Looks like the wrong power supply was supplied with my Pro

I was rearranging my rig and just happened to read the specs on the SC 2 Pro power supply and it says 300W - it should be 450W by all accounts. I don’t use very high torque settings so the current delivery has probably been sufficient up til now.

Should I open a ticket for this or go back to my reseller?

I seem to remember its a 450w PSU in a 300w labelled case so will be fine.


Excuse me, like WTF. You’re joking, right?

The peak power it can deliver is 450W which is enough according to GD. They just did not want to re-certificate the PSU so they kept the same model no for it.

The power supply should have a SIMUCUBE logo on it. If so, then it contains upgraded components that we verified and stress tested to comply with the digitally controlled power draw that the wheel base consumes from it in extreme use cases. This was done separately with both us and the supplier of the PSU, and the selection of the upgraded components was done in co-operation.

We did not want to do a full separate certification for the PSU including a new model number from its manufacturer due to cost and that the one with upgraded components is anyway better than the original one. In addition, the PSU and the wheel base were together CE and EMI tested before release.

Must be the last straw for Mr. Slapped. :slight_smile:

1: You’re selling one thing but labelling it as another - that’s fraud.
2. You’re doing the above to avoid the costs of the required certification of a device where electrical safety is extremely important - I think you’re in a lot of trouble with this one.

Let’s assume the PSU is actually safe also what’s been said about this PSU, and let’s consider what I have with the SC 2 Pro (it’s beginning to look more like SC 2 Amateur to be honest). It would appear to be a 25Nm wheelbase that might just deliver 25Nm for a very brief period of time before the PSU says “Oh F’k it, I give up, I’m going home”.

Why didn’t you just do the job properly and source a certified 500W PSU from a reliable manufacturer and pass the costs on.

Is the SC 2 Ultimate PSU compatible with the Pro, and if so where can I order one?

We are not. It is still a 300 W PSU but just with improved components that is certified to be used with the expected worse case power draw of Simucube 2 Pro (450 W peaks in unlikely driving conditions).

The existing certification covers also the improved version in this case, as the whole Simucube 2 wheel base is certified.

Driving a servo motor in static high torque load is not nearly the worst case load. The peaks over 300 W are actually quite infrequent and usually extreme use cases where the wheel is turning fast while torque is being generated in the same direction where the driver is actually already turning the wheel in that direction. It would be seen like a “short circuit” of sorts and maximum power is consumed in that case.

Moreover, all electrical power draw from the PSU is digitally controlled. It is not possible to get into a situation where PSU says “Oh F’k it, I give up, I’m going home”. We have done the engineering work here.

In fact, there is another PSU being evaluated and might come into production. The main issue is that there just does not exist suitable power supplies in the 48 V and high enough output wattage, while still being DOE level VI compiliant - that is, less than 0.5 W power consumption when idle.

Yes it is, but it is not separately available. You would not see any difference as the digitally controlled power draw from PSU would still be the same as Pro.

I would advice @Slapped to read the linked thread in full, where we explained these aspects around two years ago.

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I’m starting to think this guy is just a troll looking for a reaction.

Why does it always have to resort to insults with you? Why can’t it just be questions and wait for reasonable answers?

Simucube is a company regulated and certified by EU laws and regulations. They have an excellent reputation in the Sim industry.

You make it sound like they sold you the Simucube out of the back of a van in Peckham.


Peckham style of proofing a Simucube 2:
all to main power
get the gloves
enjoy the bright sparks
connect it the right way
if it still works…
it’s a real Simucube

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While I do not support strong language in any type of conversation, online included, labeling someone as troll for this reaction is a bit harsh.
Slapped is a brand new user of Simucube and didn’t know the history of this development, and if you check the original thread on when the situation with wrongly labeled, uncertified, whatever PSU was uncovered, the reaction from many people was less than peaceful.

Except is was not wrongly labeled or uncertified. It was and is still a 300W PSU and certified as such.

With 300W SC2 Pro cannot deliver advertised 25Nm continuous torque.

Guy is simple, open a support ticket and order your 450W power supply as described.
Close the discussion on the forum and then all this discussion that doesn’t make sense to me will end.
Very simple.
Good luck.

No such thing exists, unfortunately, if you have R2 SC2 Pro you can check label on yours.
Accordingly to Mika & Co it’s actually 450W PSU in 300W clothing and certification.

R2 1 x 450 W Peak

So now the goalpost is advertised torque that is wrong?

It still doesn’t make the PSU wrongly labeled or uncertified.

And does it matter if max torque can’t really be reached for long enough for even the 300W continuous certified and labeled PSU to give up in anything close to normal usage of the product.

You can put 100%/25Nm to settings on R1 and R2 and start driving without noticing any difference.

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The whole story is based on a lack of care. Ironically, he missed the word “peak”…

On the Simucube homepage, product details, comparison of the 3 models it’s clearly stated:

The Pro R2 comes with a 450 W Peak power supply.

My apologies for starting a bit of a shit storm overall - I’m not normally confrontational. Recent events in my life have proven to be considerably challenging, and to an extent life altering. This, by pure coincidence, has coincided with me obtaining a Simucube wheel base.

It’s difficult to explain, but as a result of the timing it led me to express my frustrations at Simucube for things that previously would have resulted in a slightly annoyed @Slapped rather than a beast in absolute fury.

For that I apologise, and I do understand and accept what @Mika has said about the PSU situation.

I’m still less than happy about the True Drive software situation, especially as it’s now nagging me to update (can I get rid of that), but I’m walking away from that for the time being - although I won’t be happy until there’s a true offline solution with recent builds.

So you all have my apologies if I’ve come across aggressive and troll like.

It’s a fantastic, unbelievably powerful and detailed wheelbase, and I’m very happy to own one.


Continuous advertised torque and PSU wattage go hand to hand. If one is off the the other is affected.

To deliver 25nm holding, not peak torque, motor needs 450W, not 300 with peak of 450.

Wishy-washy casual ‘it’s okay for normal use’ is not the spec this product is avertised at and sold.

If it delivers what is advertised, it’s all good, but arguing that spec for power and torque doesn’t matter is quite silly, could have gotten lesser cheaper wheel if that was really irrelevant.