iRacing set of profiles

For anyone looking for a quick start with iRacing profiles, here is my profiles_autobackup file.
profiles_autobackup.txt (8.0 KB)

Currently with:
Profile1\name=iRacing Skippy
Profile2\name=iRacing 911 RSR
Profile3\name=iRacing 911 GT3
Profile4\name=iRacing F3
Profile5\name=iRacing MX5
Profile6\name=iRacing Radical
Profile7\name=iRacing Audi RS3 LMS
Profile8\name=“iRacing Formula Renault 2.0”
Profile9\name=iRacing BMW M8 GTE
Profile10\name=iRacing Dallara IR18

Used with iRacing set to 56Nm.


Hey mate, what is your strength and wheel force for your iRacing options?

why are you using the strenght % instead of the Nm output?

Here are my settings. I think Wheel force you can ignore. Setting Max force to more Nm will make the wheel lighter across all presets and setting it closer to the real value (17/25/32Nm) will make it tighter.

PS. The base was off when taking the picture so some options are greyed out.
I have now also added an F1 2019 preset, which I’m quite happy with - will post if anyone wants to give it a try.

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because i’m a super noob

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Cool. My wheel will get here today exited to try this out:)

Where do you put it?

Try to change extension to .ini and you should be able to import it.

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Ahh tought it was file for game. I see cheers :slight_smile:

Thanks for providing these! I have a question, if I install these will they clobber my existing profiles or simply add to them? I’ll backup just in case.

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import -button adds the profiles from the file. It does not replace.


Fantastic Mika, thanks!

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Anyone know how to turn down ffb from crash? Am legit scared of crashing :slight_smile:

use the True Drive strength slider to set absolute maximum strength that you want to experience, and use the iRacing slider to then adjust the overall FFB feel while driving.

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How about reducing slew rate limit? If the wheel can do lets say max 0.5Nm/ms, any sudden impact should be reduced/limited on the wheel? Or are there any major drawbacks?

Okay every other aspect of FFB is perfectly tuned. Other sims dont have close to the punch as crashing in iracing :smiley: I been useing full True drive strength and low ingame stg. But i guess i can try other way around. Was hoping theirs a setting file for iracing where it can be change specific for crash only,

Yeah that did the trick. Ill probely never go over 60% ever again :smiley: I was worried it would lessen the details. But there’s detail for years and years :slight_smile: I might even go 50% but little by little tuning to find my perfect ffb settings. First DD so am still new to this.



It would be great if you could post your F1 2019 profile and any settings in game please



This is a iracing subforum,maybe there is one for F1 2019.

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Here is the latest version with a few more profiles added:
profiles_autobackup.txt (17.1 KB)

Profile1\name=iRacing Skippy
Profile2\name=iRacing MX5
Profile3\name=iRacing Audi RS3 LMS
Profile4\name=iRacing 911 RSR
Profile5\name=iRacing 911 GT3
Profile6\name=iRacing Ferrari 488 GT3
Profile7\name=iRacing BMW M8 GTE
Profile8\name=iRacing Dallara F3
Profile9\name=iRacing Dallara IR18
Profile10\name=iRacing Formula Renault2
Profile11\name=iRacing Formula Ren 35
Profile12\name=iRacing Lotus 79
Profile13\name=iRacing Radical
Profile14\name=iRacing Audi R18
Profile15\name=iRacing Street Stock
Profile16\name=iRacing VW Beetle
Profile17\name=iRacing Lucas Pro 2
Profile18\name=F1 2019
Profile19\name=Project Cars 2
Profile21\name=X-Plane 11

As for F1 settings, here is my steering profile:
and FFB settings (sorry I couldnt find the menu to change the language):