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If you have DI Friction at 0, doesn’t it make Tire Friction setting irrelevant, or it’s implemented via Constant Force, need to check this out?

BTW, This is definition of Tire Friction from Codies

 TYRE FRICTION This scales the dynamic friction of the tyre. This is the resistance of the tyre to turn.

Yes i know this definition but really it didnt translate like this to me. In the meantime i found this which actually helped me a lot and made much more sense as whatever is described is what i can feel by the wheel when playing with the settings. I got it from a youtube video so i have no idea where it originates from.

I believe i had set the DI friction to 0 before started fiddling with tyre friction, so probably its through constant force.

Interesting, also Steering Center Force has different definition, here’s the original, which actually matches to what it does.

STEERING CENTER FORCE This scales the return to centre force when the vehicle is reset to the track. This will assist you in straightening the wheels before moving forward.

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Just spent some time testing this in Rally School.
With DI Friction off in TD, Tire Friction at 0 or 150 feels the same, tested Gravel and Tarmac. Looks like @Jamminbro is correct on this one.

I thought only audiophiles suffer from placebo. :grin:

LOL! ok i hear you… i ve spent 2 hours with frustration to find the rights settings. There is chance that i dropped DI friction to 0 after everything else and forgot afterwards… i am getting too old probably. Anyway i ll check this again and report.

Ok i probably stand corrected. With DI Friction 0, wheel/tyre friction does not seem to do much. I get a weird feeling though that somehow they interfere just a tiny bit, but i cannot put my finger on it, it might as well be placebo. The one thing i can say with certainty is that DI friction should be at 0. Anyway i ll shut up on the ffb of this thing.

One more thing, did you manage with the simhub beta 9.1.9b1 to get tactile?

Yep, used b1 and b2. They already have non beta official release with support.
Wheel friction effects (localized and general) are just not stop buzzing, you can just turn them off.

Are all of you using a round/rally wheel aswell? I have a 350mm Motamec.

Received this today, very nice :+1:
assembled 1

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Cool it works fine! thanks!!!

i really want to enjoy this game but the cars have really weird snap oversteer behaviour, especially at high speed, the grip between front and rear is totally out of whack it feels like, fronts have infinite turning ability and the rears just snap

i think i solved my ffb deadzone around the centre by using static force reduction and then cranking the self align setting up and adding some centering spring

Hey @Andrew_WOT. Is there a step by step on how to use the NVIDIA DLSS DLL 3.5.10 file and dlsstweaks.ini?
Where do you copy them into? Do you replace files in the game directory?

Just spent an hour googling and still have no clue what to do here.

Any help appreciated.

This is rock solid. Did you make any adjustments since ?

No, not really, they seem to work well for me and my friends who tried them at my place. Some minor (2-5% points) adjustments to the self aligning and the the TD gain here and there on the fly depending on the car/setup and my mood/energy. You may experiment also with the TD damping/friction, i think lately i am using 6 damping and 4 friction. If for example you use a heavier wheel and/or with button box you might opt for lower damping/friction.

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Did this lock your frames to around 60? I think finally figured it out, and used the ini file Andrew posted, but I went from 80-95 frames without the tweak to around 60 with it and what appears slight screen tearing…

I’m using the latest NVIDIA DLSS DLL 3.5.10, and latest DLSSTweaks

Same with me. The fps dropped to 75 sometimes even lower. Game looks better though.

Do you (or anyone else here) still experience stuttering?

I’ve tried a lot of the fixes available out there, but the game is still not running 100% smoothly and my GPU is utilized at only 50%. I’m getting 116 FPS (capped) with slight fluctuations on a 4090/13900KS, but still occasional stuttering.

Got some stuttering but nothing major my GPU is always 99%. Got 90-100 fps with DLSS balanced with 3060ti and 1440p monitor.

Looks like it auto-fixed on my end, probably shaders after all. I guess my GPU is being properly utilized, it just doesn’t need more power for the 116 FPS

I have 2 rigs, one with T818 from thrustmasters, perfect for GRID, F1 23, EA WRC, The crew, Forza Horizon and my SC2 pro for RF2…I confirm that there is not enough game to use the potential of the simucube, and worst, with my ts pc racer, I had a far better FFB with WRC 8/9/10/generation…