Possible ui bug report

Hi, the UI shows I have 2 profiles active. This has happened more than once. I know the rf2 one is active from the text at the top, but the iracing profile doesn’t have the checkmark to activate it when I hover my mouse over it.


had the same bug a lot of times lately, on 2022.7

Looks like you are on the online profile site, not on "my profiles. I think you can only"quick try " Aso. I don’t think you can activate profiles from there. You have to go 1 to the left. Maybe that is the reason

Wrong, it is on My Profiles.

We are investigating.


yeah i had this on 2022.7, i deleted all profiles and only use one now because of this

Then it’s very strange indeed.

Not really, I’m affected by this bug on 2022.7 too, just click on the EYE icono to see profile, then BACK to the list and 2 profiles are active

Happened to me also right after starting TD

Exactly that, I also have this bug with the 2022.07

I wanted to say “It’s a strange bug” because it looks like on the online presets but it’s actually the my profiles tab. Although it was very late I opened TD and still got it wrong. Sorry for that. There are quite a few people affected by this. Hope you receive a solution soon

It’s not critical, it’s enough to click on the eye to switch to the iracing profile.

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On 2022.05 and same bug there.
Any chance to auto detect the game and switch the profile? Maybe have profile prio for each game and highest prio is the one to be auto detected. Just thinking out loud here…

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auto detection of games and mapping of profiles is a sometimes asked feature, and we are thinking of implementing it to Paddock.


SimHub does have this solution. It autodetects the game if you wish so

We have identified a fault that could make this happen. A fix is being pushed to production environment of the web app.


Any ETA on this feature? I’m coming from Fanatec where this has been a feature for a while (in Fanalab). Would love to see this in TrueDrive.

It is going to be implemeted in Simucube Tuner, which we will add support for Simucube 2 as well. This has a lot of dependencies, i.e. how Paddock will work etc, so lets see when it will be ready for public release.

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Great, thanks Mika! Do you have a public beta test program? I’d be happy to test a pre-release build.

Yes; we are releasing new features such as FFB changes and UI tweaks in the normal releases as beta features.

And separately of above, the Simucube Tuner project which is now the software for our ActivePedal and of which the latest testing release supports also wireless wheels, has a separate testing group in our Discord, where you can opt-in to get to the testing channel.