Assetto Corsa Competizione


I meant the DI filters. Good defaults for all of them is NOT 0%, that just breaks many games.

Although ACC seems to use only damping as per your test says.


That’s the problem for me with the large mige at 100 on the wheel its already so heavy even at 5-7 for game gain I cant add anything without making it heavier.


Ok, so turn the DI Effects to 100% in Simucube, then turn down to 20-30% in game when they are active.
Even the Sine, Square, Sawtooth and Triangle?

If the game doesn’t use them, then the sliders will have no effect anyway, right?

Thanks Mika.


What are your current simucube settings @morpwr @GlobeSpy ?


Correct, there is no reason to turn them to 0%.


Hi Beas,

This is what I have currently (small MiGe with SinCos).

In game, I have 900 degrees rotation, 30% Dynamic Dampening and 36-42% Gain depending on the car.

I find that you really need the Friction and Inertia in Simucube Config Tool to stop the nasty oscillations as soon as you take your hands off the wheel, and the forceful ‘spring’ near center that causes inaccurate/jerky wheel input on countersteer situations as you are fighting that center spring effect.


and I’m not saying any of this feels any good…I’m just stubbornly trying polish a turd.


Same as GlobeSpy but no inertia or friction. I haven’t even worried about the reconstruction filter yet. In game gain 5-7 and no dynamic dampening.


@morpwr - what do you mean in game 5-7?
What effect?

my bad, you said gain…5-7%?
I guess bc you have large Mige


The gain in game. Yes I have to turn it down that far.


GlobeSpy don’t the small mige usually run around 50 for gain in most sims? I know every other sim I have normally im right around 30. ACC is the oddball.


Okay, well i have the large Mige so not sure how much this will help you but worth a shot i suppose.

Here are my simucube settings :

In game i have Gain at 70% and dynamic damping at 95%.

I get a decent feel through the wheel with these settings.

A little clip to show you :


Im really trying to avoid turning down the wheel because it limits the range on the wheel but unless something in ACC changes there may be no other choice. Which probably means I wont play it much.


Yea i hear you, i mean to me it seems like it only limits the large spikes like hard curb strikes etc.
Which i personally prefer, but you can just increase simucube gain to say 40% - 45% and im sure the larger strikes will be enough for most people.

It doesn’t seem to take away any small details in the ffb if thats what your worried about.


I think it just annoys because I mentioned this after the first ea release to Kunos and got told it works fine by one of the devs which I knew it didn’t. But ill give it a shot and see if I can get something at least usable for ffb. Then I just need to wait for them to fix the vr. lol


I have commented (in the ACC forums) on the lack of detail during cornering but, Kunos said they are going for more realism (and players just need to get used to it) but, I feel the FFB could be better in terms of immersion.


They have fixed it!
They have removed all mention of VR from steam and their own ACC main website - the only traces are in the patch notes from the ‘roadmap’.
It was amusing that an AC fanboy was saying that VR users were a minority and not the focus for them, and should just shutup and accept that.
Yet, VR seemingly was important enough to remove all mention of it, presumably to avoid more backlash from new customers who realize it’s broken state.

That aside, if you have an Nvida card, and the Oculus Tray Took, you will find that the new ASW2.0 actually works remarkably well and you can turn up the settings and it’s really quite astonishing that you will rarely notice that you are playing at 45FPS as the software transition is quite seamless.
I did 4 races with 20 cars (multiplayer) last night and was left with an unexpected smile on my face.

I like those setting I posted a lot, I now have full sensation of understeer, with scrubbing front tires felt through the wheel.


Problem is with the big mige I have to turn gain down to about 5 and its still too heavy. Have you turned in game down below 30 yet? Try it youll see something weird happens with the ffb. Below 30 you lose most of the detail but the weight doesn’t change much. From talking to other guys with different DD wheels it seems we aren’t getting the same experience. I even tried the other settings posted in here and tried turning down the wheel base which I never do and even at 50 on Simucube and 30 in game its still really heavy and dull.


I don’t think it has anything to do with that, I think there is something that isn’t working correctly with these wheels and my having the bigger one makes it worse. I get that ffb is subjective but that’s just not the case here. It should be relatively easy to get something workable for ffb with these wheels and that just isn’t happening here. It feels exactly like AC when you have car gains set too high to me which unfortunately we don’t have anymore. At least for me getting the gains in AC balanced was the key for getting good ffb out of it. Somewhere around 32 for in game and just turn down the car gains until the detail came back worked well. I wish they hadn’t given us so few useful settings.


If the big mige is too heavy you can change the rim on bigger one like 350mm, good for rally, drift or GT cars…