Recommended settings on Raceroom 2020

Hello everyone, would any of you be kind enough to post good settings, both in game and on true drive? I use an sc2 pro. From other posts I tried several settings, but they turned out to be a bit unsuccessful, I encountered several problems, wheel that turns to the left infinitely, in the pause menu see that the wheel quickly pulling forcefully away the USB connection. There is something wrong, it is evident. Someone who managed to use good settings without having big problems? Thanks everyone for the help !!

For sc1 if you want


could these also work well on sc2 pro?

For SC2, “other filters” May be:
Damping 20
Friction 5
Inertia 5

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I don’t know
Try it if possible

Hello mate,

You can download and try my custom settings if you want. These are new and made for RRE 2020 :+1:

  1. download the FFB: simucube2pro

  2. Copy the unzipped rcs file into: Documents\My Games\SimBin\RaceRoom Racing Experience\UserData\ControlSet

  3. Start raceroom, go under settings>ControlSettings>ControllerProfiles and select the profile simucube2pro Nicsos123

  4. copy these settings from the image on your True Drive