Enough is Enough! Orders from NSH Racing are late

There was a thread started with this topic on the forum. The opening posts were flagged, but later thread was somewhat of value. I’m trying to not cause those to be hidden by starting a new thread.

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Not hear to argue with you guys but in all fairness I manage a large plumbing contraction business in the US.
I have products that are back ordered 120 days. I am talking toilets, urinals, sinks and faucets. products far less complex and reliant on other vendors than the Simucube wheel base. It stands to reason there could be delays on this particular product. when Covid first hit they couldn’t even keep up on toilet paper in the US …
I ordered mine on May 29th at DSD and they had it right on the site they were not expecting shipment until September. Now I do not know how big or little of an operation DSD is but I have to think if they had this information then Granite Devices was sharing this with all the resellers not just DSD. Are you positive the reseller you are dealing with was afraid they would loose sales if they posted realistic time frames ?
and while I agree all back orders should be 100% filled prior to new sales being filled it is possible these large resellers ordered more than what was sold so they had some in stock. This would look like a back order to granite devices as they have no knowledge of the resellers customers. All they know is Sim Racing Bay ordered x amount on June 1 hypothetically. In there eyes taking care of the big fish will reach more end users such as ourselves quicker.
Not sure if this will make sense to anyone but throwing it out there.
September is coming and I for one am pumped up and ready to make the change from belt to DD :+1:

The fact that Granite has removed our posts speaks volumes.

No response, just a swift blocking of their upset client base.

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The problem for the Disti is that they have clients that have ordered an SC2 who realised that its quicker for them to cancel the order and reorder from a favoured Disti with better access to stock.

Now, if I’m that Disti who has built a company around the SC2 and a line of accessories around that base on which to build my business. How would I feel about all the expenses in materials, shop front and time invested in my craft…only for my clients to be requesting their money back and taking their business else where.

I’d be furious, just as I am furious being a client on the receiving end of such poor stock allocation.

I work directly with the channel in my role. I know exactly the kind of politics and volume level agreements that are put into place.

Granite have their eggs firmly in certain baskets. And it’s the wrong approach and is destroying the ‘little man’ in the very industry they are trying to create.

Its a poor strategy and lacks any foresight

Well I hope your reseller gets their shipment soon.

Hopefully moving forward the shortages will be behind us and these units will be stock items with next day shipping
The good news is to all of us waiting on back ordered units we will be getting an added bonus per Granite Devices , maybe a cool T-shirt or something ? There was a discussion thread about this somewhere around here , To Granite one of those way cool power switches would be awesome !!! LOL

Hang in there, Hope yours comes soon John,

You’re Posts are not removed, they were flagged by someone (a user) probably because of the foul language you used.

How come you are so sure your reseller is telling you the (whole) truth about their supply from GD? Who knows what’s going on behind the scenes between NSH and GD? Do you really think that if NSH is in anyway to blame for it, they will tell their customers, knowing that their story will ne out on social media and therefor losing all their business?
I don’t know what the reason is, but I do know that there’s always 2 sides to a story.
My personal opinion based on my dealings with GD and based on reading these forums on a daily basis since april 2019, when I ordered from the first batch, is that GD is a very reliable, loyal, honest and fair company.

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Well, I personaly acknowledge this but granite device, when I asked about all of this, answered that they send based on the chronology of orders wich still isnt always right when you talk about the current situation.

From a customer standpoint, if sim racing bay ordered 500 units in january and nsh 100 in march, as a customer this is not your fault and you still are helpless and still waiting while other Who ordered in august got their units. When I searched to order one in May, nothing said that 2 months later sim racing bay would pump 100s of units while Nsh would still have none and this is exactly my point. Thing is, at the end I paid the same price and still got nothing.


Send me your unit then and yoh can go though months of having zero contact from anyone and when you approach the company for a response you’re treated with utter disregard and are left sat there minus 1300 Euros with nothing.

I’ve also spoke to other Distrubutors who are aware of the situation and we’re actually very pleasant and helpful.

I’ve no doubt that Granite are a good bunch of people. As I said in my initial post its simply clear that they were presented with a situation and took an approach that in hindsight is not a fair and just to their distributon base.

Oh, and granite themselves have admitted that they have not shipped out units to NSH. So that clearly exonerated the Disti a long time ago.

Thanks for your input, but in this case it’s misinformed and irrelevant.

It’s pretty obvious NSH didn’t get their units. But it’s still not clear why that is, but you pretend to know that at least it’s not NSH’s fault even though so far I haven’t seen any proof of that in your posts.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel sorry for you and anyone else affected by it. However I get annoyed that in these times of internet and social media people can go out and post assumptions and half-truths as if it’s the actual and only full truth, which can damage companies who are possibly not to blame.


OK, Mr/Mrs “I need to have a voice”, explain what it’s got to do with NSH racing if preferred Distributors have preferential stock allocation. Three separate Distributors have explained how they report order numbers back to Granite. So Granite know exactly where their bulk orders are coming from and where a majority of their profits lie. (Granite dont just guess how many parts they need and units to assemble)
Granite is a business and needs to survive and so logically they pander to where the majority business is.

So you get me left, and others up poop creak without a paddle and 1300 Euros locked which you can’t even diversify with.

This conversation was not aimed at you. And its bad enough I’ve got to come here in the first place to air my dirty laundry, but to get into discussions of irrelevance with people like you is something I have no time and energy for.

Again, appreciate your input and understand your brand loyalty, its admirable. Now run along an enjoy your SC2…because you can.

Thanks, I love you too.


I ordered my SC2 Pro on 27th March… (order 2347)
After FIVE months, I lost patience (disastrous communication from NSH Racing), I had to call them every month to have some information…
the delivery was predicted for end April, then end May, July, August…September !)
Still nothing, so I asked for refund on 7th August(mail), no response…
Then I write a cancel letter on 13th August, no response…
I phoned NSH on 23th August and they accepted the refund (crossfingers)

I don’t need to precise that I am very worried about my money back…


Granite Staff, please don’t ignore this and sit in silence. There’s collectively over 5000 euros of businesses here!

Please pledge that you will communicate with all distributors and send only units with a pre existing order/payment until you’ve cleared the back log.

Your silence is louder than assuring us this is in hand.

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Unfortunately it seems that nsh on their side are also at fault, I ordered by them because I speak french and yes, the communication is a bit disastrous. I have to fish for news… They said last week that the devices were in transit, still no news. Then on monday they said they should get them today… We’ll see but I really hope they will send them…


Looks like your Disti didnt paid its units, or too late or something…

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I don’t think GD will fully disclose how they do business with their distributors and if there is any “fairness” in batch allocation.
This post was the most plausible explanation, but it wasn’t confirmed nor denied by GD team.

And yes, waiting is frustrating as hell, most of us were in the same situation, but in the end it’s all worth it.

P.S. It’s probably not even legal for your distributor to refuse refund on non shipped product. Check your local consumer protection law.


That is the point, I never had any doubt about Granite Devices seriousness and reliability. This forum demonstrate that GD communicates with his community and that is great.
I don’t want to criticize more NSH, I exposed the facts in my precedent post and I don’t expect some explications from GD, but they have to know that something is going really wrong.
I can’t find the words to explain how you can feel alone in such situation…

But as Andrew wrote, there is some solid consumer protection law in France and I launched procedures in order to get my refund, and finally, I hope, one day, with another reseller, I will get my SC2 Pro ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Greetings from Granite Devices.

The topic has been notified and we have had an internal discussion on how to communicate this to you guys.

We are sorry that there has been a too long delay in getting your paid unit through our official reseller. Our last wish is to cause harm to our loyal driver base and want to avoid this kind of situation in the future. But as you mentioned for yourself earlier, you know how the business run. One has to choose lesser evil when making production and business decision, and sometimes mistakes happen, that’s normal when people are involved.

We acknowledge that there have been issues in our support and communications, and we are working hard to scale up our processes to provide you with a better experience on the product and support side.

All the resellers have been informed about the delays and availability issues the whole time during this time. Yes, they do represent our brand, but they are their businesses and make their choices on how to distribute the products and communicate with their customers.

Regarding the product distribution, we have been trying to be as equal between our resellers as possible: we ship in the FIFO principle. Still, as mentioned here before, sometimes there are business-related choices that need to be done.

We are in talks with the NSH regarding issues mentioned here from multiple people, will keep you updated.

Simucube / Granite Devices is now on a situation when we can start to scale up the support side of the product. This means the whole spectrum of information, actions, and better value for you, our drivers. Basically, before August, most of our resources went to fix the production side and ramping it up to speed.

All the official information that comes from our side goes to our blog/news site https://www.simucu.be/news. We aim to be open as possible with all the issues that we have been facing will do so in the future. There is no point in having secrets or mystical corporation front towards our drivers.

If there is anything else that you want to know, I’ll be here in the future.


Hi Pekka,

Firstly, thank you. This response is exactly what I and im sure many other clients want to hear. Finally I have the feeling of being heard and I appreciate that wholeheartedly.

I don’t blame any particular party as I understand the situation and you’re a new company (in regards to the SC2) and are learning how to deal with these challenges as they arrive, mistakes are normal and it’s how we grow and learn.

Holding your hands up and communicating to us throughout will reduce the impact of those mistakes significantly.

I look forward to hearing progress on our orders and I hope we can join the community soon in enjoying what is clearly one of the best products in its field.

And I don’t want to sound condescending, but if you ever wish to reach out and discuss how large enterprise company’s tackle some of the channel strategies at scale I’d be more than happy to help where I can with my limited knowledge on the subject.


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Glad to hear that our reply helped even a bit.

I’m personally in charge of building a new and fresher way to communicate here in Granite Devices. Lots of work before us, but we already have a culture of taking care of our customer’s event it might take some time. Most of our people are HC engineers, and now the world of good customer service is opening to us.

There are multiple plans in action, and one is to provide better platform/update existing ones to provide you guys with the latest info. We are open to ideas and start a discussion about what you would like to see in the future.

The second big thing that is on works is to provide better support and know-how for our resellers; they are the ones that talk to the customer first. Our case here is an excellent example of how communications have not been flowing between different players. We took a big step this week, and we had a new employee starting as a key account manager for official resellers. Takes naturally some time to get him properly onboard, but things will get better.

It would be interesting to have a chat regarding channel management on the subject; We need to get our salespeople involved. Learning from others is the basis of a successful business! :blush: Ping me to a pekka.makikuutti@granitedevices.com if interested.

I need to look in more detail about our forum here, and I must admit that this has not been on my priority focus lately. We could utilize this forum more in just a community discussion, not only tech support…

Have a good one!