Recommended settings on Raceroom 2020

Hello everyone, would any of you be kind enough to post good settings, both in game and on true drive? I use an sc2 pro. From other posts I tried several settings, but they turned out to be a bit unsuccessful, I encountered several problems, wheel that turns to the left infinitely, in the pause menu see that the wheel quickly pulling forcefully away the USB connection. There is something wrong, it is evident. Someone who managed to use good settings without having big problems? Thanks everyone for the help !!

For sc1 if you want


could these also work well on sc2 pro?

For SC2, “other filters” May be:
Damping 20
Friction 5
Inertia 5

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I don’t know
Try it if possible

Hello mate,

You can download and try my custom settings if you want. These are new and made for RRE 2020 :+1:

  1. download the FFB: simucube2pro

  2. Copy the unzipped rcs file into: Documents\My Games\SimBin\RaceRoom Racing Experience\UserData\ControlSet

  3. Start raceroom, go under settings>ControlSettings>ControllerProfiles and select the profile simucube2pro Nicsos123

  4. copy these settings from the image on your True Drive


Thanks mate, these are the best settings ive used on R3E.
Was scared of playing it for fear of breaking my thumbs before, but these setting really give me confidence! :+1:

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NIce , but a little too strong for me, specially the mercedes amg and the Porsche GT3. Made some adjustments and works very good. One thing I cannot seem to control are the Off road effects and crash, the forces just way too high, with the risk of breaking my hand!. How can I tweak the settings to smooth out FFB off road and contact with other cars ( other than staying away from them of course) :slight_smile:

For test

Have you checked the jolt magnitude setting you have in the .RCS file?

FFB jolt magnitude=“x.x” // How strong jolts from other cars (or walls) are. Suggested Range: -2.0 to 2.0.

You may be able to lower it further if it’s not already at the minimum of -2.0

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Thanks to EsxPaul and Herve45, your comments and file were very helpful!!!

I finally got it right, perfect I would say. One thing I noticed is: this configuration works perfectly for the Mercedes AMG C63 and Porsche GT3 in ZandVoort, but…moving to Bathurst it is an absolutely different world: horrible FFB, steering vibrations in the straight,etc. had to start from scratch I don´t understand why that much difference ( ie. In Zandvoort the Vertical force and lateral force were around 40-35 respectively) and now I have to use, 11-12 and no damping at all. Are all tracks already with the new physics model? Maybe that’s the problem

this is the only sim that still remains a complete mistery to me, I tried every single ffb setting suggested here in this forum, I always ended giving up after 2 laps.
It is the only sim I never drive, it made me crazy trying to find any sort of balance in the ffb, so I just gave up.
around a month ago, devs showed a picture of a SC2 Pro ready for test, but we never heard back from them I suppose, maybe Mika knows better.
@EsxPaul are you currently driving r3e?

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No mate. I drove it occasionally before the December update although I wasn’t enjoying the ffb that much if I’m being honest.

Once that update was released, it broke the ffb in my opinion. I’ve spent quite a few hours here and there, trying to get it feeling natural but I can’t get anywhere close and have stopped playing it altogether until they release some kind of fix.

Alex from S3 did recently mention that they are working on a new preset for the SC2 so I’m hopeful we’ll have something to try when the next big update arrives.


New update with support for SC2:

Controllers - First iteration of support for Simucube - Added communication of in-game selected wheelrange to the simucube driver. Added “safe” default profiles for the 3 variants of Simucube 2 wheelbases. We still have to fix some forces not being stopped upon pressing ESC and sawtooth effects, which we will do together with the hardware manufacturer.

Not tried it yet.


Thanks for posting :slightly_smiling_face:

@Mika do you think you’ll be able to get together with the Devs to find a solution for the unresolved issues?

" We still have to fix some forces not being stopped upon pressing ESC and sawtooth effects, which we will do together with the hardware manufacturer"

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“Added communication of in-game selected wheelrange to the simucube driver” means dor are automatically set depending on the car without having to modify everytime in TD?

Yep, seems to work too :grinning:

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Does anybody know what the highest DOR would be?

I’m guessing 900 would be enough to cover every car but maybe there’s one in the game that uses more :thinking:

Can’t feel much difference than before, in fact it still drives as bad as always…would be great to know which TD settings they used to create those presets



I’m using your posted files too, thanks making the effort for sharing, works great.
Just for some reason I cannot make some of the effects work, like engine vibrations, does anybody know why?


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