New Simucube wheel adapters

I agree that it’s probably better just to make the plate support using normal nuts for front side mounting. The 30 mm spacer shall be modified to allow screws extending aside of it without collision of oversized screws. Next revision is under design.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

I’ve been thinking of that choice too, but then the “star shape” is not possible. It may be required for some wheels.

I think star-shape is not needed at all, as long as you don’t go to big on dia of disk.

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If you didn’t add your vote to the poll in the main discussion thread, you might want to.

I just checked and 79% are in favour of a star shaped adapter as it stands.

Ha, all good, meeting with Tero, we are discussing a few options here, star-shape might remain…but just designed a bit differently to cater for both mounting-styles.

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New version. Simple and beautiful?

  • star shape
  • front side mounting
  • back side mounting

What do you think guys?

BR Tero


Looks good to me.
Is the 70mm side a separate adapter that bolts to the QR?
So the existing QR stats as is?

The quick release part (black one in picture) is unchanged. Only 30 mm spacer and 70 mm plate are modified.

Sounds good.
Nice job!

hello, I wanted to ask you for those who have just ordered the cube2 … will you directly receive this new spacer or will you receive the initial one and then receive the new one in the future?
thanks for everything

Looks like what we did for @Andy


As I was walking the Doggy for his 6am outing I was rolling the new design around in my head.

Is the turned down (recessed ) portion of the new adapter a sufficient length to allow a standard hex key for 5mm bolt to be used for tightening the screws if inserting the screws to the back side of a wheel?

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My thoughts also … works perfectly

Looks good, Tero.

@Joe makes a good point though. We will need enough access to get an Allen wrench in if we are mounting our wheels from the backside.

I think allen key would fit there. However, it’s not required as it’s possible to assemble the whole stack “in order” where no other parts overlap.

Just measure the length of an Allen key wrench and head of the bolt to make sure it will fit. It looks like you could extend the recess further if needed.

You have to be able to turn the wrench, or use the ball end which is harder to get things tight enough. :slight_smile:

Ahh, of course.

Sorry Tero, didn’t engage my brain there!

I think that works for 70mm wheels. 50mm are still problematic.

the buchfink QR is available in 70mm and 50mm, both mountable from the front and back. We still need a 50mm solution for back mounting. Maybe just a 10mm spacer similar to the 30mm spacer will do!

And you need to think about the additional sold wheelside QRs. No bolts, no spacer included makes them pointless. lots of us have wasted money on them.

atm it looks like you want to charge us for the new spacer/70mm adapter and that will certainly lead to another Sh**storm.

Just taken another look at this new solution and it occurred to me, what about those of us who don’t use any spacer?

We will still be left with the same problem of not being able to attach the wheel from the backside because the diameter of the wheelside qr is still too large.

That’s why I suggested earlier that it have 6 semi circular holes milled out in its edge to allow for bolt heads.

On my setup there is already too large distance between the motor and wheel and I’d rather not make this distance needlessly larger by yet another 30mm.


I asked this in the other thread as well.

Does anyone know if I purchase a Martin Ascher F1 wheel will I need to buy their adapter as well or does the SC2 have something as part of the package that will allow me to attach the SQR to the Martin Ascher F1 rim?

Assume this is the updated adapter for 2nd batch orders?