Raceroom and Simucube 2 - Post December 2019 update

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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uh oh… :slight_smile:

I cant see the attached files!?

Does anybody know if Sector 3 have any scheduled update Windows coming up?

I’m eagerly awaiting a SC2 preset so I can have another try at what used to be my most played game.


do i miss something ?
impossible to activate ffb in game
i checked everythying
any idea ?

Anyone tested R3R after the latest big update? I read in the hotfix there is a sort of support for SC2 and I was hoping to find here some feedback.
My previous SC2Pro setup feels wrong now.

There’s a new thread for R3E here: https://community.granitedevices.com/t/recommended-settings-on-raceroom-2020/4475

There aren’t any specific recommend settings as of right now but it shouldn’t be too long before there are.

yeah I saw it after posting here, thx

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I have an issue in multiplayer racing, it is not a gamebreaking issue, but I is a dangerous one.
When you spawn on the grid before a race, you see the time counts down until all drivers have spawned.
When all have spawned, and the race is ready to start, the wheel turns almost 90 degree right, with force and speed. This almost happen every time, and if you have the hands at the wrong place, some physical damage may occur if you are unlucky. This does not happen however when spawning in the pits, or when spawning for qualifying, and not on a race with AI.

I am not sure if this issue can be fixed by Sector3, or Granite Devices developers, or maybe it is a issue on my side.

Edit: I will post this issue also in the Sector3 forums.


The above post is why I stopped Playing raceroom and moved to Rfactor2, It’s Probably going to be a Sector3 fix that’s required, either way, it’s down right dangerous.



Okay, it seems we can narrow it down to the responsibility of Sector3.
I hope they catch their eyes on this issue.
Even better, if Granite Devices and Sector3 can communicate with a direct line and solves issues fast, it benefits both companies.
Hence Sector3 may loose users, and even users may refrain to buy the SC2 wheel when this happens.

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edit this line into the .rcs file you are using :
FFB stationary friction=“0.5” // Amount of friction applied to the steering wheel when vehicle is stationary
I dropped it to 0.1, and solved the issue

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Is there a way to force in R3E bumpstop lock set in TD?I mean the bumpstop range I set in TD works i.e. in AMS 1 , but in R3E wheel rotation is not limited by this setting in TD and I would like to be able to override game setting with what is set in the driver.

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since last updates r3e has auto lock detection. set td at 1080° and you’ll get the correct rotation for any car.

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I have it set to 1080 degrees, and wheel rotates in sync with animation, but at the same time I wanted to limit rotation to what I set in the TD bumpstop range value. The problem is I.e. when I have accident wheel starts spinning beyond car’s steering lock and my usb cable gets disconnected from usb extension. Is there a way to limit steering lock in TD for R3E?

This didn’t solve the wheel sudden rotation issue during race start

I am also plagued by this problem in RaceRoom.

I don’t understand why the wheel thinks it can spin freely.

Was this issue even reported on official RaceRoom forums? If not then I can do it.

Did you post it on official forums? Was there any helpful/constructive response?

Posted in Sector3 forums yes, but I have not got any positive response as of yet.