EA Sports WRC - Simucube 2 Support

I noticed some discussion in the official EA Discord channel. I’m a SC2 PRO player, and I would like to know if it will be ready on the launch date :slight_smile:

I see no reason why Simucube 2 would not be supported. Lets hope that they will finally sort out the default 50% deadzone to 0% for FFB enabled controllers.

Probably your colleague mtakala asked for a telemetry interface from PJ in that channel. So, I’m just wondering if you have all the documentation you need. But you will probably answer that there will be no problem at all, right? :smiley:

Yep, that was me actually.

Still no news about the telemetry API documentation. They must be in the “end” crunch period now so lets see when it will be released.

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Simucube not on the list …

They have these though, yay. :joy:

SimSteering and Accuforce Pro… Thats wild.

Wondering if we would have to do the same trick as with DR 2.0.

I was going to get the game early but i guess this is a no-go. Excuse my ignorance, im new to sim racing and SC2Pro too, normally how long it takes for a work around?

That is a joke, right? I just can’t believe it. They claim to make the best rally title, and now they don’t even support a Simucube 2, something even Kylotonn provided out of the box…oh man

Unbelievable, so fucking ridiculous. And there is no better way to demonstrate their incapability, hesitation to become a serious developer, like you just did. Thanks for this.

I was going to update my simucube 1 to new one, but now there is no official support for simucube.
Is this major problem or not? Is there gonna be some missing feedback for not supported wheels?

I think the only downside is that we will need to assign buttons and axis manually and that’s it. Since SC can have a variety of wheels attached with different button layout sounds pretty normal it can’t be supported in this regard, so i think no issues at all for us

I somehow can’t believe that dirt rally 2.0 worked out of the box at a certain time, and the new WRC won’t. I think I didn’t had to use the workaround, but I’m not sure anymore. In stuff like this @Andrew_WOT is a very reliable source, so when he says it was needed, it sure was. Dirt 2.0 has a great advantage: it’s possible to assign more than one device for the same action, Fe using 2 shifting devices. No Kylotonn title offered it. But if FFB is similar to dirt 2.0, then for me it’s a no-go anyway. Let’s see asap it’s out, fingers crossed

Dirt Rally 2.0 only needed the xml hack in its first release builds and that was only because it was released before Simucube 2 was released. They added support out of the box afterwards.

I’ve been in contact with the developer / testing team and they said they probably won’t be able to test all possible wheel bases and wheels before the release.

is there any early access guys with simucube? i know jimmy broadbents works with moza and they aren’t on the list either

Unfortunately they didn’t supply any early access to us, even though we requested that.

I’m also guessing that it’ll just work out of the box, not being on that list probably just means they haven’t officially tested it.

I just jonied EA Pro for one month to test the game early tonight, still 12h to go in my time zone, maybe somebody in europe zone can test earlier. I hope it is just manual imput assignment. Guys, let us know ASAP please.

Yep, I remember that was the case. Same thing was with DR 1, only they’ve never updated default device profile IIRC.
Assuming that physics engine is the same, I suspect the fix (if these guids are still not there) will be similar.
As long as they are using DirectInput, there is always a workaround, no need for drama. :grin: