Assetto Corsa and SimuCUBE



Thx LAR555. I had that horrible 99% CPU warning msg and red lights jump as well. So annoying, I had that problem even with TBW 220Hz, and I just copy your settings and no more warnings! Looks like GAMMA VALUE=1.0 or/and DAMPER GAIN=0.0 fix that problem. I can set TBW even unlimited and all is fine. FFB is great now, no more half rate FFB settings. Now I have also more FPS. That CPU warnings was not a SimuCube or EMI problem, but bad Assetto Corsa settings. Easy to fix now. Thx again LAR555.


Damper Gain = 0 has fixed my 99% issue too.

I’ve had this problem for 2 years and gave up trying to fix it.



Yeah mate, it was so annoying and look how simple it is to fix… Good to read this forum. LAR555 is a Star, not me. Thx again LAR555. Probably many ppl still don’t know how to fix that, tell others about that pls. Good news is… it was not a SimuCube soft/firmware fault. Guys from Granite are absolutely fantastic. Simucube is getting better and better every few days/weeks. Unbelievable.


Wow. Using LAR555’s tips and settings have transformed AC on my large Mige. The FFB is now almost on level of Automobilista, even if the driving experience isn’t quite as good. Gonna finally spend some time in AC and learn it. Thank you.


I’m using LAR555’s settings but I seem to keep getting an overcurrent issue (442001) at 50 gain in AC. I have a small mige setup and really enjoy it. Anyone experience this?

Fault is below:

[X] Initialized
[ ] Error recovering
[ ] Tracking error warn
[ ] Target reached
[X] Enabled
[ ] Run (drive active)
[ ] Homing active
[X] Braking
[ ] Permanent stop
[X] Voltages good
[X] Fault stopped !
[ ] Ready for use
[ ] STO active

[ ] Tracking error
[ ] Over velocity
[ ] Hardware
[ ] Over temperature
[ ] Feedback
[X] Over current !
[ ] Internal comm error
[X] Power stage forced off !
[ ] Under voltage
[ ] Over voltage
[ ] Motion range
[ ] Firmware error
[ ] Init
[ ] Motion
[X] SimpleMotion !

What caused this fault?

Fault location ID1 442001 (info)
Fault location ID2 0 (info)

! = reasons for inactivity[X] GPI 1
[X] GPI 2
[ ] GPI 3
[ ] GPI 4
[X] GPI 5
[ ] GPI 6
[ ] HSIN 1
[ ] HSIN 2
[ ] ANA1 as digital
[ ] ANA2 as digital
[ ] ENC D
[X] Hall U
[X] Hall V
[X] Hall W

[X] Soft enable
[X] Phys enable
[ ] Pos feed enable
[X] Neg feed enable
[X] Home switch
[ ] Clear faults

Analog in 1 1.40 V
Analog in 2 0.00 V
Analog Enc A 1.24 V
Analog Enc B 1.22 V

HV bus voltage 47.7 VDC
Device temperature 24 °C
Actual current limit ±5.0 A
Last limit reason Settings
Output current -0.00 A
Velocity feedback -0.000596 r/s
Velocity feedback (raw) -1
Position feedback -0.0611711 r
Position feedback (raw) -256570
Setpoint value (raw) 0

Debug 1 3271
Debug 2 2905
Debug 3 9504
Debug 4 12913
Debug 5 800
Debug 6 -1


| GCFWVER=10706 | HWTYPE=11201 | HWSERIAL=112014436 | BUILDREVISION=6e20c9a
| CEI=2 | UID=2a3bf4e7 | SMO=0 | TRF1=0
| TRF2=0 | TRA1=0 | TRA2=0 | MPP=470
| NOTCHFILT=655616 | TED=0 | TEF=0.4 | TEI=0
| FBD=5 | FB2D=0 | TBW=11 | KVP=2200
| KVI=30 | KPP=50 | VFF=0 | AFF=0
| PFF=85 | CM=2 | MT=3 | AD=0
| FLAGS=131100 | MMC=5 | MCC=5 | FOC=3
| FOV=50 | FUV=20 | FPT=1000 | FVT=100
| FEV=10000 | FMO=0 | LSF=0 | AXS=1
| AXT=3 | FFT=0.1 | TSR=199 | TCH=64
| TTR=1 | TBT=0 | CRI=3 | DIV=50
| PIF=2500 | MUL=50 | CAL=32 | CSD=10
| CVL=1400 | CRV=100 | MR=2.905 | ML=9.504
| MTC=500 | MPC=8 | MMS=1000 | CAO=0
| HOMING=0 | HMV=100 | HMA=10 | HMH=500
| HMT=1 | HHL=0 | HLL=0 | HMF=0
| HSA=0 | HSS=0 | overrideAddr1=0 | overrideAddr2=0
| overrideAddr3=0 | overrideVal1=0 | overrideVal2=0 | overrideVal3=0
| BED=1.5 | BER=0 | BDD=16 | CAPS1=6.29143e+07
| CAPS2=16287


Set mmc at a value of 12.86 or smaller but not same with mcc. Set foc at max. Do you know what encoder you are using?


Hello guys long time no see :slight_smile:

I am glad many of you are enjoying my settings!

Sorry for my absence from the forum but real racing season has started and most of my work with drivers moved from the simulator to the track.

I am back with some new findings that I’ve made in assetto corsa files and I am using the latest simucube build 0.9.10 with 10706 ioni and BISS-C encoder. I think I read that @Mika introduced some new algorithms for Friction and if I am not mistaking it is now using friction with some damping??? If I am right then I have mixed feelings about it because it feels like this change introduced some fake “bumps” when turning the wheel and friction is working… but it is very minimal or maybe even the placebo :slight_smile: I always look for the wheel to feel as smooth as possible because in reality the wheel has constant “rubbery” feed of power/information from the tires to the wheel.


I have left everything at 0.0 for dampening gains and etc that you can find in my posts above but I went into the physics.ini and ff_post_process.ini to make some changes.

Physics.ini file in the assetto corsa/system/cfg. I made these changes and I think I have managed to make my wheel have a better and more consistent feed of information from the tires. Secondly, I hate that the wheel has some movement in the middle when you are holding it straight and going 200km/h…that is unbelievable because in reality the faster you go - the stiffer the wheel gets. I think this has also helped me to reduce that loss of power in the center.


I have also enabled gamma since it kind of provided me with the similar feeling that I have mentioned above to find some power in the center… Especially when returning to the center position when exiting the corner to the straight.


Simucube settings did not change much I just started using less friction because of the reasons mentioned above and I hope I could loose this effect for good, but then the center of the wheel is too loose…

If you have any urgent questions you will find me quicker on Facebook - LAR555 :wink:


Enable=1 with gamma=1 and Enable=0 should have the exact same outcome.


I guess everyone has to try and share their experiences :wink: I am experimenting myself…


That is why i shared it with you so that you can try it aswell and verify it for yourself.


I have tried everything… I’ve got 5k hours on assetto :smile:


although i have seen many people claiming too many hours with ac , i never doubted your expertise. i just told you to test






if it feels different for you i am ok with that.


I’m trying out AC with these updated settings - I have followed your settings exactly.
All the ini file changes to current date and in game settings (including setting rotation to 1180 in game and in my Simucube AC profile - 360 degrees for the Ferrari’s, thanks SKeijmel).
All in game effects etc are turned off as suggested.

Can’t really say things feel very much different than before - test using Porsche 962C at Nordschleife.
There’s still somewhat of a ‘springy’ sensation around center that’s a little too ‘lively’ and much too “light” in wheel weight feel to be very realistic. Regardless of the amount of FFB, there’s always this sense of the wheel wanting to ‘snap’ back to center after a turn. I understand that’s what a real car would do, but it wouldn’t have you always fighting it’s need to get back to center much more quickly than physics would allow.

A good example of what I’m trying to explain here would be to in a real car at speed, coming into a turn too fast and locking the brakes and the front tires.
With the wheels and tires locked up and sliding in the direction of momentum, the steering wheel in real life it would remain turned as the vehicle and skidding tires ‘plough’ in the direction of the momentum. Only when the speed of the slide reduced would the steering wheel return to center as the tires regain grip.
This is not the case in Assetto Corsa - the wheel is always fighting your hands in it’s attempt to return to center, ignoring the laws of momentum and physics.

Hope that makes sense!

Also, I noticed that when the car hits the walls or barriers that there’s very little feedback.
I have my SinCOS set to ‘unlimited’ in Simucube (Small MiGe) and run full power @12.86A
Shouldn’t I need to “let go of my wheel” when I hit the wall as someone else mentioned earlier in the post based on my settings? I can hit the wall at 200mph and hold the wheel just fine without anything other than a little ‘bump’.
If I use these same high power settings in iRacing, I absolutely must let go of my wheel if I don’t wish to have my fingers/wrist injured.

Appreciate any guidance - it seems you are having a wonderful experience with AC, and whilst I think the FFB is ‘Ok’, it’s still very lackluster in many areas compared to iRacing.

I’m using the SinCOS DRC file that I was instructed to import into Granity by SimRacingBay when I bought my new encoder last year. Everything is fine in Granity, it’s been double checked and all settings are exactly as they should be for this 2048 line SinCOS encoder on my small MiGe.

I’m really at a loss as to what to try next with Assetto Corsa?
It’s fun, but there’s just not the same connection with the car that I have with iRacing.



That’s really interesting. I also have a Small Mige with BISS-C which I suspect is very similar to the SinCOS and using the SimRacingBay DRC . I’ve been using @LAR555 SimuCUBE settings in AC for some months now and really enjoying them.

Last night I tested his exact settings, with the ini file tweaks and no additional effects in game (which I usually run) with the 962c, Alfa GTA and Lotus 25. The Alfa GTA and Lotus 25 felt firmer in the centre and the sensation of and information from the rubber on tarmac on the front tyres was great. To me the 962c felt too firm in the centre, almost as if there was a notch dead centre and the steering immediately left and right of centre was turning the front wheels too much, so the steering was not linear. (Of course, I’ve never driven any of these cars in real life!)

I was running @12.00A, as per LAR555’s settings and the Simracingbay DRC. You could try reducing your 12.86A to 12.00A to see if it makes any difference. Also, what individual in-car FFB in AC are you running? Mine was at 100%.

The two areas of AC FFB I have always felt is lacking is very little sensation of bumps when driving in a straight line and very little response of feedback when crashing. Both of these areas felt much better in iRacing during the short period I tried it.

But don’t you think that you get used to the FFB of one particular sim and then that feels “right” for you and all other sims feel “wrong” by comparison?. When I tried iRacing I thought it was OK, but overall I preferred my AC, in which I already had many hours.


It may be worth mentioning that if you don’t feel any wall contact effects in the wheel, the signal may be clipping and the effect is effectively dropped. Reducing the overall AC FFB-Gain may solve that.


There is definitely a distinct difference in feel when you hit a wall in AC vs IRacing. I believe it has to do with the differences in the physics model. The force of hitting a wall in iRacing is much higher than in AC and can actually injure you if you are runnig very high settings. It has never felt that way in AC.


My in game overall strength is 36 (LARS555 suggests 32).
All cars are 100% unless individual changes are made.

So I doubt it’s clipping, and if it is then the AC FFB system is not working correctly as the wheel is nowhere close to max forces.

There’s some truth to getting used to the feel of a certain SIM.
But then there’s feeling back to back direct comparisons using same cars and tracks and that’s where things really matter.
The irony here is that iRacing only uses a 60hz input for FFB compared to the much higher resolution in AC and other titles, yet the feel isn’t as you would expect.
I use reconstruction filter 3 in iRacing, and 1 in AC. Yet iRacing feels much more crisp and there’s much more information through the wheel.
On paper this should not be the case.

I have an old thrustmaster TX which I tried out on both titles. They feel much closer and AC really feels much better than it does with the Simucube.
AC was never made with DD wheels in mind, as was iRacing. However, a DD wheel in AC just seems to accentuate the flaws of the system, where in iRacing it accentuates them positively in a dramatically good way.
I suspect this is due to the fact that not all laser scanned tracks are equal, nor is the attention to detail to faithfully recreate those tracks down to the finest levels.

I own all AC content (plus most other racing titles) and want to like it, but unless I’m making a mistake in the settings somewhere, it’s just no comparison.

I guess I can’t get used to what my hands, brain and adrenaline is telling me is a sub par experience.
I’ll try to make a video comparing like to like with some commentary and FFB response analysis.
I truly don’t feel that I’m some iRacing fanboy, I’m a pretty objective guy in most things in life and never take anyone’s answer as gosple.
For example I’ve a very detailed VR thread in iRacing forums that’s helped hundreds understand iRacing VR much more than they perhaps did. For example iRacing does not currently support SuperSampling, and it’s interesting to see just how strong placebo can be (me included) without data to show what really going on. Like many, I was certain it looked better with 1.5-1.8 SS, when in fact it was 100% placebo.


iracing is a SIM …assetto corsa is just a game… thats the main difference guys


Lets not get into that please… there’s pros and cons to each.

For whatever personal reasons, people like different things and no amount of explanation will change their opinions.

Assetto Corsa has better front tire feel (a better sense when traction is on the edge) on some cars than iRacing, but personally that’s where it ends.
I believe the pro GT3/GTE driver Nicki Thiim did a comparison of AC, iRacing and I think Automobilista. He also felt the front tire model was better in AC, but that’s where it ended, iRacing doing everything else (physics, FFB) better.
I agree with Nicki on this - and he’s the racing driver!

But if there are settings that I could change to create a better feel in AC, I’d love to know, which is why I am here. I want to enjoy all the titles I have.


I disagree and I wonder on what basis you make the claim that AC is just a game?
I life next to the famous Nordschleife and drive there with my Subaru BRZ.
I can guarantee you that my times on track in real life are almost identical to what I record in AC.
So, based upon my personal experience I claim that AC is in fact a Simulation.