iRacing and SimuCUBE


The app.ini should look like



the ini’s in iracing do nothing for the ffb feel. the only thing that changes ffb are already ingame.
like linear ffb and the ffb strength. the settings we do in the ini are only to correct the bump stop problems. And oscillation when standing still in the pits.

and i would advice even more steeringbumpstop_deg=180

the ffb in iracing may be a bit more notchy and rough because of the 60hz signall but it still has the best ffb and driving of all the racesims IMHO :stuck_out_tongue: and i would recommand RCON 5 now for iRacing. and TBW Unlimited. that makes it the smoothest. and also running the motor under max AMPS makes the ffb smoother in my experience. i run 10A on my small mige. and about 30-60Nm ingame depending on the car. And use Linear FFB of course :wink:

iRacing is really good since its only game where you cannot mess up or change the ffb by adding all sorts of fake effects.


in mario kart you can not either.



Haha mario kart…
In iRacing you get the torque directly from the steering axis as it would be. there is no need to add fake effects.

Most people don’t even know what they are doing. and just keep playing with sliders until they think it feels good(mostly in other games). of course they are allowed to do that, But they actually mostly mess thing up, but they think it feels good. so less settings is actually better.

iRacing has the most realistic ffb by far.
( no need to add extra fake kerbs, bumps, understeer,oversteer, engine rpm, effects ect.)


ahh strange thing happened, i just updated to 9.7 from .5 and its back!!! My wheel feels alive again so I don’t know what I did previously to kill off the FFB but just ran a few different cars and they all act they way they should :slight_smile:


great that it works properly now, it would be really interesting to know why and where it went wrong dough.


Hello, I would like you to put some pictures of how you have both the ini, as in simucube, (profiles, Hardware setup) I’ve really gone from mmos to simucube and I want to start from scratch, in fact I have formatted and just installed iracing, and before continuing, I want your advice to see how you have it. thank you very much


There is a video a couple post up that SKeijmel posted.


thank you, tomorrow I try


Hi SKeijmel

I saw a video of yours
in which you’re using irFBB to get 360Hz instead of 60Hz. Do you happen to have a video of how you set all this up? And are you still using irFBB for Iracing?

Your other vids are fantastic for setups btw.


i will make a video about it but i think its mandatory to enable 360hz telemetry in the ini’s in order for it too work properly. i use the 60hz iracing’s ffb with rcon 5 dough it has less latency than irffb.


Does anyone have any new settings with the newer software, mainly the directinput effects.


IRacing doesn’t use any Direct input effects so they can be set to whatever and they will do nothing.


the settings are still all the same.


I really don’t understand Skeijmel’s settings.
I have the same setup - Small MiGe, Simucube.
I have a SinCOS encoder, which may be the only difference.

I agree about the bump stop suggestions as they can be extremely violent.
I just don’t understand the Simucube settings.
I created a new profile with his exact settings and went and tested them out at the Nordschliefe using Ford GT GT3, and then the AMG GT3.
Same results - and not good in my opinion.

The wheel has this very odd ‘vagueness’ at center. It’s far too light, very unnatural.
Then there’s this strange ‘rubber band’ feeling as you move the wheel left or right of center. You feel the FFB coming on, and it’s not that it’s abrupt or anything like that, but it’s just not how a car should feel.
The most disturbing thing is that these settings introduce insane oscillations when the car is moving. Even loosening my grip on the wheel would quickly start it wanting to oscillate. At speed, letting go of the wheel when going in a perfectly straight line will result in huge, violent oscillations and you have a split second to catch the car before you bin it into the wall! It’s like a clown car!
Even when holding on tight to the wheel through the turns or over kerb strikes, you can feel it wanting to oscillate and fight normal physics, and this makes smooth driving impossible. It’s like a clown car.
This is not at all how any real car acts.

I could be missing something, but I ask that anyone tries to recreate my experience with Skeijmel’s settings (all the Peaking/Notch filters and other filters all set zero or disabled), then create a new profile in Simucube and try my exact settings below.
I use 52NM in iRacing.
The difference is night and day. The wheel has feel to it, it has weight.
You can loosen your grip and it feels like a planted race car should - the wheel has weight and doesn’t start going bi-polar on you.
I will try to make a video of this tomorrow to demonstrate, but I’m at a total loss as to why Sebastian likes these settings. Each to their own, but this just makes racing even harder.
Nothing personal, just my honest feedback. Appreciate if you let me know if I am missing something, Sebastian. You have a much higher iRating than me, so you must be a genius driver if the wheel feels like this for you - you could double your iRating with different settings if so!
Could just be iRacing? I might try these in AC or RF2, but they are not for me in iRacing. I’m not that brave.

PS - Looks like you drive a Cayman in real life Sebastian. Me too, have loved Porsche cars for many years. My settings feel much more like my real car.
Again, I am genuinely confused here!?


Sounds like your wheel with sincos or some other settings behaves different than mine. Just look at my driving videos with my wheel in the shot on my youtube channel. There you can see how it behaves. Nothing vague or ossilating about it. Never heard anyone complain about that before.


I got the same “soft tire” feeling with your setting, have an ERn encoder.
I dont run damping at all 0 and friction .20 also dont use center frequency and adjust the ini file instead to remove the oscillation issues.

This way the car “to me” feelsmore grounded and the tires feel more planted and responsive to the FFB.

AGAIN… what you feel is not what others FEEL.


No worries Sebastian.
I re-read my email and sorry if it came across as offensive.
Not my intention at all. It was 4am in the morning for me and I needed sleep.

I have a league race this evening, but I will try to take a short video so you can see what I meant.

As Drizute says, everyone feels different things, but usually those are the subtleties.
I honestly didn’t feel that the differences between your setup and mine were in any way subtle. Very obviously different.

But each to his own. Thank you for taking the time to make your videos, it’s appreciated and I’m sure many will like your setup.



Don’t worry, some people want a totally different feel than others :slight_smile: and thats fine.
if you let the wheel loose on a strait it probably will oscillate of course also depending on the car. but it should end oscillate when you just hold the wheel lightly. what car do you drive? looking forward to see the video.
but even with damping it will oscillate. or you will have to add quite a lot. as people may know here i am not a fan of any damping at all :slight_smile:

But with my settings its more clear how bad the iracing 60hz ffb rate actually is we could use a higher rate :wink: but we wont get that anytime soon from iracing.


Hi Sebastian

I will do the video today and post on here for you to see what I mean - I’ll record a few segments of the Nordshleife showing same car/same area of the track, using the exact same FFB settings - the only difference will be the Simucube settings.
I can drive any GT3 car down the Döttinger Höhe at top speed and can let go of the wheel for a moment without crazy oscillations. With your setup I am needing to really hold on to the wheel to stop the oscillations.

But a picture (video) speaks a thousand words!