Assetto Corsa and SimuCUBE



thank you how do I change these settings?


thank you for your help I have done most of theses things already have enabled gyro, filters disabled, unlimited torque band, same deg in game and simcube, no min force, have played with slip and road got them how I like them have not adjusted soft lock yet is that in game or in simcube? will this help with more feel when the back end comes round? on my track car I set the caster to help gain more feel and I realise I could do this on each car but want to get a better base line b4 I start tuning each car


If you have the small mige and you use 100% simucube , you need to lower the gain ingame. It’s really important , i mean below 40 gain. Or try 25% the same as LAR555. Don’t forget that you can tune the ffb power per car using the " + and - " keys of your keyboard. So if it is a problem caused by gained try with lower power and see if it continues.

The changes that Andrew_WOT suggested can either be changed through the ini file , the same that you enable the gyro , the lines are damper min lvl and damper gain , so for using the suggested values you should change them to damper min lvl 0.15 and damper gain 0.5 .
I am not against any setting , i just don’t use damper so much anymore as i think i loose alot of detail.

i have softlock disabled in the ini , and the reason is the bumpstop problem. But anyway , it is really important to have the correct dor for the car. See the list here Large Mige Sound and feel . Pick the car that you want , go and change manually the degrees ingame settings and then alt-tab to simucube tool and change the degrees there aswell. If your problem is related the degrees of rotation you will fell it right away.


Good point on damper. Start with both damper gain and damper min level at 0 as LAR555 suggested. This is the most detailed and noise free config. Also can lower CPU load.
Up it if your find wheel too loose.
I am still not sure about GAMMA=1, accordingly to Stefano when FFB post processing is disabled, GAMMA is 1.
I spent almost an hour today hotlapping in KTM X-Bow on Zandvoort, with GAMMA at 1.0 and enabled post processing vs. disabled and default 0.5. Damper fully off.
Can’t tell I’ve noticed any difference.


is thison assetto corsa competizione? I cant find this on ac


Or just edit Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\system\cfg\assetto_corsa.ini



thank you guy I turned down the gain from 50 to 40 and turned simcube to 75 and lowered filter and its so much more comunicative :slight_smile:


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