New to OSW and Simucube - Granity SW still needed?

I have a question regarding SimuCube and Ganity SW.
My hardware configuration:
-(Ioni Pro HC 25A)
-(MiGE Mini)

Hi guys, I´m new to OSW and have only first laps experience with basic setups in SimuCUBE.
Used SIM is iracing mainly
Basically everything works fine.

I followed the setup steps in the video from SKeijmel

Many thanks by the way - great job and very helpful!!

I´m just not sure about the Granity SW. Is this stil needed as second software, additional to SimuCUBE?

With which parameters should I play around to adapt the feedback to my wishes?
And where would I better keep my fingers off, because it would bring no improvement?

I´m also not sure about the diferent servo drives out there.
Can I only use shared setups from forums, if they use exactly the same servo drive? - would at least sound logical to me …
where can I finally find such setups for testing?

Thank you so much for your help!!
Totally happy with my OSW. But now I want to be sure I get the most out of it :slight_smile:


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Granity can be used to setup initial motor parameters and encoder settings. All other settings are now directly adjustable in the SimuCUBE Configuration Tool. If you don’t have any specific thing that you know you want to adjust, then it is 99% certain that Granity is not needed. If you don’t change actual hardware, there is no need to play with the Granity DRC files either.

The feeling of force feedback is highly subjective thing, and different servo motors also give a bit different types of feedback. This means that sharing of parameters is of limited use.

SimuCUBE Configuration Tool allows user to export simucubeprofiles.ini and import that same file, so sharing of SimuCUBE profiles for different games is possible.

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thank you Mika!
so I will put Granity aside for now.

Also there is not much you want to change in the simucube configuration tool for iracing if you already have the settings from that video guide. you can play with the rcon filter a bit 1-5. i am driving with 5 now atm which is a bit smoother. and apart from that play with the ffb strength you probally want it different per car. Just see what feels good for you.

The only thing you might want to do in granity is flash a new ioni firmware. since the new beta firmwares are a step up over 1.6.1 you can now use tbw 1000 to unlimited without additional popping and cracking sounds which you can also feel though the wheel. ( tbw unlimited improves the ffb quite a bit in my opinion it makes it smoother and more detailed and less notchy)

if you are still on 1.6.1 which you can see in your simucube configuration tool. i would recommend you to use tbw 680 hz.

if you are not that geeky it might be best to wait for a new firmware release that includes the new stable ioni 1.7.0 ioni firmware probably somewhere not to too far away.

( do you already have granity working and connected to the drive or haven’t you looked into that ? )
if not it might be better to get used to your wheel a bit more first.

I asume I´m over 1.6.1 (have to check again at home…) and using 1000 for now.
setup is from simracingbay and Tomo flashed it with newest version, as far as I now.

no, I did not connect to granity so far.
I would need to get the USB/RJ45 adapter …

tomo might have flashed the latest simucube configuration tool firmware. but i dont think he would flash beta ioni firmwares on his wheels. you can check in the tool when at home. if its 161 use 680hz you will notice a big difference in sound when you turn the wheel.

ok, thank you, I will …

had no sound issues at all, so far.
maby I flashed it accidentally, when first time trying to setup SimuCUBE :wink:

Hi there,
Short q. There is a very nice button called “Measure resistance & inductance” in Granity. Is it possible to implement the same button in SimuCube? Every motor is a bit diffrent so this is usefull button if we want max performance. Anyway, great job guys. SimuCube is absolutly fantastic.

We have that listed as things to add to the Motor Configuration Wizard, however, as the motors generally are similar enough that users can configure same motors via drc files, then there is rarely a noticeable effect with the resistance and inductance parameters.