rFactor 2 and Simucube 2

the brake effects match the settings in your post.

Try Brake effects on steer axis ":1 see if that makes it any better …not sure if that will help but worth a try

can you post your simucube settings ?

so has anyone actually tried to do what I wrote in the post above?
it solved any issue for rf2 ffb for me.

Do you feel difference from -10000 to -9000 ?

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Yes but the main point was dividing torque capability by 10, so that on Sport I am using 1.7 instead of 17.
It literally changed the game.

Direct friction effect is not being used , not a problem but doesn’t really do anything at 8%.

Can you try with ultra low latency off for starters ?

Hello GD I just loaded rf2 did you have to load a jason file or does rf2 work with sc2 once loaded?

you have to download it from here https://www.dropbox.com/s/vv68vz8g7gq7lyk/Simucube2_rfactor2_json_files_rev3.zip?dl=0 and put it inside the folder with the other profiles and load it ingame and map your keys

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is there somewhere on this site to tell me exactly how to do this? and do I need to update my sc2 cause I’m still on version 10. I haven’t used my sc2 in a few months so I’m out of touch, trying to get this loaded so I can play formula e

Anyone here racing with the Formula E car if so what’s your settings?

You can try these that supermonaco_gp posted rFactor 2 and Simucube 2 follow the instructions from his link

Thanks for the help bro, running sweet. :slightly_smiling_face:

FYI i got stuttering in Rfactor2 when using the Rev3 Controller settings (Simucube Pro) and found out that it was the following setting:

"Use thread":true,
"Use thread#":"Use a separate thread to issue FFB commands which may block with some drivers"

Changing this to false solved the issue for me.

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Not familiar with Rev3 what does it do?

It is the Controller.json provided for Rfactor 2 by Mika

I think these should be included in the rFactor2 now - no need to install anything.


I just installed it recently and no SC2 json profiles in controller folder.

Anyone wants to share there currently used settings for the Sport version? :slightly_smiling_face:

  • True drive
  • controller.json
  • ingame settings (calibrate)

Now using a mix for ultimate, pro, sport settings etc. But somehow i can’t get the right FFB feeling.
Some cars feel great, but others feels like a dead/low ffb when driving/steering them.
It’s like driving on ice.