles reside in (folder): rFactor2 (root folder) \ UserData \ Controller

The file named “controller.json” (player folder) is an active working file that the game edits based on your controller settings and should not be manually edited as it will only confuse things. This file automatically gets updated when you exit the game.

What is needed here is a custom rF2 “preset” for SimuCube2. Once you add the preset to the supported controller list, start with that and edit (assign controls) as needed, then save it using a unique name. That should be the file that you edit manually (if needed), not the preset and not the file named “controller.json”.

When editing a custom controller profile, always be sure that the game and the rF2 launcher are closed.


I understand but, I just wanted to let others know to avoid having issues that only add to confusion when working with rF2 controller-profiles (having gone through that myself). :wink:


How did you figure that out? I have Heusinkveld pedals and ive been struggling with ACC something is definitely wrong but there isn’t much to adjust. Its like the dampening is turned way up or the center spring is on which forces me to turn the in game gain down to 5. Sorry for posting in the RF2 forum but this is where you mentioned this issue.


will it be possible that the SC2 will run perfectly with Rf2?


Who knows? We are expeting for a fix, but is seems to be difficult…


Yes, it will be possible, but there seems to be some issue with the configs that the game tries to use.

At our office, I was able to drive with smooth forces with the supplied configs while the default configs produced by the game result in horrible grainy feeling.


We have found issues that got missed regarding the special effect implementation of rFactor2 and Raceroom.

Expect Simucube 2 fix today.


@Oliver and @mixer49 do you not feel grainess when you use rcon from 1-8? this issue is present for a while, other users reported also. which OSW do you guys have?


Wouldn’t hurt to check just in case.


Small Mige +Simucube, nothing spécials !


SimuCube2 PRO…


don`t know why this occurs on other setups, big mige here with biss-c encoder…


the issue was restricted to Simucube 2 devices.


so with Simucube 1 this issue is hardware related and can`t be fixed? I ask becouse much of use here use rcon 8 just becouse of this grainy feeling which is present in rf2 and raceroom with same descrition as Simucube 2 users reported. It would be good if some of you guys can test it with Simucube 1 and see if something can be done.


I am happy to confirm that the grainy feeling has completely gone. Simucube 2 with RFACTOR 2 is now fantastic. Thank you Mika and Granite for your efforts, very appreciated