New Simucube wheel adapters



Take a look at simracing garage’s video on the f1 wheel. He shows what it is like. Looks like it worked well for Barry. That adapter is not free from Ascher however.


Thanks. I saw this video but SRG uses the Ascher adapter. Wondering if I can use the simucube adapter? Don’t see why the simucube adapter cannot do the same thing?


The Simucube adapter does not support mounting 70mm wheels from the back side, at the moment. It will be possible with a future revision of the 30mm adapter.


Does that mean a final decision has been settled on which means we have no choice but to use the 30mm spacer if we want to mount from the back?

I know my suggestion of milling 6 semi circular channels into the wheelside qr is extra work and expense for GD but that would have given us the choice to leave out the spacer if we didn’t need it.


Isn’t spacer required for front mounting too, otherwise there is not enough clearance for locking pin as paddles are in the way.
Reason I was suggesting to just make wheel side of QR taller to avoid that spacer altogether, less moving pieces to bolt together.


I didn’t need the spacer in my case. I guess it really depends how far back the shifter paddles are on each individual wheel.

Your suggestion of a taller wheelside qr is a good one. I’m not sure in how you would decide on a finished height that would satisfy the majority though?


Simucube team is taking action on the requests and experiences coming from the early Simucube 2 owners. One of the active topics is the installation of a third party wheel to the supplied Simucube Quick Release system.

If you have experienced challenges with installation, please head to the new page where we offer installation tips, and a chance for requesting for the user feedback based revision 2 wheel adapter components.

Simucube leaves no driver behind!

Cheers, Tero


I have a SC2 Pro on pre-order and I’m wondering will my base come with the updated version of the adapter? or do I have to wait to see if my rims work with version 1 and then apply for the updated version ? That can be a problem if the rims I own now work but then I upgrade or purchase new rims that won’t work. I would like to receive the updated version to start with that way I will not have to worry about future upgrades.


I have tried to post my request but “an error occured try again later”
solved ty


I had the same problem, but you need to upload a photo and ensure all the fields are completed.


I bought a second QR when buying my simucube 2 pro to mount it on a second steering wheel that I will buy in the future, so now I find 2 adapters with problems. how can I request the replacement of 2 adapters even if I have now solved the problem by going to the hardware but in the future with a new wheel?


How do you know when your photo has finished uploading?

I’m adding one and waiting, then clicking “submit” but nothing is happening :tired_face:

Edit: NVM. Switching to PC solved the problem


I’m wondering, too.
Though, I went with the safe route of already ordering one of Ascher’s SQR adapters. I’m not heavily concerned about spending a couple bucks more. Still cheaper than Q1R.


Thanks Mika - I have seen concept design for this and is looking promising. My Pro is penciled in for batch 2 delivery so I assume the new included simucube 2 adapter will support Martin Ascher f1 wheel out of the box without having the need to purchase one of his adapters?

Only reason I ask is I want to order the f1 wheel but his adapters are out of stock.

Trying to line up everything so I can start driving when my pro arrives :slight_smile:


Good point, there’s no input field for that. Perhaps write it in comment / description box. We’ll read them all.


We’re attempting to get these new parts soon enough to be shipped with second batch SC2’s. We’ll inform that once we know.


OK thanks. but is it mandatory to put a photo? I do not need defective adapters for now but soon I will buy more steering wheels and then I will need the new adapters .that picture I take? mine in a bathing suit? :wink:


Revision 1 are not defective, just bit difficult to install in some cases. Perhaps give it a go first? :slight_smile:

Or if you’re sure you’ll encounter problems, then perhaps insert a picture that illustrates it.


I’m interested in buying these wheels and I know they have problems with adapter 1 so what do I do?


Lets do so that copy a photo of the wheel you’re buying and then explain the situation in description. That will work :slight_smile: