High frequency noise

Looks like Rev1 bases are under investigation with current firmware

Running a Rev2 though

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Btw. I managed to get rid of most of the noise by decoupling the motor and screws from the mount using 3/8" (~8mm ID) rubber seals (Gummidichtung) between the motor and mount and mount and screw-head and drilling out the mounting holes on my sim-lab mount a bit so the screw’s don’t contact any metal anymore. A 10-pack of rubber seals runs around 2.5€ here, so may be worth the investment.

It isn’t gone, but it doesn’t transfer to the rig as badly as before and it’s WAY quieter now. If you tighten it enough there is absolutely no loss in fidelity either.

Noise levels are down from “unbearable and waking the house” to “you can hear it, but it won’t distract you”.

If someone has a source of rubber isolators for M8 screws I’d appreciate a link. Stuff like that is available for HDD decoupling and other small applications like that, but anything >5mm ID seems to be absent on the market…

Not sure about shipping situation to EU and if this exactly what you want but 3/8" ID is M8. I got some for seat isolation, rubber is very dense and hard.


these here should fit:

This is basically what I’m using.

I’m however looking for some rubber sleeves:

Does the Ultimate make the same noise as the Pro version? If so, I’d be inches short or selling off my kidney so my wife stops complaining and lets me race at night :rofl::sob:

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