New IONI firmware 1.6.30 -- update: 1.6.90



Thanks guys for reporting these damping issues. I’m sure we will get on top of it!


I confirm the ML MR measurement is working again with 1.6.90, no need to manually set lower values anymore. only the damping filter is making noise at the moment. Lenze motor.


Are you using the damping filter with Lenze? wat do you feel is you use it. I tried it but nothing really changed in the feeling


it does dampen the wheel, makes it feel heavier. its very noticable. You can try it directly in the simucube config tool. but with 1.6.3 and 1.6.9 I don’t use any filters because of the noise issues. with 1.6.1 I used these filters a lot because I am looking for a rubbery feel in the wheel like racetyres would feel.


Yes, latency of low pass filters are not very much. Here are some examples for added latencies for different settings (measured from a point where filter output signal has been reached to 90% of input):

100Hz 4.5 ms
330Hz 1.2 ms
1000Hz 0.35 ms
2200Hz 0.15 ms


Issue in the damping filter has been found, corrected, and will be in the next IONI Firmware Beta version.


Thank you Mika, top effort once again! Appreciated!


New beta 1.6.91 has been released few seconds ago.


ill try after dinner :smiley:


Noise seems a tiny bit less overall here is the updated full data set

Damping is fine again now indeed. haven’t driven yet :smiley: going to try it now


Drives great certainly not worse. no magic improvements or anything just good like 19630


i made another guide :wink:


Hopefully that guide will not be required as I think we are getting close to having a new stable version. :slightly_smiling_face:


? I did only "Upgrade in sim cube " not Granity what is the Upgrade button in sim cube for?


there are two firmwares one for the FFB and one for the motor driver(done in granity).

the upgrade firmware button in simucube configuration is for the FFB firmware.

i hope i said it 100% correctly :wink:


Yes, you are correct.

When IONI stable version is released, it will be automatically installed in a SimuCUBE firmware update.


As no bugs were reported or problems found in in-house testing, we released IONI FW 1.7.0. It has not changed since 1.6.91, except just version number.

Big thanks to everyone involved testing the betas and giving very useful feedback!


Great new now everybody can enjoy it :slight_smile:
i think the release notes miss something

it says it has new improved crosstalk filter for tbw 100-680hz
but it doesnt state that the crosstalk / crackle electric noise is gone now too when using tbw 1000hz+ - unlimited


Nothing was changed if TBW is 1000+ Hz. Changes, if any, must have come from other sources.


everything including 1.6.1 always gave crazy weird noise like electricity jumping when you turned the wheel. like krrrrrrr and popop quite extreme when going above 680hz tbw . since all the beta’s 1.6.30 ect it has been gone. huge leap forward!
you guys never knew ?!

Before i never used anything above 680hz tbw because it sounded like the motor was going get damaged


Sebastian is right. Above 680hz TBW was not usable cause of the huge grinding noise from the motor. You could even feel it through the wheel. But it got fixed so now even TBW unlimited is usable.