Raceroom and Simucube 2 - original thread

Are you using the .RCS file that is provided in the first post of this thread? That’s a good place to start if you haven’t done so.

If/once you have done that, make sure you aren’t using too much “understeer effect”

That particular setting causes lots of unwanted vibration when cornering, if that is what you are experiencing.

hi all, i remember there was a way to show the dor on car basis by adding a “simucube1” string at the end of a control file, and that worked with osw…does it holds also for sc2? won’t that be useful to match precisely the rotation of every car and hence get a better ffb? if so, is there a way to have an automatic match with the wheel driver (TD) like in rfactor2?

Tks Paul, i am not sure what is .RCS file. However, will adjust the understeer effect as u suggested.

Hi Tan

My understanding is that the standard .rcs file that is included with Raceroom can give us some unwanted effects. This was explained to me at earlier in this thread by Mika, who knows a lot more about these things than I do:

If playing with the in-game settings doesn’t fix the vibrations you are feeling then my next step would be to go back and follow the instructions given in the very first post. That will surely help you to get off to the best start.

Good luck mate :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: Tan, I made a mistake with my earlier advice regarding the “understeer effect”. I should have typed “slip effect” instead. That is the one that caused lots of vibration whilst cornering.

My apologies :tired_face:

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Thanks Paul, will give it a try.

Does anyone have problems with hanged FFB output in RaceRoom (hence FFB stiils outputs when returning to the garage menu)? I easily fixed this problem by respawning and yet returning to the garage, but now that did not even work. I am not sure if this is bug in the TrueDrive software or in R3E itself. I posted a bug report on the Sector3 forums:

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They haven’t, I do see the podium series has been added, perhaps bumping them for this could be an idea. Certainly feels like I’ve gotten this title to a better place on my SC2 compared to SC1, though the SAT is kinda scary, at first I even had too low bumpstop strength so the wheel kept spinning beyond lock.

I tried once again today, it is unplayable with any possible combination of td and ingame settings.
i tried literally everything, also editing the .rcs file myself.
i will put that on hold, i am afraid forever at this point. shame is i bought all the content when i was on csw…it is a lot of money, only second to iracing. i also don’t understand why this remains the only mainstream sim to not been even a bit optimized for dd systems. i remember playing r3e with a csw 2.5 years ago, it was a lot of fun.
i also think that at this point the devs have not a bit of interest in improving the situation, and I would totally get that from their perspective, I guess a lot of job for such a small number of users it’s not worth the hassle. it’s just a shame for such a good sim, imho.

I am also so disappointed, RaceRoom was great on the CSW but I can’t get any kind of acceptable setting that gives road feel or acceptable vibration levels. I will try all the advice in this post one more time however, the experience of Battlestar is not encouraging. Has anyone got this title working well? I would very much appreciate your settings if you have.

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Hi trying to follow the advice in the first post, this download
opens in notepad is that correct or have I got it wrong? Thanks

I don’t have that issue but maybe that’s because I’ve stayed with 1.0.7

I don’t think there is a way to roll back the TD version but maybe @Mika has a way to do this in his secret lair, to validate any differences between 1.0.7 and 1.0.10 for example?

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No FFB differences have been made, other than the spring effect fix.

No rollback in True Drive at the moment, not even in secret.

Sorry maybe not explained properly. I download the file in post one and get a whole page of values opening in note pad. Do I highlight all this and droo it into the x86 folder as explained in post one. Thanks

Sorry for going off the Raceroom topic but couldn’t not being able to rollback (even at GD headquarters) potentially put you in a difficult position, Mika.

I’m thinking in terms of an future update that could somehow break things for any reason. How would you go about trying to retrieve something like that?

Then we will develop a method. And there is a way to do it via our own tools, which is not public.

Can anyone please tell me how to replace the files as suggested in the first post. When I download I get pages of text code do I copy all of it? some if it?

I had the same issue. See my linked post and the one after for the answer that explains how to remove the .txt extension.


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Any settings reference or suggestion about rrre wtcr19 for sc2 ?

Thanks Paul will try again tonight.

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Ok so I now have settings that feel decent tested on both DTM 2016 class and 90s F1 v10. First I download game files from the 1st post

.Once installed the constant vibration was gone. I turned the default RRE profile in true drive up from 16 to 20nm. I then ran these in game settings. More testing to be done but as a base its night and day from where it is out the box. You must install the altered game rcs file first.!

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