New Simucube 2 Pro noisy

After trying a Simucube 2 Pro at a reseller I felt in love with how smooth it felt. I decided to sell my DD2 and make the switch. My SC2 Pro came in on Friday and I installed it during the weekend.
During the first drive I noticed a lot of noise coming from the unit. Even with headphones on while driving, I can still hear it in certain corners and brake zones.
Someone that I know in my area also has a SC2 Pro and I went there to have a listen at his unit. It also makes some noise, but it’s pretty quiet and I couldn’t hear it with the speakers on. Mine is a lot louder and even with headphones on I can hear it. It’s pretty distracting to race like that.

Also when I move the wheel 90° left and right while the unit is powered, reveals some notchiness. It super smooth when I rotate it slow, but when I do it faster it starts making some noise and I feel the fine notches.

I’m wondering if this is all within spec because I’m slightly disappointed with the move now. My DD2 was dead silent. I know they are 2 different systems and I don’t mind a little noise I can’t hear, but this is quite a lot.
Also I can’t remember I could feel any notches when I tried out the demo unit at the shop 1 month ago. It felt extremely smooth.

Here is a videoclip of the sound:
It used a simple rim with autoclutch enabled so I was able to drive with 1 hand.

The settings are 55/25Nm in iRacing and the following in True Drive (2021.9):
Force: 100%
Recon: 5
Damping: 15%
Friction: 12%
Inertia: 15%
Ultra low response: 16%
No bandwidth or torque frequency limit.
The option to reduce the motor sound is also on in True Drive.

As far as I could find these are quite normal settings. Please let me know if you need more information.

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Take a look at Direct Input Filters way down under True Drive profile.
Make all sliders to show 0% values (damping, Friction, etc…)

Damping and friction are at 8% and the rest is a 0% for the Direct Input Filters. Because they were like that in a profile that I used a base.
But do they matter in iRacing? I thought you could see when try are used by the game or not in True Drive.
I’ll give it a try this evening by settings them to 0 when I’m back home.

iRacing does not use those effects.

Thanks Mika. That’s clear. So changing those Direct Input values won’t do much to the problem I’m experiencing.
Do you have feedback on the problems described in the opening post? Thanks!

Did you changed something in iRacing app.ini?

No, everything is stock there. But I don’t think iRacing is the problem. It’s making noise with other sims as well.

With Recon high like this it should be butter smooth.
I don’t know what noise passing criteria for SC2 motors QC but based on what I’ve seen on this board some units are extremely quiet even at Recon 1 and some need significantly higher value to get them to acceptable level.
iRacing 60hz signal is quite coarse to begin with, so it usually needs more Recon, but AC/ACC/R3E/AMS2 can pretty much ride quietly on 1-3.

Recon 5 is not high. You can clearly feel the steps in the signal from iRacing on that setting, and you can also hear it. I doubt there are units that are quiet at recon 1 while others are not. It’s just that their mic doesn’t pick it up or it’s overshadowed by ambient noise.

The video in the startpost is just how it is, perfectly normal.

I tried ACC as well and it’s not better in terms of sound.
I have also tried slew rate 0.1 as I read in other topics that it makes the base completely silent, but not in my case. With 10 recon and 0.1 slew it almost silent, but it feels like a cheap belt driven wheel with those settings.

I’ve also read that this forum isn’t for official support so I have contact my dealer about this and send them the video. They will get in touch with Simucube to see if this excessive noise or not.

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I happened to own one, can’t say anything about iRacing, but everything else under the sun is Recon 1.

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I made an appointment with my dealer and could come by yesterday to have it tested by them.
The sound was a lot less on their rig. I think it probably has to something with my rig or my wooden floor that amplifies the noise.
I will try some rubber tiles under the rig and if that doesn’t help I’ll have to live with it…

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I’m racing RSS open wheelers in AC at the moment with my sport. Torque at 100, recon 1, unlimited, no filters but static reduction. In game (CM) curbs 2, street 20, ABS 0, slipping 5. Plus gyro 25 and RHM. No sound at all. In fact, I never ever heard something from the Simucube. Never.

I am always drive with headphones but mine has the same sound. Never was an issue for me tho. :thinking:

you need a ear doctor :smiley:

Normal behavior it makes noise especially with low rcon. ffb rate is so low that it feels and sounds like a hacksaw with low rcon.
its not road details what some people think it is :smiley:

Since two days, I do have the same. I have my base since may 21 and no issues. But now same noice in any games. It is very distracting.

No, he doesn’t. Some units are very quiet, some are noisy, why it’s so hard to accept.

Because hearing the noise while driving breaks the immersion and my concentration.
I have a pair of high end open back headphones and even at louder volumes I still hear it.
My DD2 was dead silent and that’s what’s annoying me now. I have better FFB now, but the immersion is gone for me.

time to play it differently than :slight_smile: your wheels are all broken his one is completely silent time too send them all back for warrantee.

You can check my video in the openingspost. That’s with recon 5.
Even recon 10 and slewrate 0.1 makes noise, but it’s less ofcourse. But people say it’s dead silent with 0.1 slew rate.
A ticket was openend at Granite from my dealer with the video and they said it’s normal.
So nothing I can do with warranty because this is the norm, except accepting that it makes this much noise…
You’re lucky your unit doesn’t make this much noise…