Reconstruction Filter V2 testing

each time I click on set experimental filter, the V2 filter is off, I put 2 and apply, then ok, and if I come back it’s always written off (but I guess it’s on), so I don’t press ok and I stay on the experimental setting page.

Yeah, the UI is not made in such way that it would remember the settings. Like it is now is more likely to cause testers to test it with more intention.

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at “3” with v2, it feels good, but I can’t tell it’s so much superior to v1 at “1”, I think it’s subtle (if not under “3”) and depends of games/car

Here is my initial feedback with recon V2.
I’m an iRacer only and I was still using 60hz with 2 recon because 360hz recon 1 was too rubbery for me.

While I was still in 60hz mode I tried the V2 filter and it felt pretty raw. Even at higher values where it felt smoother, it was still kinda robotic. For 60hz I like the V1 filter more.

Then I moved to 360hz, loaded the F4 on Okayama and started with recon V1 at 1 one. This felt quite rubbery, but okayish on the F4. On the GT3 cars it’s too rubbery.
Then I enabled recon V2 and the directness came back albeit with a kinda robotic feeling. Recon V2 at 1 is quite raw, but I’m sure some people will use it. I like it around 2-4. Still need too fine tune that. But recon V2 is definitely better with 360hz on iRacing.

The only negative thing I experienced it that the curbs make my rig resonate and shake very hard with Recon V2. My keyboard and mouse were rattling and all other bits attached to the rig like you have a bassshaker turned up. It was really noisy and my son sleeps under my sim room. Compared to 60hz recon V1 at 2, it’s crazy. My slewrate was at 1.8 like how I always run it, so maybe I need to try and lower it to get rid of the harsh resonances.

At the moment I would keep a dropdown so the user can choose between recon V1 and V2 so everybody can choose whatever he likes most.

To be continued after I play a little more with the slew rate in combination with recon V2.

Friction and Damping levels make a big difference in regard to fine details and Recon Filter v2 provides much finer details than v1. If the term “Robotic” means increased suspension bump and / or SAT response, then I may understand the reference but, slight increase in Damping may solve that but, I’ve yet to test that aspect specifically.

Oh, one more thing I’d like to add. When I was testing recon V2, I noticed friction and cogging when making quick direction changes on the wheel to save the car. Especially when using lower values.
Not sure if this is from the new Simucube algoritm or the 360hz signal in iRacing

More tire model details are felt with the 360 Hz mode, the 60 Hz mode is quite lacking in those details. Its not cogging as typically is described when talking about servo motors.

On Automobilista 2, with Recon V2 set to 8, it feels better than ever before. Very detailed and smooth at the same time, and without the typically annoying glue effect. It’s truly impressive!

This is great progress, even magic!
I am an iRacer. In the recent season (three months), due to work reasons, I had no time to practice and compete in the whole season. I only opened the computer occasionally to update the software,until this week, so i was almost suddenly jumped from 60HZ to 360HZ.
At first I thought it was the track conditions, my race tyres were burning out really fast, even though my hotlap was fast. I also lost my competitiveness. Three months ago my irating was 5k3, this week my long distance ability I think is only 3k. That is devastating for me.
Yesterday – I read the update logs of iRacing and TD in the past few months, tested at 60HZ and 360HZ, and found the reason for the loss of competitiveness. Under the original setting of 360HZ, the ambiguity of high frequency led to the ambiguity of my limit judgment, so that the tire consumption was too high. Even I think my hotlap is based on my understanding of the “drive line”.
Last night until today I was completely devastated, I couldn’t adjust the base Settings I needed at 360hz, and I even felt like I couldn’t drive
The above is based on my special situation.
And the emergence of Reconstruction Filter V2, I only set a value, (because mika said the original 1= now 5, so roughly have their own judgment), at that time I was excited, this is the direction I want. I was so excited that I spent an hour on the phone with my friend! Because last night I asked my friend, who is a 7k+iRacer, he couldn’t do pace at 360HZ V1 either.
Then I started to make some fine tuning, I was sure that this was the feeling I wanted, the crash mood was completely gone, the tires and suspension could tell me everything, and the smile was always on my face for an hour.
Can you understand my joy? Thank you mika and Granite devices for the 360HZ improvement and testing.

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I’m not sure how to describe it, but it feels like there is some extra friction when catching the car and doing the quick left/right with the wheel, especially on lower recon values.

I also played around with the slew rate filter today and it seems a lower slew rate helps with the update to 360hz and recon V2. I thought it would be the other way, but the 3D curbs are brutal on 360hz and recon V2. Slew rate around 1 to 1.2 smoothers that a bit a feels like 60hz with recon V1 and 1.8 slew rate.

Only tested with ACC. Typically use recon 1.

  • V2 R1 - harsh digital feeling with sand in the gear. Almost the same as Recon off with very slight improvement, not sure how it can be usable if even with ACC 400hz and its generally subdued FFB it’s so harsh.
  • V2 R2 - much better, still occasional digital grit in turns
  • V2 R3 - perfecto :ok_hand:, no grit at all, very nice details, even better than V1 R1, wheel seems to be more reactive and less laggy, car is easier to control at the edge and recover from spins.
    So at least in ACC V1 R1 = V2 R3, only better, haven’t changed anything else, still at full slew rate.
    Certainly promising development, great job Mika, Tero, and the rest of the team! :+1:


For me too, it’s good work, subtle during the first tests, afterwards you realise that the front end is more precise with the recon v2 than the v1, I’m in recon 5-6.
@Andrew_WOT Could you please share your settings for ACC?

Hi @Andrew_WOT Did you change anything in TD for ACC?

No, haven’t changed anything else, besides Recon V2 at 3. Still might need to fine tune might even go to 4, but initial feedback throwing Mustang GT3 around Zandvoort is very positive.
@getmlh, I use pretty simple settings, for all sims, so don’t expect to find some secret “holly grail” there.
I also use 1200 DOR now, but that probably doesn’t matter.

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Thanks @Andrew_WOT I’m also at 1200 for the stop, why 1200? Well I say to myself that if Kunos or others, gives the possibility of having a high angle of rotation, I do not see why we should limit ourselves to 900, then I regulate at the max in all the games, indeed your parameters remain very simple, month it is the same, I do not have all the cursors to activate and there are not large things different.

Yeah - that is exactly what I use the slew filter for on my Sport - I limit it to around 2.6. It takes some of the square edges away from hits, round things out, smoothing the experience. If I don’t, I end up with bad shoulder pain for weeks. Too low and the centre weight seems to disappear, too high and it is too sharp for my shoulders. I love how it feels at 3.1, but my shoulder injury recurs so it is back at 2.6. Interested to see how it feels with the new filter. edit: Actually, even 1.9 feels pretty good for Slew with the new v2 recon.

I have tried the v2 Reconstruction filter and is magic. It feels like the latency of the ffb is lower and because of that you feel more connected to the car. I love it ! I only tested in AC1 for now with the v2 set at 5 .

Hi @SKY Would you share your TD settings CM settings for AC please?

Sure. I will share the CM settings when i get home.

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This sounds great. Any chance it will be coming to SC1 too ? :yum: