New Simucube 2 Pro noisy

You said you tried it at reseller, was theirs making same noise? If not, use that as an argument for exchange.

I went to their workshop address. There wasn’t another SC2 to compare with at the time.
It seemed quiter on their rig, but they left the speakers on on a low volume. Also didn’t drive the car as hard as I do since it was an unknown car/track combo for them. It’s hard to compare.
The guy where I bought my steering wheel from also has a SC2 Pro and his was a little more silent than mine. It made the same noises, but not that loud. Couldn’t hear it with the speakers on at a normal volume. We could only hear it with the speakers turned off.

The mounting can also play big role, resonance, etc. I have behemoth heavy P1-X with front mount.

If it’s noisy I tell you. But it’s not.

I played without sound yesterday. The sport does make sounds in high torque, Fe AC: 100, 1, static force 20, ULLM 10
CM: gain 12, curbs 3, street 95, slipp 3, ABS 0. With F1 2021
But it’s clearly the motor speeding up and down. Nothing else. As soon I have a little bit of sound I can’t hear it.
I’m driving with new physics and RHM

i have the same problem with a noisy SC2 pro and i have tried everything to reduce the noise in the setting but unable to silence the thing. Did you end up solving the issue?

this sound issue is not resolved, there is no choice but to accept it as normal
I am also suffering from the same situation

Nope. It was classified as normal. Even with slewrate 0.1 it still makes noise. Mainly in corners when the tires start to load up and chicanes.
And ofcourse also over the curbs etc

I run a sound bar or use headphones with microphone. While with earphones is quite normal to blend out anything I use the sound bar to simulate an earthquake scenario. Adding some chain saw crescendo from F1 does the rest. Even the Sport feels intimidated. So let us spit on earplugs and keep on racing guys. Maybe is like in the good old times of Formula 1: a good DD is one you are winning the race and, after crossing the finish line, falls apart

same here its just annoying that i watched a lot of youtube reviews on this wheelbase and did not come across one person bring up the noise i have also checked in the manual and on their website and no mention of this noise and i completely agree that it does spoil the immersion and was not expecting it on what is meant to be one of the top of the line dds

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Please have a look in the manual page 30 chapter „Smoothness“. Thanks

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All I got was this little quick guide manual 5 pages in English doesn’t really say anything i had to search the Internet for true drive info and also how to attach the quick release, am I missing a manual??? it says revision 2.1 on the back

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The notchiness, if it occurs immediately after starting the wheel, is caused by the heavy damping of the low torque mode.

I also noticed that the ultra low latency mode is lot more aggressive in 2021.9 than in 2020.10. For example I used 16 for rF2 with 2020.10, which with 2021.9 introduced some artificial notchiness. So reduced it and the added noise in the feedback disappeared. Ultimately turned off ULLM, since I use slew rate limit in rF2 anyway.

True drive starts with my pc and it auto activates high torque, so I’m almost never in low torque. As soon as I add some friction or dampening (10% of both) the notchy feeling is there. But it doesn’t really distract during racing.
I was just wondering if it’s normal or not.

Yes it is normal. I think there was an explanation somewhere in the forum by one of the GD devs, why heavier damping would cause some notchiness. I usually use damping in the range of 3%-5%, with the exception of BeamNG - 10%. With the newer sims which have dynamic damping usually don’t use TrueDrive’s damping.
Also ultra low latency could add some notchiness or extra noise to the signal, if used at higher levels than the appropriate for the system.

I am curious whether this noise is caused by hardware friction?

No, there is no sound when the base is off. It’s the motor/spools that are making this noise.

Strange~ I think it has the simplest structure to bring a quiet and stable experience. This is the reason why I booked it, but now the order is in a Backordered state~I hesitated~

By the way, how do you feel about changing from DD2 to SC2? I am considering whether to wait for F QR2… It seems that they all have their own problems. resignedly

In terms of FFB and overal feel I like it better than the DD2. And the QR of the Simucube is solid.
I hated the original QR of Fanatec. Too much play… The QR2 of Fanatec looks nice since, like the QR of a real race car. But I wonder how much it will cost to upgrade.

After trying the SC2 Pro I was immediately sold on it. Also for future I have more trust in Simucube than Fanatec. The focus at Fanatec is now at the CSL DD and maybe at a CSW DD. They haven’t brought anything new in the past new to the Podium DD and the jolts are still not fixed.
Meanwhile Simucube is working on wireless V2 system with analogue axises and they are working on software with new filters. So I have a better feeling with Simucube.