High frequency noise

Hi, i just got the SC2 Pro, when it is turned on there is a constant high frequency noise coming from the motor, the noise kinda goes away/stutters when I move the wheel but as soon as I stop moving it’s constant again.

Anyone else ever had a similar issue?

Video of noise

I will PM you a test firmware that should solve this.

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That fixed it, thank you… 30mins after i post on a sunday and i get a reply with firmware to test… thats support! Very happy i took simucube over all the other competitors.


@Mika; I just installed a new SC2 Pro - and also have high feq noise out of the motor. When I turn the wheel 90 degrees, it stops, whe I turn back to center the high freq noise is back. Can you help me with this please? I have SC software 2021.1, TrueDrive v 1.00.33 and servo drive firmware 10826.

Hi, I also have an annoying resonance noise (I think). No solution?
Also because I recently changed the DD family and between True Drives that if opened before the motor crashes, plus this noise, I was a bit disappointed and embittered for the moment. :frowning:
Thank you

Noise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOG2HFsrcms

I have the same sound when driving.