Just recieved my Simucube, advice needed



“Firmware update wizard will now show a 30 s countdown timer after firmware update has finished. User can’t skip this countdown. This is to make sure, that user should not power-off the system at this point, as there could be automatic IONI firmware update running in the background.”

I did not get a 30 second timer nor did the Simucube restart. I just got a message saying IONI firmware may be updating and for me to powercycle the simucube if it doesn’t seem to restart. Same message I got with older firmwares. Then the simucube config tool closed.


This feature is only in 0.9.5 which was released yesterday.

Did you download the new version??


Yes, I reopened the config tool and it says 0.9.5 for both simucube hardware and firmware versions and ioni firmware is at 10700 (ioni was already at 10700 before) so it seems to be updated OK but I just never got the countdown, that’s all.


It appears, that sometimes the last page of the Firmwrae update wizard gets thrown behind the main SimuCUBE Configuration Tool window. I’m not sure why that happens, I shall investigate this.




Do all those settings also get adjusted directly from IONI drive (like Granity does) or will they feel different from adjusting from Granity (like how MMos was different from Granity)?

I’m trying to determine if there’s any point in adjusting any settings from Granity instead of simucube.


You actually can not adjust any of these settings from Granity, as the SimuCUBE Configuration Tool will write the parameters shown to IONI.

They are exactly the same settings that you can set up via Granity.


I’ve added some commands to attempt to have the Firmware Update Dialog stay focused on top. It will be in the next version.


Great, thanks again!


Hello people. I am just about to do the same thing. Very excited about this. I’ve got the simucube and BISS C encoder coming in the next week and have stripped out the disco board, ioniboard and other electrical parts that are no longer needed. My case looks so empty and tidy now. Everyone in this community has been so helpful already, it’s amazing, but I may stll have some questions of my own. Hopefully I’ll get some pics and post anything I find is useful to others.

Thanks so far and hope to see you on track somewhere!



You might want to start reading about installing the SimuCUBE firmware; especially “things to verify before updating” as you seem to have a previously set up IONI drive.



Hi Mika

I’ve been reading that throughout the day today to make sure everything makes sense. I understand my simucube board may or may not come with firmware. I’ve uninstalled everything and updated the ioni pro with the latest firmware before taking it all apart. It should be like a fresh install I think. I’m still a little confused about whether or not I need to do anything with mmos as I’m sure I understood that the way I have things I can just go ahead with Simucube and that’s it.

Anyway, thanks again, everyone is very helpful, I can’t wait until I can start contributing back - I have been using OSW for a couple of years now on ionicube and hopefully someone might find my experience useful.

CHeers again



No need to go to mmos at all. A new Simucube board will boot in dfu mode right away, and you can then install the bootloader dfu file instead of mmos.


Excellent. This is exactly as I understood it :+1:


I have another question while I’m still online. I seen tons of really need compact cases going around in the threads for the simucube and I’d like to get my hands on one. I have the Meanwell PSP 600… PSU same as the one listed at the start of this thread and I’m sure it would fit nicely into one of these cases I’ve seen. I’d really appreciate a link to where I can purchase (need to get some brownie points in with the wife by taking up less space if possible) :wink:

Thanks again


EDIT: Where are people getting the Kollmorgen motors from? I might go for one if the price is right :stuck_out_tongue:


Most of the really small cases are for the RSP-320 or the NDR or SDR-480’s the PSP 600 is kind of an odd size unit in that it is larger than the RSP, NDR, or SDR. so the standard Acrylic SimuCUBE case won’t work for that supply.

My guess though is that it will fit OK in a Mini ITX Computer case such as the Cooler Master CM110 which is also a common case for these to use it’s just not as compact… its size is about 8x10x11"


thanks bsohn, I might keep the case it’s in for now then and get a back panel for outputs made up so as to protect the connections on the simucube.

Just want to give a shout out to Lewis Hamilton as I’m sure he keeps a close eye on the sim racing community - awesome mate, 5 times world champion!

And finally, my simucube will arrive tomorrow and the BISS C on Thursday. I read somewhere that it is wise to set things up for the first time with the 5K/10K encoder installed and then once happy with everything, upgrade to the BISS C. If possible I’d just like to get it done in one go - any thoughts?

I’ve also got my button box open and stripped out the thousands of wires I have in it while it was hooked up to the Heusinkvelds and have my RJ45 cable cut in two, all the ground posts soldered together and ready to solder the live pins - very excited about this part as it looks way more professional being neatly plugged in to the RJ45 sockets. I had spent hours crimping wires in to the black terminal blocks previously :sunglasses:

Thanks again to every one who’s chipped in so far - hopefully we get to race against each other. Nordschleife is my favourite place with times ranging from 6.11 to 6.23 in either the Mazda 787b or the Ferrari 458 GT2. I am more frequently hitting the 6.12 - 6.14 time :+1:


I really should stop receiving deliveries at work. Now I can’t focus on anything but this bad boy… :eyes:


If you can make a back panel that exposes the connectors on the SimuCUBE that would be easier and allow for the most access to be able to add things like button boxes to the RJ45 ports and things like that… But I guess you could extend the ports as well…

You can go directly to the BiSS-C no reason really not too. If you are on iRacing I have .drc files for common setups in the SimuCUBE Set-up and Tuning thread in the Hardware forum… If you don’t email me at simulation@penguinrc.com

other than that it is pretty much a just wiring it up and getting the firmware installed as per the User guide


Hi, so I thought I’d connect everything up and just run a test before my BISS C encoder arrives, followed the installs to the T but come to this message when trying the update firmware in simucube. Also only see “STM device in DFU mode” in device manager and cannot see a “Simucube in update mode” Now what have I missed?

Many thanks



You need to install the bootloader .dfu file using DfuSeDemo.