New IONI firmware 1.6.30 -- update: 1.6.90



Sound Comparison with TBW Unlimited while turning the wheel
recorded back to back @ same distance with rode nt-usb mic

Also you can hear the usb cord moving a bit in 1.7.0 its more obvious.
since 1.6.1 you barely notice it because of how insanely loud it was

Also FFB is better on 1.7.0 compared to 1.6.1. with tbw unlimited its even a bigger step, so much smoother ffb than anything before


So Thats why my Large mige on 1000+ sounded like it was straining or grinding sand when turning. Gonna have to DL this one quick. Not been on it because was worried something was wrong with servo.
Thankyou Seb for letting us know this and for now resolving one of my cornering issues with my Large Mige.
Now I Better let Ollie A know, because I messaged him 2 days ago to ask if knew why it was doing it

This video posted by someone else shows the servo noise issue when turning. Checkout 1-2minutes.