Assetto Corsa Competizione


None at all. I cant feel the front end at all until its too late. At this point AC is way better, Ive tried everything to get some feel and its just not there. I don’t understand why im running the gain so low in ACC in AC 32 was perfect like recommended here. Do you run your wheel at 100 and just turn it down in game? Ive always run mine like that at the full 28nm and its worked perfect until now.


No. The servo drive parameters have nothing to do with with what is being input to the system, the servo drive does not know about any parameters of the car, for example.


Could it have to do with the ffb packets they are using along with the low hz?


Well, we will need to inspect what Directinput effects they are using… And what data is contained within the data packets for those effects.

Simucube FFB interface advertises to support all effects to the PC, including totally custom effects. However, custom effect data download, a ramp effect, inertia effect, and so called timed effect envelopes are not currently implemented. This is because those are gimmicks and I have yet to see any sim racing title to use those for anything.


Interesting, so both miges seem to have the same issue.

Yes, I run 12-amps in SimuCube and set AC / ACC at about 35% - 40% gain. The per-car FFB may be tweaked a bit from there in AC.

Thank you for the information. :slight_smile:


Of course, that makes sense but, I thought perhaps there could be some correlation between the parameters in Granity and SimuCube that could alter the results as they relate to certain frequencies (?)

Thank you for the replies Mika. :slight_smile:


Apparently so. Im still confused about my gain setting. I wish more guys on here that have the big mige would post gain values at this point. Something is off. But yes ive always done AC the same as you. Now that im thinking about it maybe my gain isn’t a problem but the fact I don’t have a car gain to adjust also in ACC.


This title is a hot mess…glad I only paid $24.99 for early access.
They won’t fix VR - it’s always going to be problematic if it’s this bad and they thought they would still release it to the public.


Yeah I just don’t get the thinking with vr. Lets make it as hard as possible to use and instead of doing something simple like let you use a mouse we will make you map everything to wheel buttons. Besides the cars doing bunny hops if you hit a curb. It has serious issues a this point. Cant see this possibly being ready for release in 3 months.


Plus they will be spending a lot of time trying to bring this to consoles - it should run easily on an Xbox One X at 60FPS at 1080p - heck, the latest Battlefield 5 runs very close to 60FPS at 4K on Xbox One X.

VR is going to be an afterthought.
DigitalBros are about making money, and Kunos don’t seem to have a good understanding of the Unreal4 engine at this stage and may have bitten off more than they can chew.

It makes iRacing look like next gen VR if you first try ACC in VR then go to iRacing - makes you appreciate just how good iRacing is, despite it’s own issues.
Even the original AC in a back to back with iRacing can’t compete - it does look ‘prettier’ here and there, but there’s just something crisper and more realistic about iRacing.

I digress, I don’t wish to derail the topic of this thread as there’s enough frustration in the community regarding this title.


Perhaps it comes down to lighting. When I compare PC-sims to GT on the console, the main factor that stands out to me is the difference in overall lighting. I suspect iRacing has that working better than most. Of course, having it all being dynamic adds to the complexity involved.

In ACC’s case, it’s very much WIP so maybe it can receive some good gains but, I imagine the system-spec demands are likely to remain high.


@Mika, I’m seeing more reports of users with various wheels saying they don’t feel the under-steer effects although, one of the developers confirms they are working for him. The only thing I can say is, I don’t see any OSW-users saying that they can clearly feel under-steer.

I’m not sure investigating this warrants investing much time into it as I think it’s really up to the developers to make it work better for more players. Time will tell if they do or not but, without them adding more FFB enhancements, I don’t think it will get there.


I know you guys have been really busy but was just wondering if you had looked at this yet?


No time so far. I see numerous people have reported various issues on the ACC forums. They should get at least FFB working with VR at the same time, FFB activating during replay, etc. issues fixed so it will be possible to focus on issues regarding FFB feel…


It seems the people with dd wheels are having the most issues so I just thought id ask. I know you guys have been busy with exciting stuff.:smile:


There were also more than one post on their forum saying that they do not feel any reduction in torque on commercial wheels either when front wheels loose grip. For this reason, there must be something fundamentally wrong in their FFB calculations and physics modeling, and no reason for us to try to get something from the the FFB signal that just is not there in the first place.

I wonder if this kind of things could be implemented via telemetry integration?


I don’t know and that particular forum doesn’t make it easy to know whats right or not with the fans of AC there. Some say its great then some are like myself with poor ffb and get told its our setting or we need to learn the ffb. lol According to Kunos its perfect. But at this point it has the worst ffb of all the major sims on my wheel. No real weight transfer or loss of grip.


@Mika I see some advantages to having the ability to tap into telemetry. Two of the key ones being the ability to add detail and filter it independently of the game-FFB and, as an alternate FFB in cases such as Dirt Rally where the game-FFB just does not live up to the game’s potential.

To my understanding, telemetry does not necessarily provide physical tire-data regarding slip so, while I think having telemetry-driven effects would be useful, I’m not sure it can provide specific grip-loss effect information.

I suspect tapping into specific audio cues might be necessary. Titles having a dedicated volume adjustment for tire-scrub / squeal may be better suited as I imagine they have those audio cues running on a separate channel already. Perhaps that is how RaceRoom has their front grip-loss effects implemented (?)

I do feel that any steering system that offers such features will have some advantage over those that don’t (apples to apples of course) but, seeing what is being done in the motion and tactile areas has me thinking that more is possible with steering-FFB than we may realize.


Kunos have much bigger issues to address with this title.
I deleted it (glad I only wasted $24.99 on early access) as I truly don’t believe they will resolve the horrible VR experience and I won’t ever race on a monitor again so it’s a waste of SSD space.

Maybe they will surprise me when they launch the finished product.


I beleive that they will fix it sooner or later. Today is absolutely shit. I think that they will readh at least the level of the original assetto which was ok for me.