Assetto Corsa Competizione


But only with mige. With my lenze it is not needed to use level 8


The motor is not the problem its the signal of the games that is so rough. If you want a true smooth feel rcon 8 is the least you need. i know other people with different motors who can confirm this. i guess you are used too a rougher feel and think its smooth :wink:

There are people happy with rcon 1 to 5 on mige’s but that’s never going to be smooth. its also personal preference but you definitely need rcon 8 for smooth feedback.



In the old assetto i am using 1 and i have really no problem with it. In the competizione i fell a much worse ffb. I tried rcon 6 and it was bad as well…


Nobody wants to post what gain they are using in ACC? Im only asking because I have to set it to 6 to get a reasonable wheel weight. Normally id be slightly above 30 in most sims.


i posted all the settings i use including that my gain is on 42% ingame and 100% strength in simucube 12.86 amps on small mige Assetto Corsa Competizione


Sorry didn’t see that. Is that a lot lower then you normally run in other sims?


I watched this video yesterday . maybe it will work for others aswell


Yes, I saw that this morning too. I want to test that (100% Dynamic-Dampening) out to see if it costs detail - otherwise, it sounds like it might offer some improvement.


Just tried ACC’s latest build. Feels terrific with the 100 % dynamic dampening. Will experiment more, but it’s already a nice improvement over first build.


Thanks for your reply, I set it on 8 and will try to decrease and feel if somethings change in bad or better direction but, I have to admit that it’s not really easy sometimes to feel differences between two settings.

I tried your others SimuCube and ACC settings.

Whaouu, I really can’t manage easily my wheel with 100% strength in SimuCube (small mige to), this is really to strong for me :muscle: , maybe I need to eat more meet and do bodybuilding :wink:

So I came back to 50% strength in SimuCube and 48% gain in ACC.

I like the damping, friction and inertia SimuCube filters.

I tried also the new “dynamic dampening” Acc setting and thought a good improvement when enable at 100%

Just would like to know if this in game settings could be in conflict with the Damping filter SimuCube setting.

Is it the same thing ? Can we use it at the same time ?


of course you could but i don’t think its desirable. Since you already use damping on the simucube which works and feels better than their dynamic damping. that’s the reason why i have turned it off completely to 0% and also don’t use any road effect 0%

Using their dynamic damping mutes the ffb in a wrong way and makes the car more vague imo.


Personally I think feedback is like a good meal, there are lots of potential dishes but we find the one we each like best, If you prefer realism or as close to “real life” as you can get you may like the beef dishes for instance, or less real and more controllable, the chicken etc.

If your ultimate goal is better control of the car and “faster” you need to try all the dishes and decide for your seff by looking at your times and lines, which dish you prefer.

Let the clock be the proof in the pudding (pun intended), and dont forget to try the Iguana, you may like it!!!


I’m seeing what I think may be a pattern in ACC with certain effects not being felt by OSW-SimuCube users but, players using other wheels report feeling such effects (Front Grip-Loss & Vibration). Is it possible that some effects are somehow getting filtered out?

I’ve tried different approaches involving damping, Recon-filter levels and the game Dynamic-Damping and none of them has solved the mystery so far. These effects simply don’t seem to be present.

Thank you,


I will have a look at ACC next week. It is not likely that they are using something that is not implemented in the Simucube’s FFB interface.


There is a significant difference regarding FFB feel when I drive ACC in monitor and in VR. In VR feels faded. Is it possible to be caused by higher latency between both devices (VR and OSW)? In monitor ffb seems to be more detailed somehow.



There seem to be many users with G27 / T300, and the like that are reporting that they can feel such details so it seems very strange that some of us using the OSW cannot get similar results. I have communicated my findings with Aris (Kunos) regarding this and he has confirmed that he too, can feel those effects and has recently increased them a bit more in the latest hot-patch (Which some mainstream wheel-user reports confirm).

Can you think of any parameters that may be off in Granity that could contribute to the loss of certain details?

Thank you Mika, much appreciated. :slight_smile:


I have seen that condition linked to USB-throughput limitations in the past but, may even result in the complete loss of FFB for some and not limited to only the OSW but, other DD-wheels (when combined with VR use).

You can research possible solutions in spreading the USB-connection load among other USB Root-hubs, adding a dedicated USB-PCIe card, or bypassing USB-3.x ports for the wheel connection in some cases.


The thing I find weird about ACC is I have to run the in game gain at between 5-7. Every other sim im around 30 with the big mige. Has anyone else noticed needing to run much lower gain values then they are used to?


For me (Small Mige), the gain needed is very close to that of AC and most other titles.

Do you get a good sense of under-steer in ACC (& vibration) as others are reporting with most wheels? It just feels numb to me.


I felt loss of FFB when I use my old T500. After I upgrade to OSW this is only more evident in ACC. AC has being working very good and I can’t feel that difference playing it. I am using a powered USB Hub and connecting the wheel to it or in mobo’s usbs makes no difference at all. With T500 I had no ground in eletric system but now I do. It is perfectly grounded.