iRacing and SimuCUBE


yes, if you like those settings.


What settings might you suggest differently? :slight_smile:
Always looking for new profiles


The bumpstop settings is by taste. And when talking about iRacing, its irrelevant anyway, as iRacing produces its own effect via torque commands - unless you adjust it via app.ini.


Skeijmel’s settings create a buffer that avoids the often very violent FFB at the bump stops.

It’s quite relevant for me.


yes, but iRacing does not use any of the bumbstop effects you set in Simucube UNLESS you set up the iRacing bumbstops sufficiently far away so that you will hit Simucube bumbstops instead. And not many people adjust iRacing app.ini settings anyway.


Skeijmel’s buffer is actually the iRacing App.ini change to I believe he set it at 180deg… You can do this with ANY SimuCUBE Firmware bumpstop setting and it will have the same effect… The Violent bouncing is not off of the SimuCUBE’s bumpstops but are off of iRacing’s so changing the bumpstop setting in the app.ini is the solution… In fact David Tucker has increased this number in the latest iRacing release as a standard to I think 100deg. Personally I like 10 deg ramp - -10 profile and 50% BUT I never hit the actual hardware bumpstops in game usually.


Glad you are enjoying it



Is there a way to turn down the bumps and jolts from suspension movement while maintaining the FFB from tyre grip?

I’m having a hard time with the Lotus 49 having exaggerated bumps and whip back from oversteer situations. I’ve changed over to irffb and I find it better than the default iRacing ffb but it’s still not ideal.
Also in irffb there is a setting to turn up the suspension bump effects but no way to turn it down.


Not really, as the Lotus 49 does not have power steering, all suspension torques will be felt. It is more exarberated by the particularly large suspension travel on that car.


Just seems to me that if you can increase the suspension bumps in irffb then you should be able to turn it down.
I think others are getting around the exaggerated bumps by turning the damping higher but I don’t like excess damping as it feels unrealistic and slow.


Yep, IRFFB only adds on to the normal steering column torque that gets calculated by the game. Its very difficult to try to reduce some effects from this base calculation that iRacing does in its physics engine.


Ok, I thought it might possible as irffb uses telemetery for the ffb and could separate out the suspension bumps.

From irffb wiki:
Suspension bumps

  • Set the magnitude of extra bump/texture output generated from front suspension telemetry
  • Increases the effect of road surface irregularities, kerb strikes, etc


irffb uses the steering column torque which is also in the telemetry, and thus does not use “telemetry based FFB” as you are describing.

Calculating that steering column torque is the only realistic way to produce a good baseline FFB.


I am not sure what your D, F, I filtering or the particular servo you are using is but you can try increasing Friction a bit to reduce the speed at which things are translated by the wheel, this will however increase the overall weight of the wheel… as well if you are using a Low RCON filter number try a higher one like 5, 7, or 8. In addition if you have the inertia filter at a higher % then try reducing it though if you are having a lot of overshoot where it feels like it is coming to center OK then you could want to increase it as well as Damping.

I know that last statement is a bit of a contradiction but the inertia filter boosts fotation in the direction of the signal so if it passes center it wants to correct for this and it will BOOST the return which will cause the wheel to stop faster after passing center but once it gets going again it can again overshoot in the opposite direction… So it works to both speed up or slow down the wheel depending on the signal type so it has to work in conjunction with another filter to make the most of it. too much inertia and your wheel will feel springy…

Problems with my computer crashing in both iRacing and Asetto - can you help!

Should i be running irffb with a small mige osw? I have never tried it.


Its an option that you can experiment with. The main benefit right now is the addon telemetry effects that you can add with it. However, trying to utilize the iRacing 360 Hz telemetry FFB will result in quite significant >25 ms FFB lag.


It’s not a should… It is just a mater of try or not to try… it does do some preprocessing prior to the SimuCUBE processing that under certain settings allows the addition of effects to the FFB signal. It won’t hurt the SimuCUBE to try it out if you want to.


OK thanks for the input, i’m happy where I am at the moment and will wait for the things to progress a little more. thanks


I just want the new firmware update. Waiting in anticipation. :grin:


Is there any news about the integration of irFFB in Simucube? Is this completely discarded?