Assetto Corsa Competizione


Totally agree. Why is it only pc2 has good vr implementation? Its like kunos is deliberately making vr a sub par experience.


They changed the graphics engine so it could take some time or forever to fix vr.


The original AC was a good VR experience.

IMHO iRacing offers the best VR experience, hands down.

VR can be nice with the Unreal4 engine, but they are such a long way from that right now.
I’m sure they are working hard to get this to run on console as that’s where the cash cow is.


@Mika I see that using 100% dampening in the wheel driver is suggested in order to feel the under-steer effect in ACC. I tested it using the AccuForce (SimCommander Game-FFB Effects - 100% Dampening) and it does work for me. It’s not ideal the way it’s implemented imo, because the under-steer effect nulls all surface detail in the process but, the effect is present - perhaps, as a Direct-Input effect(?)

A second issue I’m finding with Kunos method is when turning up the surface details, more filtering is required to reduce the detail harshness, which in turn, reduces the under-steer effect. In SimCommander, I’m able to boost those details and filter those separately but, it still reduces the torque-reduction effect to some degree. As a work around, one tuner found that adding some rear traction-loss effect can actually boost the under-steer effect although, that seems counter to what might be expected.


Isnt that the in game dampening not the one in the wheel driver? From what I understood that’s what they wanted set to 100 and the reason it was added to the options was so you could turn it down because people complained of too much dampening in the early releases.


No, that’s Dynamic-Damping in the ACC-FFB settings (much like Gyro in AC). In order to feel the under-steer effect (torque-reduction), it depends on the Dampening on the wheel-driver side. From my testing using the AccuForce, it works as suggested by some in the ACC forums because I had zero under-steer effect prior to using Dampening today. It seems that’s why almost no OSW-users report feeling under-steer in ACC unless extreme slip-angles are involved (then maybe).

I believe the Direct Input Dampening still affects the standing-still resistance too, but now it may also provide the under-steer effect. Hopefully, Mika can investigate and answer this for us.


Hello All, Big Mige here 10k encoder. I have been playing with the settings for quite some time(actually spend more time on settings in all games then actually racing). So far, I have come to the realization that 100% gain is ACC is the way to go and adjust simucube strength down. You will see the difference in the FFB clip display near the speedometer.
Ingame dampening at 160.
Ingame gain 100%,
Other ingame settings 0.
In simucube I am using 2.9amps/recon1/TBW unlimited, other filters are 0 but 0.5 friction does feel good (still playing with those varibles). All simucube directinput effects are at 100(for now). The direct effects do make a difference especially when riding on an inclined curb.
These are still in progress and as usual “YMMV” I will update it again once I fine tune it. Key point is keep ingame gain at 100%, I was using 46% for awhile and when I switched it was instantly better.
A side note for VR users. GTX1080 slight overclocked. Oculus users, use the debug tool to force 45fps/asynchronus on, and then turn up AA, and pixel 1.3. When its fixed to 45 you can turn almost all the other setting to med/high. Not the clearest but will do for now. Happy racing folks!


Interesting. We need to use driver dampening also. The last I saw was we needed to use the dynamic dampening but I haven’t been following really closely because its been so bad. It seems like everything they do in this sim is odd but ill give it a shot.


Once you get the Dynamic Damping set correctly, the over-steer should feel natural; it operates a bit like a timing adjustment for over-steer. I’ve generally used between 35-75% with 50% being a good starting point imo. As far as I can tell, this game-setting has no affect on the under-steer effect.

My only real complaint with ACC-FFB has been a lack of under-steer effect but, using wheel-dampening may solve that. I need to do more testing but, I’d also love to have some vibration-effect for tire-scrub and it’s unclear if Kunos will implement that.

One other potential flaw to the under-steer effect in AC from my testing with the AccuForce, is that the surface detail is not maintained in combination with the under-steer effect so it almost feels like signal clipping. According to some, Dampening and Spring should be fully enabled in the wheel driver but, I could not confirm that Spring was effective for any additional effect with the AccuForce. Beyond that, we had to rely on telemetry-driven effects to enhance the details.


I tested ACC using 99% DI-Damping and can feel the same under-steer effect I do using the AccuForce. The effect also does apply to the standing resistance in the wheel and seems to also apply some smoothing to the Road Detail so using a lower Recon-filter setting may be in order. The rumble-strips feel a bit harsh at Recon-2 but, the surface detail is not too bad.

I find the under-steer effect to be fairly subtle and the edge of adhesion (front) feels vague to me but, it’s an improvement over what I had before. If I can eventually get some vibration-effect to enhance the torque-reduction effect, I could be pretty happy with ACC-FFB. I do think such an effect (vibes) might appeal to more players if it has good variability and some adjustment for the frequency to suit different wheels and user-preference; it should provide a better feel for the threshold of front grip-loss, imo.


Im guessing in your statement of Driver Damping you mean the SimuCUBE Damping, Friction and Inertia.

With ANY game with Direct Input effects you will still more than likely want to use the SimuCUBE Damping controls in the Configuration tool as this sets the baseline feel for your wheel then the Direct Input Game controlled filters adjust from that point.

I have not yet tried out ACC so I am not sure what the actual feel issues are but the Direct input commands just allow the Games to tweak the feel of your wheel on the fly so setting them at 100% allows the game to change alter the setting the full amount it wants where if you set it at 0% it doesn’t allow the game to do anything to the feel. So adjusting those sliders tells the SimuCUBE how much it is going to allow the game to actually adjust the baseline feel that is set with the main filters.


To clarify, it’s the Direct-Input Damping that needs to be set to 100% in SimuCube; with most other wheels, Damping is not separated by Driver-Damping and DI-Damping to my knowledge.

I suspect the confusion relates to how things worked with AC (vs ACC) where we didn’t usually want to use any additional damping (said to also affect surface details) in AC-FFB combined with Gyro. As a rule, most of us did not use any Damping with AC as Recon-1 + Gyro (not to mention ini tweaks) was enough to offer good, smooth FFB plus. ACC is, obviously, quite different where the OSW is concerned, and the AF for that matter (Damping not enabled by default in SC4).

BTW: I tested increasing the SimuCube Damping (Not DI-Damping) and it just resulted in extreme motor noise so that does not work beyond a very small amount.


I noticed that in ACC. The rumble strips feel very digital I guess is the best way to explain it.


Definitely feels like a canned effect unless recon is turned up to 8, but then you lose surface detail and curb feel. Also driving under 20mph just doesn’t feel real, then again ACC is still in beta development… fingers crossed.


Most likely because they are still using their ‘canned’ effects for the rumble strips like they did in AC.



Has anyone found a way to set the FFB Gamma to 1?


Still no FFB even with everything maxed out in the game FFB options.
Dirt Rally, AC, etc no problems at all (VR).
Anyone having the same issue ?


Start steamvr before the game?


If I start steamvr before the game, it doesn’t start. I got a black screen then back to desktop.


without vr you have ffb ? don’t get too excited though , still in early access and they have a lot of issues to solve.