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Somebody please try Porche 911 and mount panorama.
Any high spikes for you? I got some unnatural high spikes in upper section of the track.
Any help would be good.

Hello Jarno

Yes, I get those spikes too (Small Mige). What I do, is to make different profile for each track.

I find it impossible to make one profile that is good for all tracks. I think it’s more iRacing problem than SimuCube.


Do you know how to cut those high spikes?

back down force (increase NM in iRacing) and give it a bit more Reconstruction filter.

Hello Jarno
Here are my setting for 911 at Mount Panorama.
Small Mige SinCos encoder

iRacaing Nm: 20

Overall strength: 76
Reconstruction filter: 7
TBW: unlimited
Damping: 5.8
Friction: 1.2
Inertia 0.5

Remember that when you do SimuCube on/off cycle or change profiles you MUST click the filter setting and press enter. There is a bug and if you don’t do this the filter setting are lower what the UI is showing.

Hope this helps.


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Good to know you have to turn on dampen osculation to make those functions work to remove oscillation when parked. i always left it off because i am sure it will dampen the ffb when driving normally which i not want at all.

i got some custom settings now that makes it work the way i want!
there will be a interesting video coming soon on how to setup iracing properly for simucube wheels.
i got the oscillation when parked gone :slight_smile:

seems to do nothing no matter what i set it at.
steeringForceParkedPct seems to be the only thing that seems to do anything (when damper oscillation is enabled)
i turned these two to zero because i am pretty sure it will dampen the ffb when driving normally which i not want at all.
because it has a bad influence on the ffb when driving.

i will explain all in the video :slight_smile:

I’ve got some reports that the dampen oscillations checkbox in iRacing actually works in reverse - it dampens if unchecked. Is this true?

dampen oscillation needs to be turned on otherwise none of these functions below will do anything

(the stock iracing settings in that ini are useless for SimuCube wheels)

I have been doing some testing and i would advise you to try these settings with the checkbox dampen oscillation on this will fix all the horrible problems when parking and spawning in the pitbox.

the damping functions in the list above seem to do nothing at all even if you turn them on with value’s
open your iracing app.ini to see the desciptions behind it! even you want to tweak it further yourself

i will be doing a video on this soon. and also to fix bumpstop oscillation try this change too steeringBumpStop_Deg=180.000000 it seems extreme but it works fine.
You need this because you get iracings bumpstops are used first because my simucube bumbstops are @ 900deg. And iRacing sets it for everycar0 and they are always lower then 900.

This helps a lot with catching extreme oversteer with max steering lock. the wheel would bounce like crazy and you spin out because of that. very common in formula cars or dirt oval / rally cross here is an example video


Here we go


What an excellent project.

We might want to include this stuff as links in our wiki, if possible :slight_smile:


Sure with pleasure! it will help people find these settings video guides and improve their experience.
The more people it reaches the better. It will help new SimuCUBE owners especially when they are just starting out!

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I don’t know how to crop pictures, but here are my big mige simucube settings for the Mx5, I suggest trying it on limerock and all stock. I get great response and feel and this is truly the 1st time it felt like a real wheel! I’m still working on fine tuning it with other carss, but give it a try and give me your feedback.

TBW 680
Power 25% of 24.5 max, 6.13 A
Recon 3
Damp 2.38
Friction 1.2
Inertia 0.99
in game ffb 15nm

I’m a noob to forums so hopefully this is the right section. Will post my assetto corsa and PC2 settings soon.
Simracingbay kit with Big Mige, Simucube 10k encoder, Large wheel

EGGCELLENT! Will give them a try, Daytona 24Hr coming up and easy is the name of the game…

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Hello All,
Just want to say thanks to all the Key players in making the OSW and Simucube this thing is a beast! I was curious if anyone knows a way to decrease the (abs)/braking ffb effect that creates a rubble/vibration in the wheel or even disabling the effect.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong when it comes to Iracing’s FFB. On the whole it just feels lifeless and heavy with the occasional bump when I run over something. When I run AC it just feels alive using the same settings I can feel what the car is doing. Tried Sebastions settings as well and still can’t get the feel right.

I’m using the 0.9.5 version and I have ollies MiGE 130ST-M10010 (small MiGE)

Any advice? Iracing is my most used sim

Iracing ffb was always less” exciting “than assetto or automobilista but it is not bad at all.

iRacing’s low 60 Hz update rate really shows in FFB using these DD wheel systems. Unfortunately, they have confirmed that they will not be able to improve that in the foreseaable future.

Have you changed the iRacing app.ini force feedback files?

If you do not iRacing will not feel correct.

have only changed what Sebastion mentioned in his video in regards to the app ini