New Simucube wheel adapters

Hi Racers!

What do you think of this improved 70 mm wheel adapter plate?

The idea to support both front and back side mounted wheels by the use of thread insert. Thread insert comes with the package and must be installed by users who wish to use front side mounting. Installing inserts will convert the adapter permanently as front-side adapter only (inserts can’t be removed without drill & breaking inserts).

BR Tero


How do the threaded inserts lock?


Looks good, Tero.

Will the design restrict us to using only countersink headed bolts?

It would be nice if the step in the adapter plate was tall enough to allow M5 cap head bolts to be used in a back side arrangement.


I have an idea for the insert so maybe can fit and remove but not sure if possible and trying to think how can I explain to you without pictures. Idea involves adding 2 small (insert) holding slots in the adaptor so does not spin round when tightening up the bolt. Also the threaded insert would then need 2x male wings to fit into the female slots.

That looks like barely any difference. 2mm additional tolerance is not great. If the changes are to be constrained to the adapter plate, how about increasing the thickness of the top bit by a fair bit? That would also allow doing away with the need for the countersinks and/or inserts.

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Another suggestion, would making wheel side QR taller eliminate need for spacer.

They will lock via interference fit. Bu locking is probably not necessary…friction will allow you to tighten bolts for a good clamping force…

@Tero: Make the new step larger, allow for 5-8mm there so bolt-length isn’t an issue. But otherwise a good design, similar to what I would have done.

@Tero: Even better idea, make them in different thicknesses up to 50mm even, in steps of 10mm, so people can place order for correct thickness all-in-one spacer /adapter. Then you can do away with seperate spacer.

Edit: Also, instead of adding inserts for the threaded side, do 6x M5 threaded holes, 6x M6 unthreaded holes. The best of both worlds, people can then use the same adapter on different rims, fastening either front or back :wink:

It only takes a slightly damaged bolt thread to cause problems as you know from an engineering point of view I don’t think the taper friction would be enough but it depends on the surface finish is it an interference fit into the machined hole if so what is the internal diameter



If you really need to keep the spacer and QR part as they are you could increase the step to 10mm and supply a ring with threaded holes and screw into that or redesign the whole QR from scratch keeping the taper idea of course





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Couldn’t GD keep the current design but have the machine shop that is producing the parts mill out 6 semi circular channels in both the 30mm spacer and wheel side qr?

That way you don’t have to re spec completely new parts and instead, you just specify the additional machining steps that you would like added.

Am I way off in my thinking?


I was thinking of this too, but then the community will still complain that the threads in the adapter plate is a problem…I will tomorrow discuss a few ideas with Tero when we meet up.

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That is a good point.

I suppose I’m only thinking of those people like myself that want to mount their wheel from the rear and have no need for threading in the adapter.

I’m sure you guys will thrash out some good ideas in the meeting. Good luck!