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What’s the deal with the new iRacing settings?
There seems to be some confusion (me included) as to what to set these values to.

This is what I am using (attached) and it feels about the same as it did, perhaps a little stronger actually.
But some say I need to set the wheel force to 20nm (small Mige) and the max force to whatever I usually use which is between 45-52 depending on the car.

But if my current ‘wheel force’ is set to 1nm then shouldn’t I feel literally nothing?
So it feels to me that this value is “min force”?

There’s a guy in the iRacing forums who is having his wheel way too strong and over volting and shutting down, so it’s important that this is understood because iRacing went and changed stuff without bothering to explain the new settings (hovering over a value usually has a description), or at least made them easy to find.

Appreciate feedback.


Figure it out, here’s the link to my post:


Wheel force is so that if you use the Auto setting to set power for a car it will not make a setting that will BOOST your wheel above 1:1, so the Wheel force is only informational for an iRacing Setting System… If you never use auto then you can have it set anywhere.

Of course for it to work properly you do need to know your actual wheel force


David Tucker did actually explain it pretty well a while back…


So are there any positives or negatives to setting it to 20nm?

Or is it best to leave it at 1.0nm?


Only really need to set it if you are using the Auto setting within iRacing as a safety measure… I would just set it at 20 if you have a small mige and 28 if you have a large.