Assetto Corsa Competizione


maybe the rim i use plays a role in this, it’s SRC GT1 rim and it feels great. I like heavier wheel though but not too much, when i see that I start to fight the wheel then I go down with the gain. Also dynamic damoening is set to 100 ingame maybe that is the cause of not heavy wheel all the time. I like the feeling becouse it gives you idea what you drive, how wheavy and tight the car is, how you exit from corners., it givea more adrenalin this way :slight_smile: I know that in real life wheels of gt3 cars are lighter but we are not seating in real car eighter so we can feel g forces properly :slight_smile:


OSW 20nm small MiGe, having best time of my simracing career with ACC and those settings :
Simucube : rotation 900 - Recon 3 - ALL effects to zero (Dyrect Inputs too)
Ingame : rotation 900 - Gain 60 - MinForce zero - Dynamic Damping 100 - Road Feel 20


@ darkojovanoski1986 Can you let go of the wheel on the straights? With your settings I get really bad oscillations


I have the same rim. I don’t know whats wrong but something is definitely not right.


Sorry I just checked, gain was set to 33 ingame and 100% in simucube. I like the way it feels, maybe we want different things in ffb. for me ACC gives basic but good ffb although road effects feel more like driving on a road full of patches which is not the case on racetracks. I have to say that I noticed that every track have different feel from the asphalt so that affects the feel of the ffb also.


Im starting to think I have something weird going on. At 33 gain in game and 100 on the wheel I don’t think I could turn The fact we both have the big mige even if we don’t prefer the exact same thing it should be usable.


maybe something is wrong with the game itself. many people complained about weird things while jumping from beta to beta and then to full release. maybe some of the files are screwed while this process. I can’t think of anythink else. try to reinstall it, it’s not game with mods so it will be quick


Ive reinstalled multiple times since the first EA release and always had this issue unfortunately I asked in the Kunos forum after that release and got nowhere. Im going to try deleting the controller jason tonight and see what happens. Mika posted about a conflict with Heusinkveld pedals in RF2 maybe that’s my issue? Other then that I have no idea at this point.

I just tried the 33-100 wow that’s heavy. I take it you don’t do many long races. I did figure some things out with the ffb and I think im not going to waste anymore time until they fix it. I could get it better but I had to turn the wheel way down to like 20-25 with it set at 30 in game. It actually felt pretty close to what id expect weight wise. But if you turn gain up to like 45 it feels way different like they didn’t worry much about how the ffb worked under a certain gain level. The details definitely go away the more you lower gain.Like they only worried about lower power consumer wheels. They should have just left the car gains in the game too.


I noticed during their events while promoting the game they use Thrustmaster TC on their cockpits :slight_smile: I am not an expert in this but probably something is causing issues, maybe pedals maybe the game itself. I hope someone of more experienced guys here can help!


Its the way the gain works in ACC. You can test this for yourself. Turn the in game gain up to about 50 then turn your wheel way down to probably about 20 it feels completely different and has much more detail. It seems the lower you go with the in game gain the worse the ffb gets for some reason.


will try that for sure :slight_smile: thanks for pointing out! is there any app like ffb clip for acc so we should know if clipping occurs if we go this way?


This is not any revolutionary news, but I have had huge issues with ACC and ffb.
Last night i managed for the first time to reset the game installation properly.
Meaning uninstall, in steam, deleted the C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\AC2 folder & C:\Users\username\Documents\Assetto Corsa Competizione folder.
Then restarted computer before reinstall. I had tried this previously, without the restart and it didn’t happen properly.
If successful, you need to select the language again when you launch the game again after a reinstall.

The ffb prior to this was just a constant clipping in turns, and no slider setting worked beside gain.
After a successful reinstall like this the ffb is working as intended.
Not done tuning the ffb, but it works at least.


I will start a season in september using ACC. Have not tried It before really, so I would appreciate if you could share your settings of small mige (simcube1) with me. Also, any issues you experienced while trying to setup the best profile would be great to hear too.


Did you see my settings?

That being said, this title is a literal train wreck and most likely a ‘place keeper’ until they can build AC2.
Perhaps the single player thing could be fun on a monitor but I won’t waste more time on it.


Can’t get this rubbish game to detect my F1s rim shifters or buttons :triumph: Don’t have this problem even with codemasters games.

Last time I buy from Kunos I think