iRacing and Simucube 2


You have to click on the upper right arrow

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These are great, thanks. One question: those Max Force settings in iRacing for each car, are they the “Auto” settings after a few laps, or just what you feel is best?

I ask because I have similar settings and clicking “Auto” after a few laps in the P217 gives me a Max Force of 40nm, which is undriveably heavy. Wondering if I’ve got anything else wrong.

Not Auto settings. @bsohn can explain better what happens when hitting the auto button.

I began with some settings from @phillip.vanrensburg and optimized them for my own liking (Had not much to change anyway).

What happens with the “auto” setting is that as you are driving iRacing is logging your Telemetry (probably in some sort of a buffer that will hold a few laps) in the same manner it would if you press the buttons to record and save your telemetry. After that buffer is filled the “auto” button lights to allow you to use that data to analyze the telemetry for the steering telemetry output used during those laps that are in buffer. With this it figures out what the Peak Telemetry for steering torque is and than is removes anything over appropriate 98% to try to eliminate errant spikes or abnormalities. It then readjusts your Max Torque number to this calculated amount.

The Issues with auto are the following:

#1 - If you are a very smooth driver that 98% could remove some usable data at the upper end of the spectrum… To solve this add a few Nm to the number generated.

#2 - The auto setting is specific to the session on that track with that weather, set-up, car, driving, tire temps… all the way down the line… though the number man cover that car on different tracks there could be some abnormalities in the setting if you end up on a grippier track or you change anything about your set-up, the result would be premature clipping. This also means that while you can switch between cars easily ONLY cars that are weaker than the one set by Auto will not clip… other more powerful cars will as the MAX Force needed would be higher than the set amount.

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Hi guys,

Anyone who can share his OVAL (road) profile? I do use SC2 pro exclusively for road section GT/GTE/LMP2 but I can imagine profiles for Oval can be very different.

Hello guys. So I am proud owner of a SC2 pro, switching from DD1 and oh boy it feels good. Anyway I was looking for the best settings for iRacing, since I drive LMP2s and GTEs. I feel pretty good with reconstruction to 3, DAM 3, FRI 5, IN 3 and Low latency to 19. The rest is set to default. What do you suggest?


You have to click on the upper right arrow

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Post a screenshot of your settings, I will give some feedback from my POV, but I am sure many guys would prefer a more active/noisy ffb.

But at least we can give you options and ideas to try :wink:


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Yeah I like an active wheel but I would like to find a reasonable balance between responsiveness and easiness of control. My current settings are:
Overall strenght 100
Steering Range 900
Bumpstop feel Hard
Bumpstop range 900
Reconstruction 3
Torque bandwith Unlimited
Damping 3
Friction 5
Inertia 4
Static Force Reduction Off
Slew Rate Limit Off
Ultra Low Latency 19
The rest is default.
Thanks for the help.

how can i rename profiles? save as different names for profiles? is there a way to save as? or edit the profile names?

There is a field named “Edit Profile Name” field in the software.

Hi Francesco. Your values are very similar to mine. Try lowering the TD force to about 12 Nw and then adjusting the iracing max force (between 30 and 50 Nw in my case). I have gained detail doing it this way using the entire ffb range that iracing shows.
Do not forget to adjust the wheel force to the same value of Nw that we have in TD (12 Nw).
A greeting.

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don’t see it anywhere

updated software, but no such EDIT field

After I didn’t play iRacing for more than 6 months, I wanted to try it again. I used my old settings, but it feels horrible. It is like pulling a big elastic band when turning in and it pulls very hard back. I can’t feel if my car oversteers nor understeers. I also tried some of the settings which were posted here. Same crap feeling. Turning down the overall strength in TD had no effect. At maximum strength it is the same. Can anybody with a SC2 sport please share his settings, so I can give it another try. Thanks.

I like Beanos Settings he posted some months ago:

Overall strengh 100%
Damping, Friction and Inertia all at 15%
Recon Filter at 2 or 3
Low Latency Filter at 8%

In iracing: max force 40-55Nm

Former Settings:

“Add” new profile, select “iRacing Simple Profile”

  • do You RACE with a heavy and large (+2kg, +320mm) wheel?
    Yes - move Damping slider to “minimal Damping”
    No - move Damping slider to “raw”

  • then click on “avanced Mode” Button and set your ultra low latency.

  • Save, and just find your optimal forces between TD and iR Nm

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i thougt it was better to run 60/70 % in td then max force around
30/40 in iracing
any thought on this